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Welcome to List Self Storage Auburn, Alabama! We are a self storage facility with a range of secure and convenient options for all your items. Our state-of-the-art facility offers modern amenities and advanced security measures to ensure your peace of mind when storing with us. Whether you’re moving or needing extra space in your home or office, we have the perfect storage solution for you. With climate controlled units, unit alarms, an onsite manager, and 24 hour access, our facility is sure to meet all your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our unbeatable prices and specials!Understanding self storage in Auburn Alabama is simple. Self storage facilities in the area offer safe, secure spaces for people to store their belongings while they are away from home or on vacation. These services typically require a rental fee and may include features such as temperature control, 24-hour access, and video surveillance of the facility. Many people use self storage for long-term needs such as household warehousing or business records, or short-term needs like college students needing extra space during the summer months when not living at school. The majority of self storage facilities in Auburn Alabama will provide customers with free estimates so you can easily compare prices and get the right unit size that fits your needs best.

The Benefits of Utilizing a Self Storage Unit in Auburn Alabama

More and more people are turning to self storage units as a way to store items that don’t normally fit in their home. Whether you live in Auburn, Alabama or any other location, there are numerous advantages of renting a self storage unit like enhanced safety for your belongings and extra space for your stuff. Here we will discuss some of the most notable benefits associated with using a self storage facility in Auburn and how it can make your life easier.

One great benefit of using a self-storage unit is the accessibility it provides. With many facilities available throughout City limits, those living near or even far away from home have convenient access to their items. Not only does this open up time by eliminating extensive travel times when transporting goods but also gives customers one less thing they need to worry about during moving day.

A good quality storage facility should offer excellent security measures such as gated entry points, video surveillance, secure locks on individual units and even climate controlled rooms if needed. All these features ensure that customers valuables remain safe from break-ins or damage due to environmental changes including temperature fluctuations which helps maintain the condition of things stored inside.

Another advantage is the reasonable pricing associated with renting storage spaces. Depending on what type of design you require (i.e size) prices range anywhere from 25 – 85 dollars per month allowing anyone who needs space within reach no matter their budget constraints.

Additionally, many facilities operating locations also provide helpful customer service along with extended hours making it easier for people to check in at their convenience without having strict deadlines imposed upon them when they rent out units.

In conclusion, utilizing a self-storage unit has multiple advantages ranging from increased security & convenience all while providing an economical solution perfect for those seeking temporary or long term solutions outside standard property limitations – specifically pertinent for individuals living within Areas residence guidelines ie; mandatory lease terminations without advanced notice etc.. Hopefully this article has shed some light onto why so many choose storing arrangements as part of everyday life considering its abundance value specifically applicable here in Auburn Alabama!

Climate Controlled Self-Storage Facilities

Auburn, Alabama is a great place to live and work. With plenty of jobs and attractions located nearby, it’s easy to find storage solutions for both personal and business use. For those in need of long-term storage solution with added climate control, self-storage facilities are the best option. Climate controlled self-storage provides a safe environment for any items that could be affected by extreme heat or cold temperatures. Items such as antiques, electronics or artwork that must remain at room temperature can be safely stored in this type of facility. Most climate controlled facilities have safety features such as fire alarms, smoke detection systems and surveillance cameras to provide extra Protection.

Drive Up Access Self Storage

For businesses and individuals who may frequently need access to their stored content close proximity drive up access options can make things much easier. Business owners don’t want their customers waiting around while they enter their building only to march back down the stairs with boxes filled with retail inventory – let them pull up right outside your door for faster loading unloading times! Drive-up access also offers excellent protection against would be intruders by providing an additional layer of physical security.

Boat & RV Storage Options

The warmer climates make Auburn Alabama the perfect location for high quality boat and RV self storage solutions .They are places where you can not only store but winterize your vehicles during long periods when they aren’t being used , allowing them stay protected year round . Many boat storage facilities also include covered parking which prevents UV rays from drying out leather seats or cracking dashboard plastic . If you’re looking for a clean , secure , convenient way to store your boat or RV look into Auburn ‘s specialized storage centers .


When looking for a self storage facility in Auburn Alabama, one of the most important factors to consider is location. It should be close to where you live or work, and easy to access on your driving route. Make sure it has convenient hours so that you can access your space when needed. You’ll also want to make sure that the location is well-lit and secure, so you can keep your possessions safe and sound.


The security of a self storage facility should not be overlooked. Look for features such as 24 hour surveillance cameras, secure electronic locks, and an onsite manager who is available to provide assistance if needed. Additionally, make sure that all units are equipped with individual alarm systems in case anyone attempts unauthorized access.


Price is another factor that must not be neglected when choosing a self storage facility in Auburn Alabama. Compare rates among different facilities to ensure you are getting the best deal possible as each company may vary in pricing depending upon its size or services provided. Be sure to ask about any discounts or promotions available for long-term leases as well.


Another factor to consider when choosing a self storage unit in Auburn Alabama is size. Different companies have varying sized units available so make sure the one you choose meets all of your needs without going over budget or having too much extra space inside the unit itself which could lead up additional cost.

Tips to Find the Right Size Unit

Finding the right size unit for your needs can be difficult. Whether you’re moving into a new residence or office space, selecting the appropriate sized unit is critical if you want to make sure all of your family’s or business’ items fit safely and securely. Below are some helpful tips to help you choose the right size unit in Auburn, Alabama.

The first step is to make an inventory list of what needs to go into storage. This includes large furniture items such as couches and tables, shapes like desks and chairs, and smaller personal items like keepsakes or clothing. Knowing exactly what will need storage is essential when choosing a rental facility with a variety of sizes available. You may find that some facilities offer large walk-in units as well as regular sized units–if this is the case, consider utilizing both if needed so that everything fits effectively.

Next consider how many people will be accessing the unit regularly and whether or not there will be special equipment stored inside (such as computers). If there are multiple individuals who need access rights then it may be wise to opt for one of bigger units in order ensure ease of entry for all members involved. Additionally, ensuring climate control is important if expensive electronics must remain damage free throughout their stay at your rental facility selection (for example, inside temperature stays between 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit).

Finally, take into account any other unique aspects regarding storing items at an Auburn directive facilities such as frequent visits from pest control services or 24/7 security surveillance cameras placed around the outer perimeter of each property site; such added amenities provide extra protection against possible theft activities onsite which can cause further issues down the line should they occur. The intricacies associated with getting proper storage can take time–be sure to research necessary information prior making final decisions about where best place belongings during relocation process itself!

Insuring Your Belongings While Stored in a Facility in Auburn Alabama

When storing your belongings in a facility, it is important to consider protection for those items. Insurance can provide financial security for unexpected events such as fire or theft that could cause damage or destruction of the property being stored. It is strongly recommended to insure your property while it is being stored in a facility in Auburn, Alabama.

Insurance can help cover the cost of replacing valuable goods and personal items should they become damaged or destroyed due to an unforeseen event. Many storage facilities offer tenant insurance options that are tailored specifically to their needs, but you may also be able to purchase insurance through another provider. When considering an insurance policy, make sure it covers all of the items you will be storing, and check with the storage facility to see if there are any restrictions on what type of coverage is allowed on their premises.

It is also important to read and understand the terms of any policy you are considering before signing up for coverage. Some policies may not cover certain types of damages and losses so make sure that you understand exactly what type of coverage you are buying before making a decision.

Insuring your belongings while they are being stored can provide financial security in case something unexpected happens during the time they are at the facility. Be sure to investigate all available options when deciding on an appropriate plan so that you get adequate protection from any potential damages or losses associated with storing your valuable assets at a facility in Auburn, Alabama.

Payment Options At Self Storage Facilities In Auburn Alabama

Self storage facilities in Auburn, Alabama offer storage and moving solutions to meet the needs of customers. When it comes to making payments for these services, most self storage facilities in Auburn accept a variety of payment methods. The most popular payment options include credit cards, debit cards, checks, bank transfers or cash payments.

Credit card payments are quick and convenient and may be accepted at many self-storage units. Debit cards provide another way to pay for your move or store items; however some places may charge an extra fee for using this method of payment. Checks are accepted at some locations but they must be drawn on a local bank account for the transaction to go through smoothly. Bank transfers offer a secure way of transferring funds that can be tracked easily by both parties involved in the transaction. Finally, cash is still one of the easiest ways to pay when renting space from self-storage facilities in Auburn.

It is important to check with each facility you are considering as payment policies can vary depending on location and other factors associated with particular units or services offered by that facility. As long as you know what type of payment methods will be accepted ahead of time, you can plan accordingly when arranging your move into self-storage in Auburn Alabama.

Rules and Regulations for Storing Goods in an Auburn, Alabama Facility

When storing goods at a facility in Auburn, Alabama, there are certain rules and regulations that must be followed. All goods must have the proper documentation showing their size and weight before they can be stored. Goods should also clearly indicate an expiration date to ensure that they remain within the recommended guidelines of storage conditions. All items stored need to meet all applicable laws related to safety standards such as lids or locks on containers to prevent spills or leakage. Additionally, if combustible materials are being stored, proper flammable liquid storage procedures need to be followed such as avoiding venting gases which could cause accidents or fires. To avoid contamination between products and other objects, cleaning materials used should be approved specifically for use with the product being stored.

It is also essential that proper ventilation is provided within the facility in order to minimize humidity buildup which may lead to mildew growth on any stored items. It is important that temperature variations remain consistent throughout all areas of the facility as this can cause damage or deterioration of some products if left unmonitored. Lastly, regular inspections by trained personnel will help ensure compliance with any laws and regulations set forth by the local government when it comes to goods storage in Auburn facilities.

Following these rules and regulations allows us both peace of mind while ensuring each item remains safe during its stay in our facility in Auburn City limits – protecting both customer property and our own reputation!


When it comes to self storage in Auburn, Alabama, List Self Storage is the ideal choice. They offer safe and secure storage solutions for all types of needs. Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, List Self Storage has a solution for you that will fit your budget and securely store personal belongings. The facility offers climate-controlled storage units and an array of convenient amenities like no other in the area. With 24/7 access and flexible hours making quick visits to your unit easy to manage, there’s no better place to call home for your items than List Self Storage Auburn Alabama.

From their top level security features including cameras and alarmed doors, customizable renting options including online bill pay services as well as month to month lease agreements; most important of all great customer service should make any new tenant feel at ease when choosing this facility. When looking for comprehensive self-storage solutions at reasonable prices in Auburn Alabama; look no further than List Self Storage – they are here are ready to meet all of your needs!

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