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Introducing List Self Storage of Ashville Alabama! Our facility is located just minutes away from downtown Ashville and offers the highest-quality self-storage services to meet all your needs. Located in a secure and stress-free environment, our storage units are clean, secure, temperature controlled, fully insured and under 24/7 surveillance. Whether you’re downsizing or need extra space for household or business items; our selection of unit sizes provides you with the perfect solution for short term or long term storage solutions. With flexible payment options such as online payments and extended access hours; list Self Storage of Ashville Alabama has everything that you could want in a storage provider. We also provide free giveaways like moving supplies when needed− making it even easier to get organized with us! So come visit us today and relish in the convenience that only List Self Storage of Ashville Alabama can offer!Ashville, Alabama is a great place to find self-storage solutions that fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term storage options, the team at OxStore Storage in Ashville has a wide variety of units available. From mini storage units to full size warehouses, we have something for everyone! Our facility is climate controlled and offers easy access 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also provide onsite security personnel for added peace of mind. With competitive prices and all the features included with our storage solutions like drive up access units, pest control services and more – there’s no better place than OxStore in Ashville for all your self-storage needs!

Types of Storage Solutions Available in Ashville, Alabama

Ashville, Alabama offers a variety of storage solutions to meet the needs of its residents and businesses. Whether you need short-term or long-term options for storing excess belongings, there is something available for you. Options range from traditional self-storage units to climate-controlled or even mobile storage units. These are some popular choices that you may want to consider if your storage needs are located in Ashville:

Self-Storage Units: These are the most commonly used form of storage and can be found just about anywhere in Ashville. They provide individuals with both short-term and long-term solutions as well as being cost effective and convenient; perfect for those that need small amounts of space a few times each year or permanent housing for items that take up too much space in your home.

Climate Controlled Storage Units: Those who live in more extreme environments such as warmer climates may want to look into getting a climate controlled unit; this will offer protection from extreme temperatures as well as humidity levels which can damage delicate items over time. Alternatively, those looking for extra security measures may opt into needing units with motion detection cameras or keypad entry which will give tenants peace of mind within their stored possessions no matter where they reside at the time.

Vehicle Storage Units: Instead of paying costly rental fees on large trucks or trailers when moving from city to city often, families may find it more affordable opting into getting vehicle storage space instead; this can keep your family’s cars safe while still granting easy access links with close proximity 24/7 ground level entries throughout the whole facility provided by an experienced staff at all times! Furthermore these locations provide carnival coverage during any unforeseen situations like tornadoes Red Cross certified conditions monitoring systems with unload/load assistance upon request adding one more layer of security when entrusting someone else with such valuable possessions!

Truck Rental Services : If you have goods that need transporting closer than inner state borders but far away enough transportation by personal car is inconvenient then look no further! Lots around town specialize on light weight truck models renting out medium size trucks ideal not only for furniture moving but also very useful when hauling landscaping materials is needed since most utility vehicles require larger capacity payloads usually beyond what regular pick ups would be able to transport allowing customers to resort completely hassle free solution without spending too much on costly hiring services because do it yourself appears cheaper miles ahead !

Self Storage Units in Ashville, Alabama

Self storage units are becoming increasingly popular as a way to store items and the city of Ashville, Alabama is no exception. Located on the border of Tennessee, this small town is home to many locals that can benefit from having a convenient way to store their belongings. Self storage facilities in Ashville provide homeowners and businesses alike with an ideal solution for storing items that may be difficult to keep at home or office spaces. Here are some of the key benefits of using self storage units in Ashville:


The main advantage of a self-storage facility is convenience; customers can access their units whenever they need or want. This allows them to take items out when required and avoid the hassle of transporting them multiple times throughout the year. Customers can also choose from various sizes ranging from 5×5′ all the way up to 10×30′. This provides enough storage for anything from furniture, documents and extra clothes right through to vehicles and large collections.


Another major benefit comes in terms of security; with 24/7 surveillance by both CCTV cameras and staff onsite offering personalized service, customers know that their valuables will remain safe until they retrieve them once more. Customers have not only peace-of-mind knowing that their possessions are secure but also control over who has access—the customer’s own lock and key keeps everything safe.


Finally, a self-storage unit is incredibly affordable with most tenants being able to find one within their budget depending on size requirements. Many landlords offer discounts as well – either as part of promotions or for long term use – giving people even greater savings during tough economic times.


When it comes to choosing a self storage facility in Ashville, Alabama, one of the most important factors to consider is location. Making sure that the facility is conveniently located close to your home or other places that you frequent can make all the difference because it will give you easy access any time you need something from storage. You should also ensure that there are no security concerns in the area so that your belongings remain safe and secure when they’re stored at the facility.


Keeping property safe and secure should be one of your top priorities when selecting a self storage facility. Make sure the premises are well maintained with strong security features such as CCTV monitoring and 24/7 on-site staff presence. Additionally, ask if they have measures in place to protect against theft or damage caused by extreme weather conditions.


The price of a self storage unit will depend on its size, capacity, location and added features such as climate control capabilities or premium services (i.e., fitness centers). Before committing to a particular option, compare prices among different facilities in Ashville as some may offer discounted rates depending on length of stay or promotional offers. Also look for specials with no down payment plans or free months.

Facilities & Services

Apart from providing storage units, some self-storage facilities offer additional features like truck rental services for hauling items into their location and insurance coverage plans for storing valuable goods safely away from potential weather disasters or theft incidents. Consider what kind of amenities would best fit your needs before selecting a provider.

Security Features Offered by Self Storage Facilities in Ashville, Alabama

Self-storage facilities in Ashville, Alabama offer a variety of security features to protect their customers’ belongings. These features include gated access, cameras, lighting systems and more. Gated access helps to restrict access and verify who is entering the facility at any given time. The security cameras provide video surveillance which not only records activity but also serves as an extra deterrent to potential burglars. Lighting systems help keep the area well lit and monitored after dark when people may be less likely to be around or able to see unwelcome activities taking place. Locks provided by the self-storage facilities also add another layer of security which further restricts unauthorized access. All of these features can provide an additional sense of protection that is very important for those using a self storage facility.

The staff at self storage units in Ashville are highly trained and take pride in providing their customers with a secure storage experience. They have taken measures such as hiring onsite employees as well as adding state-of-the art alarm systems that can detect motion sensors throughout the entire facility should anyone attempt a break in or tamper with items stored on site. Plus they offer customized solutions so customers who prefer even tighter security measures can rest assured that their property will remain safe while it is being stored there.

Finally, many self storage facilities offer insurance plans that help cover any damages or losses incurred while your items are safely tucked away inside their facility walls – another added measure of protection for your possessions while you’re away from home for extended periods of time anywhere else within the United States or worldwide!


Preparing to use a self storage unit in Ashville, Alabama can be an exciting experience. Before packing up your belongings and hauling them to the storage facility, there are several important things you should do to ensure a smooth move-in process. First, make sure you have all the necessary supplies such as boxes, tape, markers and plastic wrap for packing and storing your items. You’ll also want to find out what packing tips the staff at the facility has so that you can better protect your belongings during transport and while in storage. Additionally, make sure you are aware of size restrictions on any items that need to go into a self storage unit.


Prior to moving into a self storage unit in Ashville, Alabama it is important that all required paperwork is finished including filing out rental agreement forms and providing valid identification for verification purposes. Make sure you understand all of the terms outlined by the contract before signing off on it so there are not any surprises later on down the road when it comes time for payment or other fees associated with rental agreements.


Proper organizing in a self storage unit can save time when accessing items within it later on down the line. Utilize space saving tactics such as stacking smaller boxes together atop larger ones inside units instead of spacing items out throughout every spare inch possible.[1] Make use shelves where applicable if provided within units since this will provide easier access when searching through boxes for items stored inside them.[2] When labeling every item also include which box they belong in along with other specific details about individual pieces like which side or top should face forward.

Packing & Loading</h2Start at one end of rooms with bulky furniture pieces first getting these loaded onto transport vehicles before placing smaller containers inside them afterwards,[3] It is recommended that heavier objects get placed towards bottom sides with lighter objects being stacked atop these afterwards.[4] Placing tarp around furniture prior to wrapping everything will prevent potential damage from occurring during transportation,[5], making sure everything stays dry regardless of weather conditions during travels.[6] Also remember when loading vehicle don’t stack anything upward over seven feet high.

Common Items Not Allowed to Store at Facilities Located in Ashville, AL

It is important for customers to know what items are not allowed to be stored at facilities located in Ashville, AL. Generally speaking, the most common prohibited items include explosives, flammable liquids and combustible materials such as paints and oils; perishables such as food or anything that attracts unwanted pests like roaches or rats; weapons and firearms; hazardous substances including explosives, paint thinner, asbestos, scrubbed tires or batteries; unstable furniture that can pose a tipping hazard if moved without proper caution; and prescription medicines. In order to maintain a safe storage environment for all of our customers any of these items found on the premises will result in an immediate eviction from the facility.

All prohibited materials must be disposed by their owner prior to moving into any facility located in Ashville. For safety reasons it is also highly recommended that combustible items should not even be brought onto the premises since they create an additional fire risk for both our staff and other customers. Any illegal items discovered by our security team will also result in an immediate eviction with no refunds given. By following these guidelines we are committed to maintaining a safe storage environment for all who conduct business with us.

Cost of Monthly Rental Rates Near Ashville, Alabama

Ashville, Alabama is a popular destination for tourists and business travelers alike. Located just outside of Birmingham, Ashville offers plenty of outdoor activities and nearby attractions that draw visitors year-round. If you are planning to visit the area for an extended stay or to host a corporate event there are many options when it comes to finding rental accommodations. The average cost of monthly rentals in the area range from budget-friendly studios to luxury hotel suites and multi-bedrooms homes.

The most affordable option when it comes to staying in the Ashville area are studio apartments rented by local landlords. Prices tend to range from $400 -$800 per month depending on amenities offered such as in-house laundry facilities or parking space availability. Hostels with dormitory style rooms can be found for around $25-$35 per night depending on occupancy size, quality of bedding, location within city limits and kitchen access privileges.

For more luxurious living styles there are several higher end hotels located near downtown areas with rates starting at around $1,000 per month up to $3,000+. Money Rentals features full service vacation rentals from condos studios apts locates close proximity many popular tourist sites throughout City Town Area prices starting few hundred dollars thirty day rental packages.

No matter what kind of accommodations you may require while visiting Ashville you will find something that fits your budget in this popular destination city in Alabama’s Talladega County!


List Self Storage in Ashville Alabama offers a wide variety of services and amenities to meet all self-storage needs. Their commitment to providing excellent customer service, top-of the line security, and simple access make it a great option for those looking for a storage solution. The value they offer with competitive prices makes them one of the best choices in the area for affordability. With clean units and an easily accessible location, List Self Storage is an efficient and helpful choice for anyone who wants their belongings to be secure.

The overall experience at Listself Storage is such that customers can feel rest assured that their items are being stored securely while giving them peace of mind that their favorite personal items are safe from theft or damage. In conclusion, there is no doubt why so many people have chosen Listself Storage as their go-to partner when it comes to storing valuable items in Ashville Alabama at reasonable prices.

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