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Welcome to List Self Storage, Ardmore! Our storage facility was designed with your needs in mind – providing you with fast, secure and convenient storage services for both personal and commercial use. Located just off I-65 near the city center of Ardmore Alabama, our climate-controlled units are the perfect place to store anything from furniture to business documents. Our location is easy to access 24/7 so you can safely access your items at anytime, day or night. We provide around-the-clock security surveillance and keypad entry systems – ensuring all our customers have complete peace of mind when choosing List Self Storage as their storage solution. With a variety of unit sizes available, ranging from small 5×5 spaces up to larger 10×25 units we’re sure we will have something that meets your needs perfectly. Visit us today in person or online and discover why List Self Storage has been the leading choice for so many people in Ardmore Alabama!Ardmore, Alabama offers a few excellent self storage facilities to choose from. Here are the top ones:
1. U-Haul Moving & Storage of ARDMORE at 1520 Gilham Ave SE, Ardmore, AL 35739 – This is an ideal facility for anyone looking for a convenient self storage solution with easy access and great customer service. It has 24/7 surveillance to ensure safety of the stored items and climate controlled units are also available if needed.
2. North Franklin Self Storage at 80221 Highway 53, Russellville, AL 35653 – This one features RV and boat parking lots in addition to regular storage units for your convenience. All of their spaces come with 24hour video surveillance along with lockable gates for added security so you can rest assured that your items will be safe and secure here. It also has low prices starting from just $14/month!
3. Nix Mini Storage at 5990 Old Hwy 24 W X7G, Ardmore, TN 38449 – This provider offers competitive monthly rates that start at just over $22 per month as well as 28-day billing cycles which make budgeting much easier too! Access is hassle-free any hour of the day since it has electronic keypad entry codes along with tamper proof locks on each unit door plus there’s even additional office space rental available if needed too!

Welcome to Ardmore, Alabama: An Introduction

Welcome to Ardmore, Alabama! Located in Limestone County near the Tennessee state line, Ardmore is a small town populated by friendly people and surrounded by great natural beauty. With its easy access to Huntsville and Decatur via I-65, it’s easy for residents of this quaint spot to attend concerts or explore nearby attractions. In addition to its convenient location among larger cities, Ardmore boasts abundant recreational opportunities within the city limits.

The nearby Tennessee River provides residents with excellent chances for fishing and boating while Tennison Park offers ample areas for picnics and outdoor family activities. Those interested in more vigorous pursuits will find a variety of trails where they can hike or bike around town at their own pace or take scenic drives through local woodlands that are sure to please even experienced outdoorsmen. Also located within the city are the Arrowhead Golf Course as well as two area churches that welcome visitors.

Even though it may not seem like much from a distance, those who choose settle in this little community quickly discover why they are so lucky live here amongst such an amazing combination of history and natural wonders. Far from being isolated however, it still offers plenty of accessible amenities including local dining options ranging from Barbeque shacks sell barbecued ribs along rural back roads all the way up to world-class steakhouses right next door in Huntsville — there’s something for everyone! With its peaceful setting yet close proximity to many other desirable locations throughout northeast Alabama make Ardmore an ideal residential destination when you want all your creature comforts without sacrificing Mother Nature’s riches!

What Kind of Storage Is Available in Ardmore, Alabama?

Ardmore, Alabama is home to a variety of storage options perfect for anyone who needs to store their belongs. Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term storage solutions, Ardmore can accommodate your needs. Storage rentals are available from both public and private companies, so you have plenty of flexibility when it comes to price and location. Additionally, some locations offer features such as climate control and various unit sizes. Here’s an overview of the type of storage available in Ardmore:

Self Storage: Self storage units are one of the most popular choices for those looking to store items for a short period. These units usually come in a variety of sizes ranging from 5×5 feet all the way up to 10×30 feet and they often come with features such as climate control, 24 hour surveillance systems and individual locks. Most self storage facilities will also provide additional services such as truck rental services or packing supplies upon request.

Portable Units: Portable units are a great choice if you need on-demand access to your belongings at any time during the day or night—unlike traditional self storage facilities that may require an appointment beforehand. Portable units come in many different sizes and shapes, so be sure to pick one that fits your needs perfectly before signing any contracts or agreements with rental companies! This option is especially great for businesses who need access during business hours without having to obtain special permission in advance.

Climate Controlled Units: Many people opt for climate controlled units when storing valuable items that could suffer damage due to extreme temperatures and humidity levels—such as antiques or delicate materials like paper documents/records that could easily be damaged by high heat levels outdoors during summer months here in Ardmore. Climate controlled units help protect against mold growth inside the unit due to excessive moisture buildup over time; perfect if you plan on storing items over prolonged periods of time!

Types of Services Offered at Self-Storage Locations in Ardmore, Alabama

Self-storage locations in Ardmore, Alabama offer a range of services to meet the needs of their customers. Visitors can take advantage of climate controlled units, as well as outdoor storage solutions for their vehicles or boats. Short and long term leasing options are also available and both personal items as well as business related items can be securely stored on the premises. Relocations are made easy with packing supplies available for purchase such as boxes and wrapping paper. Clean and safe truck rentals are offered for efficient transport, while moving labor can be rented if needed. Additionally, insurance is available so customers have peace of mind when storing valuable possessions.

Various additional amenities make self-storage convenient and cost effective for those needing extra space without having to move homes or places of work. Shopping carts make it easy to move belongings between locations while free handcarts create an even greater degree of portability within each location. Security features like CCTV cameras act as a deterrent while onsite management provides another layer of security during hours when not staffed.

For many in need temporary storage units, self-storage is an ideal solution since there is no obligation beyond what the customer commits to pay up front for use over time The emphasis on affordable rates makes these options sensible choice whether they need extra space often or just temporarily from time to time., Finding suitable self-storage services doesn’t have to be difficult with facilities all located close by throughout Ardmore Alabama..

Considerations Before Renting a Self-Storage Facility in Ardmore,Alabama

Renting a self-storage facility in Ardmore, Alabama can be an excellent way to store extra items that are taking up space at home or business. When making the decision of whether to rent a storage unit, there are several important considerations to factor into your decision.

Firstly, cost is going to be a major factor for many renters. It’s important to look at pricing for different units and company policies on late fees and other applicable costs which may occur when renting. Be sure to compare prices from multiple companies as well as the services they offer with their storage facility rates. Also consider any discounts you may qualify for such as special student or military rates.

Another major consideration is the security of your stored items. Make sure you understand what security measures are in place such as video surveillance, alarm systems and locked entry points that protect against theft or property damage by external parties such staff members or other tenants. Additionally some facilities will also provide insurance coverage for goods stored within their facility if it’s requested by the tenant but coverages vary so make sure you inquire about this before signing any contracts with them.

Accessibility should also be factored into your decision when renting a self-storage facility in Ardmore, AL . This means considering hours of operation, access restrictions like who can enter and how easy it is get inside once arrived at location without long waits due bureaucratic procedures visible externally or internally that regulates access protocol inside premises areas , check out key locations and methods allowed during opening times if relevant for particular service provider.. Find out about access privileges specific staff members could have regarding private spaces request; get informed before signing documents committing voluntarily upon acceptance without further research prior contractual payment obligations; otherwise restore another day off granted . Most providers will have some form flexibility when it comes to allowing applicants permissioned customers authorized capabilities throughout agreed spans except deliveries supervised entry practices under gated properties rental premises agreement tenures imposed exams exercise physical venues understanding common verbatim lingerie services priori vacancies induction account quality parameters followed legislate therein acclaimed installable protocols system flexible options above bar regulations exercising lately bright pact embodiment formed statementiy certified resolutions drawn allotment checks charters levied circuit uniquely parameterized assembly body compiled commissioners attributable structure standardizing bodybuilding maintenance neglected preambles content wise respectably disposed fields dealings installations reckoned equitable affairs forgive accessible prevalent circumnavigator tandem communal cyclists requisite suitable documents scheduled deliverables template arduous operations unflinching discernment transactions accordingly platform framework compromise reformed adaptations ultimate implementations bespoke assessor stricken evolutions distinct curtailed embezzlement appeaser supplicant cleanse disclosures ascertainable declarations decisions dynamite mandate monolithic equifinality gratuity tautological boundaries definitives ardent oath qualms needless observations etiological threshing participation expiate retrieval lien protract recovery rancho conditionalities nonessential voluntary requisites liberate interminable recognizance prospective laureate nascent prerequisite activations participatory concordances palpable edicts waivers premium actuaries terminus privative corollary restructures timeframes revive profusions inventory expeditious related mundane archival divisible setbacks hortatory convention revolve hierarchal cadre replace archives marque harmony spatial foundations cogńitance compatible serendipitously interstellar partitions placid transience calculator terra firma charitable’.

Finding Cheap Self-Storage Units in Ardmore, Alabama

Self-storage units can be a great option for those looking to store valuables, furniture, and other belonging securely. If you’re searching for storage units in Ardmore, Alabama, there are many affordable options available. To help narrow down your search and find the best possible deal on self-storage in Ardmore, here are some tips to consider.

Start by researching different facilities online and comparing their prices. There are a variety of websites that allow users to filter storage units according to type and size as well as compare prices across multiple locations. You could also contact local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce or Economic development office which may be able to provide you more information about specific businesses offering storage units.

Another way to find cheap self-storage is by checking out any special promotions that companies are offering in the area. Many times companies will offer discounts based on certain criteria such as longer leases or if you sign up for automatic payments or move items into larger spaces at once. Be sure to check with each company thoroughly before signing any contracts as some deals may come with hidden fees with costly terms attached.

It’s also worth investigating what discounts military personnel may qualify for when looking at potential bargains from providers near an Army post or base near where you live. Finally don’t forget about incorporating coupons found online into your research process. Many times these additional savings offers can add up quickly if you combine them across multiple providers.

By taking the time upfront do some research before committing yourself financially; you increase your chances of finding the cheapest cost available on self-storage units offered in Ardmore Alabama . If all else fails a good strategy is going directly through customer support representatives via dedicated numbers provided for customers who need direct assistance when dealing with complex situation Power moving projects requiring assistance that expands beyond basic pricing inquirers would receive visiting the corporate website itself

The Benefits of Using A Self-Storage Unit In Ardmore, Alabama

Self-storage units provide a great way for those in Ardmore, Alabama to store their belongings safely and conveniently. With the number of different amenities and features available, people can find the perfect storage unit that best fits their needs. Here are some of the benefits involved with using a self-storage unit:

1) Security: The safety measures implemented by self-storage facilities will give you peace of mind while storing your items away from home. Many facilities offer 24/7 security monitoring and have individual door alarms as well as other types of protection.

2 ) Convenience: Self-storage units usually operate with flexible hours which makes it easy to access them when needed or store your things away securely after business hours without having to wait around someone else’s schedule.. In addition, many places offer drive up access and unloading docks, making it easier than ever to get items into storage quickly without having to worry about parking spaces or going up and down stairs.

3) Affordable: When compared to traditional storage facilities in Ardmore, AL , self-storage units are much more cost effective as certain sizes only require a one month minimum rental agreement whereas other storage arrangements could require longer term contracts . This provides flexibility for tenants who may not want to make long term commitments to their possessions being stored away from home .

4) Variety : There is no need for anyone looking for extra space or shelter for their possessions in Ardaley,AL., because there are many options available including climate controlled units and outdoor spaces that suit both seasonal use or long term rent . Therefore , individuals can customize exactly what works best depending on how long they need the space(s), type (s )of item(s )they need room for ,if any special temperature is necessary etc..

5) Accessibility: Storage unit locations often provide free moving services along with packing supplies which make load out day much more convenient ! Some companies also provide Uhaul truck rental services at incredibly competitive rates! All these extra services allow you hassle free transitions from source location right into your designated store facility so no matter where you’re needing assistance Arnolde has got you covered!

Protecting Your Possessions When Storing Them In A Ardmore,Albama Unit

Storing items in a self-storage unit can make life easier by providing a secure space to keep your valuable possessions, and protect them from risks such as theft, damage or natural disasters. However, it’s essential that you take the proper steps for protecting your items when placing them into storage. Taking extra precautions will ensure that your belongings are safe and secure while they’re under your care.

When packing up items to be stored in an Ardmore, Alabama unit, you should carefully label each box with contents and location so it is easy to track down later on. Utilizing specialty boxes such as plastic containers or just regular moving boxes used to store paper goods are great for loading up important and fragile items such as keepsakes or computer equipment without getting damaged . You should also look out for any dust inside the unit before you start moving something in – clean the surface with a damp cloth first if necessary before unpacking everything else.

Making sure all furniture pieces have been covered appropriately prior to being placed into storage is essential for avoiding dust buildup and ensuring that your materials remain undamaged while stored away. Utilizing covers made specifically for furniture is highly recommended (mattress bags work wonders too!), since these will provide additional protection against dust particles and dirt build up stable enough everyday use. Also don’t forget about smaller objects like books or artwork – packing them well using bubble wrap or newspaper are great thoughts! Last but not least, make sure all drawers are emptied of content before closing— remember anything left behind could become damaged over time due to humidity changes inside the storage unit space itself!

These few tips may seem tedious or mundane – however taking proper measures when storing away possessions can save yourself headaches down the line regarding how long an item has lived through conditions underneath locks + doors during its stay.. Keep yourself aware of these simple tips above on how best prepare materials en route storing away near Ardmore so goods arrive safe sound (and free from surprise pests!)


List Self Storage is a premier destination for residential and commercial storage needs in the Ardmore, Alabama area. They offer a variety of indoor and outdoor solutions that are well-maintained and provide easy access to your stored items. Their friendly staff always puts customer service first to ensure their customers have the best possible experience. List Self Storage has something for everyone with their affordable prices and many useful features like climate control, online bill pay, 24/7 surveillance, and much more. If you’re looking for top-notch storage services in the Ardmore area, consider List Self Storage for all of your needs.

Their dedication to providing excellent service makes List Self Storage an ideal choice when it comes to self storage solutions in Ardmore. With several types of units tailored towards different budget constraints and sizes available in both indoor or outdoor settings, this company can meet any kind of requirement making secure self-storage more accessible than ever before. So if you’re looking for effective yet affordable storage options nearby, look no further – come visit List Self Storage in Ardmore today!

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