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Welcome to List Self Storage Alexander City Alabama, the perfect place for all your storage needs! From extra books and furniture to household items and professional equipment, we have it all. Our modern self-storage facility is located near downtown Alexander City making it easy to access and secure. With climate-controlled units and round-the-clock security monitoring our facility offers a safe environment for all of your possessions. We strive to provide excellent customer service with helpful staff on site who will be happy to offer you their best advice or assistance if needed. So if you’re looking for top quality storage solutions in the area then look no further than List Self Storage in Alexander City Alabama!Self storage is an ideal solution for residents and business owners in Alexander City, Alabama. The city’s growing population and vibrant business community require people to find creative ways to store their belongings. Self storage offers a convenient, secure option that allows individuals and businesses the flexibility to choose what size space they need while keeping their items safe from harm. With easy access and secure features like individually alarmed units, camera monitoring systems, keypad entry, lighting in common areas, fencing around properties and more, it’s no wonder people in Alexander City love self storage as a viable short- or long-term option.


When choosing a self storage facility in Alexander City, it is important to consider its location. Accessibility and convenience should be given special consideration. Look for facilities close to your home or place of work so that you can easily get to the unit when you need it. Make sure the facility offers protection from the elements and security measures like gated entry, security cameras, and locked units.

Size & Cost

When selecting a self storage facility in Alexander City, consider the size offerings they provide and their associated cost. Each three bedrooms set will require different sizes of unit, so make sure that the self-storage option has a variety of unit sizes that can accommodate your needs as well as any seasonal items you may need to store away due to space constraints within your home. Pricing models should also be considered since some facilities offer discounts on long-term contracts while others offer discounts for paying upfront.

Amenities & Services

Another important factor to look at is what type of amenities and services are offered by the facility. Do they have climate controlled units?What about pest control? What type of insurance coverage is provided by them? Also be sure to inquire about customer service hours; what type of access do customers have in accessing units? Knowing all these answers ahead of time can help you decide which one meets your needs most efficiently.

Delivery Options & Packing Supplies

It is also helpful if the facility provides delivery options such as having boxes delivered directly at your doorstep as this would provide an extra layer of convenience when packing up your belongings before moving into a new home or business space – especially if distance makes it difficult for you receive items directly from suppliers or retailers yourself. Additionally, look for warehouses that provide easy access not just to vehicles but also packing accessories like bubble wrap packages or moving blankets etc.<

Different Types of Self Storage Available in Alexander City

Alexander City, Alabama is a great place to live and visit. It has many different attractions, from outdoor activities to cultural attractions. One thing that’s not so often mentioned is the variety of self storage facilities available. Whether you’re moving, need a space to store extra items during construction or remodeling, or just need more space for your stuff – there’s a lot of options out there! Here are some of the different types of self-storage available in Alexander City:

Traditional Self-Storage Units: Traditional self-storage units come in various sizes and offer a convenient and affordable way to store your things on a short or long term basis. Many facilities offer climate controlled units as well as drive up access sheds for easy loading and unloading. Prices vary based on size and amenities but typically range from $50-$200 per month depending on the location and size of unit needed.

RV Storage Facilities: If you’re looking for safe, secure storage for your RV while visiting Alexander City then an RV storage facility is perfect for you! These facilities are designed specifically with RVs in mind and allow owners access to safe parking with 24/7 surveillance systems that provide peace of mind when storing their prized possessions away from home. Prices usually start at around $80 per month although discounts may apply depending on length stay or type of membership purchased by owner.

Climate Controlled Self-Storage Units: Climate controlled self-storage units also come in various sizes ranging from 5x5ft walk ins all the way up to 10×30 ft spaces. They can be used for storing sensitive items like electronics or documents since they are HEPA filtered ensuring no bugs or humidity will affect these products during their storage period without additional fees outside the cost associated with renting the unit itself

The Benefits of Using a Self Storage Option in Alexander City

Self storage has become an important solution for many people in different walks of life. Whether you need extra space while renovating your home, are looking to store items from the office, or require short-term storage for personal belongings, self storage is a great option. For people who live in Alexander City, Alabama and the surrounding area, self storage offers numerous advantages.

Self storage can be used as a secure and cost-effective way to de-clutter. Many residents are unaware that self storage units can also serve as convenient alternative offices for businesses that are just starting out. There are trustworthy facilities with competitive prices that provide 24 hour security monitoring and climate control options for your valuable documents or other work related items.

For families making frequent moves or relocating within the state, it’s easy to quickly move into a temporary residence while keeping some furniture in self-storage until they settle down permanently. Seasonal equipment such as boats or snowmobiles may also be stored during summer months when not in use. Additionally, there some facilities offer specialized services such as pet care if members have animals that cannot join them on their trips.

At larger scale projects like new constructions and renovations renting an entire space works best than piling up materials at one’s own living place and worry about traffic safety hazards like dust etc., Renting out self-storage spaces is relatively inexpensive compared to regular rental fees incurred when hiring an actual remodeling team leading to saving costs overall. It’s convenient since many places multiple locations around Alexander City giving flexibility of access still closer yet away enough from all noise pollution factors associated with property construction.

In short whatever requirement you might have whether its cleaning the house from extra stuff or giving business better space solutions rent out a suitable facility according to size needs offering multiple facilities range within preferable budgets which ultimately determine profitability involved years over years through opting such self options available around Alexander city!

Plan Ahead:

When you’re using a self storage service in Alexander City, it pays to plan ahead. Consider how much storage space you will need and for what purpose before signing up. Make sure that the facility is equipped to handle your needs and that they have enough space available for you. Find out if there are any discounts or specials available, or whether they offer long-term deals if applicable.

Protect Your Belongings:

Make sure that all of your belongings are properly protected when placed in a self storage unit. If possible, use small cardboard boxes to secure items as well as bubble wrap and packing peanuts for fragile items such as glassware and antiques. Additionally, consider investing in plastic containers with lids to protect from dirt and dust particles getting in the way of your possessions while storing them.

Consider Climate Control Options:

Most facilities offer climate controlled units which can help prevent moisture build-up within the unit resulting from changes in temperature during different seasons throughout the year. Since mildew and mold can be damaging to stored goods, it’s important to make sure that this is considered when selecting a self storage facility.

Document Everything:

Before moving anything into a self-storage unit at Alexander City, take the time to document everything inside including an itemized list detailing exactly what belongs inside. Take pictures of each individual item along with labels so you know where each item goes when retrieving them later on down the line.

Security Features Available at Local Self Storage Facilities In Alexander City

Local self storage facilities in Alexander City offer a number of security features to ensure that your belongings remain safe and secure when stored. These security features range from state-of-the-art video surveillance, 24/7 access control with key fob access, motion detectors, door alarms, spot lighting to deter intruders and tamperproof locks for enhanced protection. The facility also offers perimeter fencing as well as individual unit alarms for extra peace of mind.

The staff members at the facility are available onsite during business hours and often employ roaming patrols overnight or on weekends. They provide an additional layer of deterrent – making it even harder for prowlers to attempt to break into a unit. Visitors must check in with staff before accessing the facility grounds and ID is required at all times.

For added convenience, some facilities offer contactless payment option such as mobile payments via an online app or SMS payments for quick and easy transactions without having to visit the site location itself.

These safety measures provide customers with a greater sense of assurance that their possessions are protected while in storage so they can rest assured their belongings will remain safe until ready to be removed again.

Climate-Controlled Options For All Your Needs

At One various storage facilities in Alexander City, AL, you have a great selection of climate-controlled options for all your needs. Whether it’s temperature or humidity controlled, you can find the ideal storage solution to suit your individual needs. Climate-controlled self storage units are specifically designed to protect items from extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity while maintaining an even atmosphere at all times. Not only will these solutions keep your items safe from interior damage caused by changes in outside temperatures and environmental conditions, they’ll also help prevent against infestations from pests like mice and insects that can ruin furniture and home décor items if left unchecked.

Our state-of-the art climate control features allow you to customize the settings within each unit to provide just the right amount of heat or air conditioning needed during any season. These self storage solutions can be found at locations across Alexander City ensuring that there’s an ideal storage option for everyone no matter where they are located. Plus with various sizes available ranging from 10×5 feet up to 20×30 feet, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for whatever size moving job you may need help with.

We make finding a reliable climate controlled solution easy – both online and through our friendly staff! Our team of self storage experts is here ready to assist customers every step of the way – making sure they get exactly what kind of protection they’re looking for when protecting their valuables from exterior weather elements or swings in temperatures between winter’s cold nights & summers hot days.. At One Storage Solutions we strive deliver local customers a superior level self storage experience every single time.

Selecting Accessible and Affordable Options to Fit Your Need While Storing Belongings in the Area of Alexander City

When storing belongings in the area of Alexander City, it is important to select an accessible and affordable option that fits your needs. Consider what size storage unit you require: small options are great for seasonal items like outdoor furniture, beach chairs or luggage; while larger units can accommodate everything from electronics, furniture and decorations to clothes and everyday household items. There are climate-controlled units available if you are looking for additional protection for temperature, humidity or moisture-sensitive goods.

For many people living in the area, price is a major factor in selecting their storage solution. Even if budget is a concern there are typically plenty of viable solutions available such as self-storage or mobile storage companies. Self-storage facilities usually provide moveable carts or hand trucks to help with heavy lifting as well as offer convenient online payment options. Mobile storage companies may be slightly more expensive but they bring the unit directly to your door which eliminates any need for moving bulky items offsite on your own.

It is also important to consider how often you need access to your possessions when selecting a storage option –– 24/7 access may be ideal if it fits within your budget –– but make sure that whatever facility you choose has adequate security measures in place so that all stored belongings remain safe while they’re away from home


List Self Storage in Alexander City Alabama is a high quality facility with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Their wide selection of sizes and service make it easy to find the perfect storage solution for your needs. The climate controlled units also keep your stored items safe and secure, protecting valuable property from the elements. Plus, with 24-hour access, their renters can easily get what they need whenever it fits into their schedule. List Self Storage provides an unparalleled level of security for peace of mind as well.

No matter why you’re storing your belongings – whether you’re moving, renovating or just don’t have enough space at home – List Self Storage has definitive solutions to simplify all of life’s transitions. Overall, a great way to store your things that keeps them safe but still accessible when needed!

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