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Welcome to List Self Storage Abbeville, Alabama! Located in the southeast corner of the state of Alabama, we offer a wide variety of secure and convenient self storage solutions for individuals, businesses, and more. Our goal is to provide you with an easy and hassle-free storage experience that allows you to save money while finding the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term storage solutions, our team can help. With our fully enclosed units at affordable rates and easy access to customer service when needed, we also make sure that safety remains a top priority throughout all transactions. We look forward to meeting your storage needs! Thank you for choosing List Self Storage Abbeville – see us today and find out why so many customers trust us with their valuables!Welcome to Abbeville, Alabama! We are pleased to offer our citizens a modern storage solution with affordable self storage options. Our facility is located at 1950 South Main Street and offers clean and secure units ranging in size from small closets to large warehouse spaces. We understand that each need is unique, so we maximize space efficiency by offering a variety of unit sizes that can easily accommodate boxes, furniture, business inventory and more. For added convenience we also provide easy access through an innovative keyless entry system; no appointment necessary! With customer service always in mind, our onsite staff will work one-on-one with you to ensure your experience exceeds expectations. Contact us today for more information about how self storage can meet your needs!

Overview of Abbeville, Alabama

Abbeville is a small town located in Henry County, Alabama. It was founded by Charles Edwin Brown in 1886 and has been a quiet and peaceful community ever since. The town covers an area of approximately 1.5 square miles with about 2,200 inhabitants. The median income per household in Abbeville is around $38,000, lower than the United States average of $61,000.

The city offers several amenities to its residents including parks and recreational facilities such as Parks stanton park which features tennis courts and picnic areas; South Central Sports Complex with baseball fields; Mary Lee Hornet Park which consists of walking track along a lake; and Oakley Park which includes hiking trails. Other attractions include museum tours and local events held at the historic Abbeville Opera House or nearby Florence Stockton Memorial Library.

Transportation in Abbeville includes US Highway 431 linking to other cities such as Montevallo, Fort Payne, Albertville and Scottsboro; as well as Amtrak services connecting Fairhope to Birmingham Montgomery or Tallahassee Florida.

Overall Abbeville is an inviting southern city that offers its citizens plenty of opportunities for recreation while maintaining old-world charm amidst complexity of modern urban living.

Differentiating Features of Self storage In Abbeville, AL

Self storage in Abbeville, AL has several differentiating features that make it a great way to store your belongings and keep them secure. One of the main benefits is that you can access your items when needed without having to worry about leaving them unattended. This saves time and makes retrieving or returning goods easy. Additionally, self-storage units come with multiple security measures such as CCTV cameras and guard patrols to ensure your belongings are kept safe from theft or damage.

Another advantage is that you will have the flexibility to choose from various types of packages — including those offering climate controlled options — making sure all Four Star Plus items such as furniture, jewelry etc remain in optimum condition while stored away for long duration. Additionally, most facilities also provide secure lockers which are keypad operated providing an extra level of security for more valuable items.

For peace of mind pricing structures has been customized differently by every facility according to the size requirement ensuring there’s something suitable for everyone’s budget regardless if they only need space for a few boxes or a whole houseful furniture. Additionally services like short-term or long-term rental agreements let customers rent out as much space as required with no hidden fees attached making it very cost effective solution compared traditional brick & mortal stores.

Finally self storage services generally offer onsite customer service representatives who’s ready to answer any questions regarding product details, discounts/promotions available etc while being more than willing assist customers locate their stored item quickly if required. Overall with modern facilities featuring various additional features and customer focused approach Abbevilel’sSelf Storage Services offers one of the best choices around town keeping both users & their belongings safe & organized at all times.

Self Storage in Abbeville, AL

Abbeville, Alabama is a city located in Henry County and the population of this area as of 2018 was 5,278. With an increasing population comes the need for extra storage space and many people have searched for self storage units in Abbeville to meet their needs. This article will provide facts and figures regarding self storage in Abbeville.

The number of self-storage facilities in Abbeville has grown to meet the demands of its residents. As of 2020, there are 4 self-storage units available with a total capacity of 528 units and over 100 more lockers available for rent everywhere around town. Most holiday makers prefer climate controlled facilities when visiting Abbeville area during summertime but most all also offer regular non air conditioned units as well with prices starting from just 6$ per month depending on unit size chosen.

Security is paramount when considering storing your possessions at any facility so it’s important to take note that all storage centers provide 24/7 hour surveillance via CCTV cameras as well as secure rounds and access control systems installed onsite across every single facility location.

You can also find additional safety options such as electronic door locks or keypad locks provided by selected names like Security Self Secure Storage or Fortress Self Storage which are amongst few known providers customers can rent from local market now.

Finally different types of insurance policies may be taken out prior to moving into a self-storage facility within the state of Alabama – some storage locations even provide you purchase your own policy right away whereas other establish third party bonds status maintaining their own internal contacting practice requirements set across them all customers must stay abreast about currently.<

Self Storage Facilities: Common Uses in Abbeville, AL

Self storage facilities in Abbeville, AL are popular due to their versatility and many uses. One of the most common reasons for using a self-storage facility is to free up space around the home or business by housing items that are rarely needed. This can include old furniture, holiday decorations, seasonal sports equipment or other items which have outgrown their allotted area in your living or work space. Businesses may also use self-storage to keep documents and supplies safe from theft and weather damage.

Another common reason why people choose to rent storage units is for secure parking of recreational vehicles such as motorboats and ATVs. Storing these bigger vehicles offsite eliminates worries about leaving them unattended on properties or cluttering driveways and yards with large machinery.

Finally, self-storage facilities offer convenient short term solutions for students who don’t want to move bulky items back home during semester breaks; businesses expanding operations temporarily can store excess stock between projects; people relocating but not yet ready to move into a permanent address can keep belongings safely stored until they make the transition complete.

Spring is one of the busiest times for Self Storage facilities in Abbeville, AL when residents take advantage of extra room not occupied by holiday decorations and exercise equipment over winter months. They say ‘out with the old –in with new’ makes perfect sense if you wish live clutter free!

Advantages of Using a Self Storage Facility in Abbeville AL

Self storage facilities provide many advantages to those living in or near Abbeville, Alabama. Self-storage allows individuals and businesses to store their belongings safely, securely, and conveniently. From recreational vehicles to excess inventory, self-storage facilities offer a variety of options for those looking for additional storage space. Here are just some of the advantages of using a self-storage facility in Abbeville:

Most self-storage facilities in Abbeville offer month to month rental agreements with no long term commitment required. This allows you to stay flexible and only pay for the time period that works best for your needs. Plus, it can be a great way to save money if you don’t need a full year’s worth of storage all at once.

Another major advantage is the secure environment most self-storages provide. With high security fencing around the property as well as video surveillance, your items should be safe while stored away from home or office.

Finally, many self-storage facilities also have climate controlled units available for especially sensitive items such as furniture or documents that must not be exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity levels while they are being stored away.

As you can see there are numerous benefits when it comes to using an affordable self storage facility in Abbeville AL – from monthly rents with no long term commitments needed all the way through secure environments with climate control high on its list – so why not take advantage today?

Advantages of Using a Self Storage Facility in Abbeville AL

Utilizing a self-storage facility in Abbeville, Alabama comes with many advantages. The primary benefit is the convenience that it provides. With a self-storage facility, you can easily store your belongings without having to worry about finding a space for them at your home or place of business. You’ll also save money and time since you won’t have to pay for additional storage units or deal with moving items around your property. Additionally, if you go online you can find great deals on monthly rates as well as discounts for long term contracts.

Another advantage is that you’ll get access to secure storage options within the facility such as personal locks to protect your items from theft and fireproof security systems to guard against fires and other disasters. Moreover, most facilities offer climate controlled units so that whatever type of items (from documents to furniture) stored will stay safe from extreme temperatures.

Most reputable self-storage facilities also provide customization depending on what type of experience customers are looking for when it comes their particular requirements. So whether you need short-term leasing options or benefits like drive up units for easy loading/unloadinging, there’s sure to be something perfect just according to needs.

Disadvantages of Using a Self Storage Facility in Abbeville AL</h3

Security at Self-Storage Facilities in Abbevillet, Alabama

Abbevillet, Alabama has recently undertaken some important steps to ensure the safety of customers using the area’s self-storage facilities. As a part of this initiative, special measures have been taken to enhance security and provide an extra layer of protection against burglaries and other criminal activities.

To start with, a comprehensive plan was developed that brought together local law enforcement and private security companies. This team then established a variety of measures designed specifically to improve security at self-storage locations in Abbevillet. These include increased staffing levels throughout the day, improved fencing for outdoor storage units, CCTV cameras on site as well as motion sensors that are able to detect any unauthorized activity in nearby areas.

Additionally, all vehicles entering and leaving the premises are recorded with date & time stamps so that any suspicious activity can be quickly monitored by authorities. Furthermore, dynamic access codes which change upon every visit also ensure that only authorized individuals gain entry into secure facilities.

The implementation of these strict protocols have resulted in reductions in theft across the city’s self-storage sites since they were first introduced several years ago.. Furthermore proactive patrolling around these precincts have led to quick responses from law enforcement personnel whenever any irregularities are detected or reported by customers or staff members on site.

Overall these initiatives have greatly helped improve security standards at Abbevillet’s self- storage facilities and provided additional peace of mind when storing valuable items there for extended periods


Self Storage Abbeville Alabama is an ideal choice for anyone looking to securely store their belongings. It offers high quality, secure storage units as well as excellent customer service. The store offers a variety of different sized units and specials, making it easy to find the right unit for your needs. Self Storage Abbeville Alabama also has discounted options available to make storing more affordable for customers. They even provide a free pick up and delivery service, so you can get help with transporting your items from door-to-door. Their convenient location makes them easily accessible from anywhere in the area. All in all, Self Storage Abbeville Alabama provides all the features one would want in a facility and a great option for storage solutions.

Self Storage Abbeville Alabama stands out amongst other providers due to their commitment to exemplary customer support and storage needs that are tailored to meet yours specific requirements regardless of budget or timeline constraints. With competitive rates, special promotions, free pickup and delivery services this is definitely one facility you should consider when seeking additional storage space in Abbeville County or nearby areas!

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