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Welcome to List Self Storage, Ashland Alabama! We specialize in short-term and long-term storage solutions for all your needs. Our impressive facility offers spacious self storage units, climate controlled units and RV/Boat parking with 24 hour security surveillance systems. We make it easy to store your belongings with a variety of amenities that are designed to help simplify the process for you. No matter what size unit you require – from small closet space up to vehicle size – we can offer you an affordable solution that’s tailored just for you. We understand that every client has his or her own individualized needs, so out team is always ready to help answer any questions and discuss options with you. Here at List Self Storages in Ashley Alabama, our business mission is simple: provide secure, convenient storage solutions at great rates while delivering exceptional customer service. Stop by today and let us show you how we can help make storing your possessions easier than ever before!Ashland, Alabama is a small town located in Clay County near the Alabama/Mississippi border. It offers a variety of self-storage facilities to meet the needs of residents and businesses. Whether one is looking for new storage for a permanent move, or simply need temporary storage while renovating or moving home; there are many options available in Ashland, AL. From traditional self-storage units to climate controlled and drive up access units; the self-storage market in Ashland provides all types of storage solutions for individuals, families, and businesses alike.

Self-storage facilities vary greatly in size and structure ranging from 10×10 single story units to more complex multi stories with five foot walls making them an ideal choice when needing to store large items like furniture or building supplies that may otherwise have difficulty fitting into an average household unit or garage. Many of these larger units provide 24 hour access allowing clients extra space so they don’t have to worry about their valuable being locked away after hours. Additionally many full featured sites also offer on site security systems giving customers extra assurance it will remain safe until they come back for it. With the help of sites such as StoragesUnits we make finding reputable self- storage facilities hassle free allowing people compare prices, features side by side all within minutes! No matter what type you are looking for including RV boat & car parking facility you’ll be sure find something that meets your needs in Ashland AL!

Benefits of Using Self Storage in Ashland, AL

Self storage can be a great and easy-to-use solution for both residential and business users. There are many advantages to using self storage in Ashland, AL including convenience, security, affordability and more. With a variety of sizes to choose from, there is sure to be an option that meets your needs. Here are the main benefits of using self storage in Ashland, AL:

Convenience – Self storage offers flexibility since you can rent a unit on your own terms. Whether it’s just something you need short-term or for a longer period of time, the facility will work with your schedule.

Security – Self storage facilities take their customers’ security seriously. All units are monitored 24/7 with the latest CCTV technology and have perimeter fencing around each unit for extra protection.

Family & Pet Friendly – Most facilities allow pets as long as they’re well behaved! Many also provide family oriented amenities such as picnic areas and playgrounds.

Affordability – Self storage is typically less expensive than moving house permanently or renting additional space elsewhere. Plus most units come with month–to–month rental agreements so you don’t have to sign up for long contracts if your situation changes.

If you’re looking to free up some extra space at home or at work then self storage in Ashland, AL could be a good option for you! It provides plenty of benefits including convenience, security, affordability and much more – so why not give it a try?

Types of Self Storage Facilities in Ashland, AL

Self storage facilities are a convenient and secure solution to storing your belongings. Whether you’re moving house, going away for an extended period of time, or simply need more space at home, self storage can provide the perfect solution. In Ashland, AL there are a number of different types of storage facilities available to suit all kinds of needs.

For those needing short-term or temporary solutions there are Public Storage units which can be hired on a daily and weekly basis. These units come with extra security features such as cameras and lockable steel doors as well as climate control to help protect your items from changing temperatures. SmartStor is another option for tenants that wish to rent flexibly without long-term contracts; offering discounts if you pay 6 months upfront and providing the ability to extend or end your booking within 48 hours’ notice.

Secure Self Storage is the ideal choice for those who require longer term plans when storing their possessions. They offer competitive rates per square foot and no long-term commitments – great for when you don’t know how long your stay will last! For added peace of mind they provide 24 hour surveillance throughout the facility using state-of-the-art motion detection technology and secure pin access locks on every door ensuring safekeeping of customer’s assets throughout their use.

extraSpace provides large variety for business owners looking store anything from office supplies to vehicles either indoors or outdoors in one central location. It comes with free truck rental upon move in along with month by month rentals that ensure none will stuck paying future rent should their situation changes before commitment period ends.

Safety First Self Storage offers additional comprehensive security so customers can rest assured knowing that security alarms system patrols service premises both day & night gives them sense privacy & safety when visiting facility also providing them ability disable alarm whilst inside residence enclosures like Vacation Villages & Racquet Clubs respectively.

No matter what type of self storage unit you’re after in Ashland, AL there’s something available to meet your needs – just remember to compare prices between different providers so you get the best value deal!

Finding the Right Self Storage Facility for You in Ashland

When you’re looking for a self storage facility in Ashland, there are a lot of factors to consider. Here are some of the most important ones: location, size, security features and access hours. Depending on your needs, different facilities may be more or less suitable for you so it is important to do your research before selecting one.

Location is important when choosing a self storage facility as you will want it to be convenient to access from your home or business. Consider how often you will need to visit the unit and if public transportation is available near it. If further away seems to be necessary then consider gas costs as part of your total cost.

Size also plays an essential role when choosing which self storage units best suit your needs. It can be very inconvenient and costly if not found right on first time basis so really take into account what items are going into storage plus room for additional items over time. Look at sizes available along with any labels such as ‘Climate Controlled’ or ‘Air Conditioned’ – these facilities provide protection against extreme exterior temperatures reducing risk of damage and may almost double their prices compared regular units.

Security should always rank high on your criteria list when specifying a self storage facility as many people use them as an extension to safely store personal belongings outside of their homes or businesses. Make sure that ample lighting illuminates pathways throughout property making no dark places around entrances at night fall time because this works well deterring potential burglars at night times by clearly showing whether someone’s present there or not after sunset.

Access hours also play an important role in deciding which site should accommodate all user requirements on timely bases whenever required latest by that particular point & timing interval shown on printed boards within entities boundaries among selected users who holds valid passcodes & other telltale evidences like driving license information held intact throughout session expiration period ever since originating while getting started either online through virtual websites means OR even thru manual process followed sometimes particularly by those persons usually don’t have much computer usage experience under their belt from previous professions — such kind of cases!

Make the Most of Your Space: Strategic Packing and Storage

Making the most of your Ashland self-storage space means packing and arranging items strategically so that everything fits as neatly and efficiently as possible. Before you pack anything away, it is a good idea to make a list of what you plan to store, how long each item will stay in storage, and how often you anticipate needing to access various items. From there, create an efficient layout plan – think outside the box for ideas on maximizing every square inch – and break larger items down into smaller parts where possible.

Pack Smart and Keep Track

To get more bang out of your buck at your Ashland self-storage unit, aim for smart packing tactics like nesting fragile items together with bubble wrap; securing drawers from dressers and filing cabinets in place; wrapping mattresses or other large fabric-covered furniture with plastic wrap; marking boxes clearly by room/category; keeping track of exact measurements for proper stacking so that nothing gets damaged; group all heavier/larger boxes together towards the bottom layers near walls for stability;stack lighter boxes on top; lay shallowest items closest to door opening so they can be accessed easily.

Maximize Air Circulation

alow yourself from creating pockets By supposedly packing too tightly or tight against one another, it leaves no air circulation within the confines nor prevent dust build up.Operating even floor fans (if permitted) or using drying racks would go a long way in prolonging lifetime your stored belongings .Understanding this concept should extend beyond this article but most not Comey any risk if abused.

Cleanliness & Protection Against Moisture Buildup

To avoid producing unwanted odors – cleanliness is key when storing clothing garments avoid using cardboard container but ashlan sting facility offers Plastic totes which makes perfect portable closet due its mobility as well advisable beneficial because prevents log lasting damages moldMoisture buildup may also caused by rainfall seepages water pipe fixture malfunctions present unfortunate scenario from having aforementioned downfall consider getting individual insurance covered just harmful exceptions.

What to Look for When Renting a Unit at a Self Storage Facility in Ashland?

When renting a storage unit in Ashland it is important to consider several factors. The security of the facility and your belongings should be top priority. Be sure to check what type of security features are offered such as video surveillance, on-site staff, keypads, or other types of locks. You may also want to look into whether you need any additional insurance coverage which some facilities provide if requested.

Connectivity and access should be taken into account as well since convenient shipping or easily accessible hours can save time and money in the long run when using a self-storage facility in Ashland. Ask about how easy it is to get in and out of the facility including times like holidays or weekends when many people need extra space quickly. The cost associated with leasing your new storage unit is also an important factor to research ahead time so make sure you understand all fees that may apply before signing any agreement. Additionally, compare units based on size, climate control & air filtration systems, as well as pest & rodent infestation prevention systems each facility offers their renters to get the best value for your stored goods during your lease period.

Lastly, ask about any hidden charges that could affect how much you’ll have to pay out-of pocket for using their services or special discounts that they may offer particular customers when renting multiple units for items such as furniture or large appliances at one time. There are plenty of website reviews from former customers available just by searching “self storage” plus “Ashland OR” on Google which will help inform your decision making process but remember locking down your rented space with each step discussed above can ensure successful transactions everytime you pay rent moving forward!

Finding the Right Price Point for Your Self-Storage Unit in Ashland, Alabama

It can be difficult to find the right priced self-storage unit in Ashland, Alabama. With so many sizes and types of units available, you want to be sure that you get one that meets both your budget and your needs. The price you pay for a self-storage unit depends on several factors such as size, features, terms of use, and location. For instance, a large climate controlled facility with extra security features would cost more than a smaller no temperature control locker located in an industrial area away from downtown attractions. You should also factor in any additional costs such as insurance or administration fees if applicable.

Your best bet is to research what’s out there and compare prices between different storage facilities offering similar services. Make sure to consider not only the monthly rental rate but any other costs associated with using the unit like transportation and labor fees for moving items into or out of the unit. Keep an eye out when making moves too since some facilities will offer promotions or discounts throughout that time period which could save you some money.

As always it pays to shop around before making your final decision on which storage facility is right for you financially. This way you can make sure that everything fits into your budget comfortably without breaking the bank each month while still getting good quality service at a fair price point.

In general though it would typically cost anywhere from $35 – $140 per month depending on all these factors mentioned above when renting a self-storage unit in Ashland, Alabama

Keeping Personal Belongings Safe

Storing your personal items in a facility can be stressful. There are many risks involved, and it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure that your belongings remain safe for as long as possible. In Ashland AL, there are some tips you can follow in order to reduce the chance of something going wrong while storing your items:

The first tip is to make sure you use a reputable storage company. Do research online and check for ratings or reviews from other customers who have used the facility before. This will help give you an idea of how secure they are and what kind of service they offer. Additionally, use a facility with access control features such as surveillance cameras and security guards on duty so that access into the building is restricted.

Another thing you can do is get insurance for all of your stored items if available, as this will help cover any potential losses should something happen while they’re being stored away. For added protection, always ask about whether or not there are fireproof or waterproof containers provided by the storage company in case flooding or other natural disasters occur near the site where your belongings are located.

Finally, always padlock whatever containers your items end up being placed into so no one else can gain entrance without permission from you or have easy access when trying to steal them out of their hiding place within the facility itself. Additionally, try not to store any valuable belongings at all if possible – only keep non-valuables where security won’t be much of an issue so that it’s less likely that anything could go missing while they’re away from home.


List Self Storage Ashland Alabama is a great option for those in need of affordable and reliable storage. The company offers 24/7 access, secure electronic gate systems, competitive pricing, and friendly customer service. With large accessible units and an array of amenities available on the premises, you can be confident that whatever your needs may be from simple household items to business-centric inventory List Self Storage has what it takes to accommodate them. Easily accessible just off I-20 between Anniston and Oxford in Clay County gives customers a convenient central hub for storing their most important possessions safely and securely.

Whether you are relocating or need extra space for seasonal decorations or equipment, investment assets or other items; List Self Storage is sure to have the right solution for you. Go ahead explore their online rentals portal today its easy sign up process will help put your mind at ease!

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