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Welcome to List Self Storage Addison Alabama, the premier self storage facility located in the city of Addison. Here, you’ll find quality features and secure storage solutions at competitive prices. Our facility has plenty of available units in various sizes, allowing you to customize your storage space within minutes. In addition to our more traditional self-storage options, we also offer unique amenities such as climate controlled units to protect sensitive items from being damaged by extreme exterior temperatures. With access available 7 days a week with no appointment necessary and online reservations for larger bookings, List Self Storage provides a hassle free experience for all its customers. Let our team assist you in finding the perfect unit that fits your budget and unique needs today!There are several self storage options in Addison, Alabama to choose from:
1. Midway Mini Storage: This facility offers climate-controlled spaces as well as outdoor storage for boats and RVs.
2. Summertown Lock & Safe Vault: They offer a variety of indoor solutions such as traditional rooms, drive-up access and air condition units.
3. USA Self Storage Addison: This facility offers four different temperature controlled units as well recessed docks for easy loading/unloading.
4. Tree Shade Self Storage – Addison AL: Here customers can find both standard and climate controlled units that range in size from 10’x5’ up to 10’x30’ plus covered RV parking areas onsite.
5. Beef River Mini Storage – Beaverton AL: Here you will find secure indoor commercial drive-up storage options plus outdoor RV/boat parking with coded entry gate access 24 hours per day seven days per week.

Things to Consider When Renting a Self Storage Unit in Addison, Alabama

Renting a self storage unit can be a great solution when you need additional spaceeither for storing extra possessions or archiving important documents. If you’re considering renting such a unit in Addison, Alabama, there are some key considerations to keep in mind before committing to anything.

Firstly, consider the security of the unit itself; while no-one expects an intruder, it is always advisable to check out the facility’s safety measures and ensure that your things will be kept safe from theft and damage. Some facilities may have limited or no security measures at all; so it pays to ensure both their exterior and interior protection is sufficient for your needs before committing to any contract.

Secondly, make sure that the space you choose is right for your items; many facilities offer different sizes of units depending on what customers need – so sized appropriately by comparing prices with volume capacity per unit size if applicable. You should also assess whether there are any restrictions on what type of goods can be stored within each facility too.

Thirdly, take some time researching potential rental prices – this way you can compare costs versus services offered by local storage companies as well as national companies with locations closer which could reduce transport bills when needed overall. Different companies may provide different discounts or even offers but remember that these fall into one centrally quoted rate altogether.

Finally – look out for any additional services available (including insurance cover) which should help protect against events beyond anyone’s control like water leaks and freight damages during transportation between both parties locations etc; all these should contribute towards peace of mind if such incidents were occur inadvertently in future ahead.

Taking these points into consideration prior rental commitment will help guarantee best value decision making either short term or long term – something that everyone deserves!

Pros of Choosing a Self Storage Facility in Addison, Alabama

Addison, Alabama is a great place for anyone looking to find the perfect self storage facility for their needs. It has several convenient locations that make storing items simple and easy. Additionally, most facilities offer 24-hour access so you can store your belongings whenever it is most convenient for you. The prices are generally quite affordable as well. Plus, there is no need to worry about any long-term contracts or leases because many of the self storage businesses in Addison offer month-to-month plans with no hidden fees or costs associated with them. You also have the peace of mind knowing that all of your stored items are safe and secure since most places employ advanced security measures such as digital cameras and locks on each individual unit.

Cons of Choosing a Self Storage Facility in Addison, Alabama

The downside to using a self storage facility in Addison may be that there isn’t much variety when it comes to size or features even though they do offer basic amenities like climate control units and online rentals where you can view available units from the comfort of your own home. In addition, some locations may not provide adequate coverage against natural disasters such as flooding or extreme weather due to inadequate drainage systems which could lead to damage being done inside units if not addressed beforehand.

Types of Facilities and Services Offered at Self Storage Units in Addison, AL

Self storage units in Addison, AL offer a wide variety of facilities and services for those looking to store items safely for short or long periods. A range of unit sizes are available, from small storage lockers ideal for storing small objects such as clothing or paperwork, all the way up to larger warehouse-style units capable of accommodating furniture pieces and other large-scale items. State-of-the-art security systems ensure that stored possessions are safe and adequately protected from theft and any other dangers. Customers can also take advantage of additional secured features including round the clock surveillance capabilities or access card entry access control systems designed to restrict movement into specific storage spaces.

For an extra layer of privacy, customers can choose climate controlled units that protect stored items from extreme temperatures as well as dampness – perfect for sensitive materials such as electronic equipment or antiques that require certain conditions in which they can survive without damage. Other convenient services include packing materials, supplies and boxes onsite in order to ease the burden when it comes time to properly organize belongings prior to storing them away.

Many self storage companies operating inside Addison provide insurance coverage options whereby customers would be able to rest assured their possessions are insured while placed under lock and key within these secure facilities – just one more feature included with this handy service!

Using a Self Storage Facility in Addison, AL

Adding a self storage facility to your life can add immensely to organization and convenience. However, it also means considering your safety when using the facility. Here are some tips for staying safe when utilizing a self storage unit in Addison, AL:

Always check that the locks on the storage unit doors are working properly. Make sure there is no visible tampering with them before you close them up each time. Additionally, it’s important to have a unique lock so any potential burglars cannot access units quickly by matching locks from other users.

Before storing valuable items such as jewelry or documents be sure the facility has adequate security measures in place including round-the-clock monitoring of premises and recorded video surveillance on all entrances and exits of the grounds. Be sure to become familiar with exactly how these security measures work at the facility where you store items for extra peace of mind.

and makeSure alarm checks happen regularly as part of any routine inspection that may take place at the facility; ask about this service if it isn’t offered as standard procedure upon signing up for storage services at an appropriate local company like Store Space Self Storage or another reputable provider near you in Addison, AL . Notify management immediately if there is suspicious activity seen around or within your unit either while visiting or reported by others touching base with you about their own observation of incidents taking place nearby..

It’s also recommended to purchase particular insurance cover for any valuables stored away long term but always bone up on applicable coverage limits and related fine print before enrolling in any policy so as not be caught off guard regarding what protection may -or may not- exist should something unfortunate were ever experienced over time.<

Security Features

When selecting a self-storage facility, security should be one of your top priorities. Look for a facility that has electronic keypad access, perimeter fencing, video surveillance cameras and onsite staff available during the hours when you plan to access your unit. The last thing you want is to have any issues with unauthorized people accessing your belongings while they are in the storage unit. You also want to make sure there are protocols in place so that only authorized personnel can gain access to individual units.


It’s important take into consideration how close or far away a self-storage facility is from your home or place of work when selecting one. Some people prefer facilities closer because it’s more convenient but others may opt for further away due to wanting additional security features or restrictions on the type of things they are storing. When deciding where to store personal items, consider activities such as climbing stairs/moving items and budgeting for transportation costs.

Accessibility Hours

Self-storage rental agreement usually comes with certain accessibility hours during which you can enter and exit the facility premises. Make sure theseMatch up with the times when you plan o visit your unit most often so that you don’t find yourself locked out at an inconvenient time. If different kinds of emergencies arise requiring access outside set hours then speak withnmanagement beforehand about possible solutions if this isn’t something they may be willing to do.


Parking & Moving Facilities

It is always wise to look fpr his type of facilities when chosing storages spaces as tbese will make moving in/out much easier o0er squezzing everything intp s small Stairwells 0r hallways leading Into 8the building. If its Furniture then particularly bigger units might Beneficially hace drive Busy Psrking spaces located near uAroundnvth128 area.. You shisuldissan inquire about anv fees associated nith their usage ansf wheYther therE,,s ‘lanfor vehicle kr other hove//8ic supplies onsiteiolailable 89 hire etc

Price Differences: Why Different Companies Charge More or Less for Their self-Storage Units

Self-storage units offer a variety of prices and price points depending on the company, size, location and amenities. Understanding these factors can help you make an informed decision that works best with your own budget.

The amount of a storage unit will vary according to which company offers it. Some companies may offer special deals or discounts for students, military personnel and seniors. Other companies may provide discounted rates to customers who sign long-term contracts or commit to using their services for more than three months. Additionally, some storage facilities charge extra fees based on the size of the unit rented and how many days it is used at a time.

Location is another factor in pricing as it determines how much demand there is in a certain area for storage units—and therefore affects what customers are willing to pay. If the facility is located near downtown where property values are higher, then rent could be pricier than if it was located on the outskirts of town with cheaper landlords.

Other amenities offered by different companies also contribute to price differences among self-storage units. Many offer climate control features like air conditioning that can keep contents cool during summer months and heating options that keep items warm throughout wintertime temperatures. Security features such as cameras and alarm systems also play into cost variances when deciding between providers.

By understanding these different components of self-storage prices, you can make sure you’re getting the best value when renting out your space — no matter what situation you find yourself in!

A Guide to Moving into Your Local Self-Storage Unit Successfully

Moving to a new self-storage unit is an exciting stage of life, as it can represent the start of something fresh and new. However, it requires careful planning and organization in order for the move to be successful. Without proper preparation, one may end up dealing with excessive delays and added costs during the moving process. That’s why this guide was created – to provide you with tips on how you can make your transfer smoother and easier. So let’s jump right in!

The first tip is to get a professional mover who could help you with the relocation process. Professional movers have experience in handling packing materials like cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, tape, etc., so they should have no trouble getting your belongings into storage safely and quickly. Plus, their services are more organized than DIY moves; that way, there won’t be confusion at any stage of your relocation.

Another important tip for success when moving into a local self-storage unit is creating an inventory list before anything else. Make sure that all items are noted down accurately along with their corresponding photos or descriptions (if possible), so that they can all be retrieved easily later on when needed again.

You should also inspect the premises beforehand prior to agreeing on renting out space at any particular facility or location. See if there soundproofing measures taken within it from humidity levels as these points are optimal factors for preserving your stored items perfectly over time.

Finally, purchase insurance protection for any bigger items being kept inside such as furniture pieces which will also give an extra layer of comfort knowing that they’re safeguarded against potential damages in case of unfortunate events occurring nonetheless.<


List Self Storage Addison Alabama provides an array of storage solutions suitable for various budgets. They offer a wide selection of features and services, including secure access technology, temperature-controlled units, video surveillance systems, clean and dry units, onsite moving supplies such as boxes and bubble wrap. All in all the team at List Self Storage takes great pride in offering superior customer service with competitive rates.

Locations are easily accessible off the highway within driving distance to Montgomery or Birmingham. The facility has multiple floor levels and is well-lit throughout parking lots ensuring maximum security for stored items 24/7.

Tenants can opt for contactless rentals with online reservations & self-pay rental kiosks limiting human interaction altogether or choose the traditional style where a real person would walk them through details regarding their storage options over phone or email.

List Self Storage Addison Alabama is constantly looking for ways to improve customer service & exceed expectations one move at a time – making this location a trusted choice when it comes your storage needs!

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