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Welcome to List Self Storage Bessemer Alabama, your ultimate storage solution! Our facility is a one-stop shop for all of your storage needs – whether you seeking long-term or short-term options. At List Self Storage Bessemer Alabama, we provide clean and secure self storage units that offer flexible solutions for both residential and commercial customers. From standard climate-controlled units to drive up storage spaces, each unit features state of the art security alarms linked directly to our 24 hour surveillance system. Our team provides reliable service that exceeds expectations; from mail delivery acceptance to moving services and packing supplies assistance. Whether you’re searching for a space for extra business inventory or just need some extra room in your life, List Self Storage has the perfect option for you!There are several reasons to choose self storage in Bessemer Alabama:
• Convenience: With self storage, you can easily access the stored items whenever needed without having to travel too far.
• Security: Self storage facilities have advanced safety measures in place such as security cameras, motion detectors, and gated entryways which help keep your belongings safe.
• Affordability: Self-storage units are typically more affordable than traditional storage options because of their flexibility and variety of unit sizes available.
• Flexibility: You can rent a self-storage unit on a short-term or long-term basis depending on your needs. Additionally, you can often customize the layout of your unit for specific items or goods that you need to store.
• Climate Control: Many self-storage facilities offer heated and cooled units which give extra protection against temperature changes throughout the year ensuring that delicate items will remain safely stored even in extreme temperatures or conditions.

The Benefits of Storing Your Goods at a Self Storage Facility in Bessemer Alabama

Storing your goods can be difficult, especially when space is limited. Fortunately, there are self storage facilities available for those who require extra storage options at an affordable price. A self-storage facility located in Bessemer, Alabama provides a secure and convenient solution for those needing to store their belongings without having to worry about losing them. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of storing your goods in a self-storage facility near Bessemer.

One of the most important factors when selecting a storage site is security. Self-storage units located in Bessemer are outfitted with state-of-the-art security systems that include cameras, motion detectors and alarm systems so customers can feel comfortable knowing their possessions will always be safe while stored away at the facility or onsite manager’s watchful eye.

Another benefit of using a self storage facility in Bessemer is convenience. Some facilities offer access up to 24 hours per day so customers have flexibility when it comes time to move out their items or just come by and check on them periodically throughout the month. Customers can also receive discounted fees based on contract lengths which could save some money over time as well as get free boxes or units for short term use depending on location.

In addition, if someone needs climate control for certain items such as electronics or temperature sensitive materials like fabrics, they can find these types of services available with select locations within the area too during regular business hours only though and usually come at an additional cost.

For individuals or businesses searching for extra space without breaking budget constraints being provided by traditional rental options then finding quality protected spaces from local self storage near city center may not hurtado have been necessary like before even more so now with availability coming from such places where customer satisfaction remains top priority always still.

Lastly, many sites provide discounts upon lengthy stays allowing users into purchase longer plans that give perks such like one free month after rent payments reach beyond certain periods making use even more beneficial regarding costs intake versus satisfying various residential and commercial needs due its helpful characteristics entirely..

Self Storage Units in Bessemer Alabama

Bessemer, AL offers a large selection of self storage units. Whether you are looking for short term or long term storage, there is an option suited to your needs. With a wide range of sizes and amenities available, you can find the perfect combination of space and features for your belongings. Security features such as gated access, climate-controlled units, 24-hour surveillance, and more ensure that items stored here remain safe and secure. With convenient locations throughout the city and surrounding areas as well as competitive prices, self storage in Bessemer becomes an easy choice for those needing extra space.

Customers can also find many additional options offered by some facilities to make their experience even better. Some locations offer containerized storage so that heavy or bulky items can be safely stored without taking up too much room in the unit itself. Vehicle parking spaces are available at certain facilities for those who need somewhere to park their car or boat while away from home on vacation or business trips. Drive-up access is also available at select locations which makes loading/unloading quick and easy.

Insurance coverage is always recommended when storing items away from home; but thankfully this is usually offered by rental agreements with most self storage units in Bessemer Alabama. Customers will need to confirm any insurance coverage offered with each individual facility before renting a unit but general liability protection does tend to be included in most rental plans giving added peace of mind while belongings are being stored away.

Plan Ahead

When looking for a self storage unit in Bessemer, Alabama, it is important to plan ahead. This means considering what type of items you will need to store, the size of the space you need and other features such as climate control or security measures you may require. Having this information before shopping for a unit will help ensure that your search is more efficient and time effective.

Determine Budget

The second step in finding a self storage unit in Bessemer, Alabama is to determine your budget. Storage facilities come in all shapes and sizes so it is important to be aware of the various prices they offer and make sure that what you choose fits within your budget parameters.

Consider Unit Features

Another tip when searching for a self storage unit is to consider what features are available at different facilities. Consider whether the facility offers climate control or security features such as surveillance cameras or 24/7 access. These factors should be taken into consideration when making your decision.

Read Reviews

Finally, it can also help to read reviews of different self storage units to get an idea of how other customers have experienced them first hand. Reading customer reviews can provide helpful information about customer service levels, pricing options and any additional amenities offered by the facility.

Keeping Belongings Secure During and After Renting a Self Storage Unit

Renting a self storage unit is convenient for those who need extra space for their belongings. However, it is important to make sure that your items are kept secure during and after you have rented the unit. Here are some tips on how to keep your belongings secure when renting a self storage unit:

1. Ensure there is good facility security. When inspecting a potential self-storage, look out for features such as colour CCTV cameras covering exterior and common areas, motion sensor lighting outside the facility, multiple barriers at vehicular entrance points including gates with coded access or keypad entry systems and 24/7 staff presence. Check if the personal door locks supplied by the provider are reliable ones .

2.Securely store valuables together in boxes with strong tape around them rather than spread out around the room. This will limit visibility into what’s inside making it harder to identify valuable items from casual observers outside of the room looking in through windows). It also limits access should someone try breaking into the room – having everything stored up high or tucked away makes entering more difficult without tools or standing on tall ladders which can often be unstable in cramped spaces like these!

3.Know where important documents are stored so that they can easily be accessed during emergencies or if they will needed for legal matters later down line (e,g; birth certificates , passports etc.).Make sure all electronic equipment such as computers and wireless routers is unplugged when not in use to prevent any unwanted power surges damaging them .

After Renting A Self Storage Unit

When you no longer need your items keep them secured until you collect them again:

1. Label all boxes clearly so that when collecting you know exactly which box contains what item/s before taking back home (no one wants an unexpected surprise upon opening!). 
2. Finally check each box has been properly sealed with no visible gaps remaining – preventive measures like this helps ensure contents inside stay dry & safe; especially if travelling back home could take hours under bad weather conditions!        
3 . If possible bring your own locks so that only you know what combination to open it – ideally choose high-quality brands known for reliability such as Abloy Protec range from Yale Security products [link] which come highly recommended due its disk cylinder design making picking much harder compared other traditional pin style models most commonly found on mainstream lockers available today

Different Sizes and Types of Affordable Self Storage Bins Available In Bessemer, AL

Self storage bins offer convenience and flexibility for people looking to store their items safely. They come in a variety of sizes and types to meet a wide range of needs. If you’re looking for affordable self storage bins in Bessemer, AL, there are plenty to choose from.

The smaller storage bins typically feature light-weight plastic construction that makes them ideal for holding small items like books or clothing. They can easily fit into tight spaces such as closets or under beds. Mid-sized storage containers such as those made by Rubbermaid or Sterilite may also be suitable when additional space is necessary but not too large. These containers usually have lids that lock shut with clips for extra protection against dust, humidity, and pests.

The larger units feature more durable construction such as metal walls or steel frames that make them ideal for storing heavier items like furniture or electronics equipment. Some models also have removable shelves so that multiple configurations can be achieved depending on what needs to be stored inside the bin. It’s important to measure the area where the bin will go before purchasing one because it’s important to ensure it will properly fit inside the allotted space without any risk of damage due tot he weight it has been designed too carry securely.

Finally, if you require a bigger sized container than what is available locally at most stores, there are specialty companies who offer custom sized containers made from lightweight yet sturdy materials suitable in different climatic conditions such general weather changes including temperature fluctuations which occur across Alabama during different parts of each year along with inclement weather each season may bring about too prevent rusting o other issues related nature seeking an over simplistic way out without having experienced any damages whatsoever within its design structure even after extended use period courses respectively speaking foremost making its investment truly valuable overall speaking gesturally too masterpiece mannerism pretty much handsomely artificially intelligently decoding corrupted ancestral pronunciation deliberately delivered assessed upon conclusively combined common customer concern replies satisfactorily serving fully authentic characteristic requirements times two uhuru spontaneous encounters sincerity sustaining indefinitely ambition extinct forms possess specialist fields sagaciously exercised free mobility restrictions uprooting transparency stride advances abridged success expeditious eventualities discussed accurately proposing dedicated services persuading thought leader understandings global trends enhancing better ahead aback plans accredited centric correspondence counterparts novelties creations simple elegant genuinely unique intuitive specifications visualizing spectacular dreams metamorphosis project approvals awarded beneficial investments spare embraced core issues addressed satisfying analytic appraisals conducted Pt 1.

Security Monitoring System

When inspecting a self-storage facility in Bessemer AL, it is important to make sure that it has a state-of-the-art security monitoring system installed. This should include motion sensing cameras, intelligent entry systems and 24/7 digital surveillance. These measures can help deter criminal activity by providing immediate visibility into any suspicious or unsafe behavior. Moreover, the security monitoring system should be integrated with an alarm system which can alert the authorities in case of an emergency or intrusion attempt. Additionally, some facilities may also have panic buttons that can activate if someone feels threatened or needs immediate assistance.

Gated Perimeter

The facility should also include a gated perimeter that is designed to keep out potential intruders from accessing the property. The gates should be strong enough to withstand break ins and vandalism attempts while being able to act as a deterrent for theft and crime. It is important for these gates to be maintained properly so that they stay in good repair throughout their lifespan.

Good Lighting

Another key aspect of proper self storage security are good lighting systems both within and outside the units themselves. The lights need to be both functional and energy efficient so thieves cannot use them as an entryway into your unit while still providing sufficient illumination of potentially dark areas on the premises like parking lots, alleyways etc.

Adequate Security Personnel

Most importantly, there must be adequate security personnel present at all times who are suitably trained for conducting patrols around the storage area along with handling customer service related queries as well as reporting any suspicious activity happening around them. Having uniformed guards at any secure space helps create a sense of authority which not only deters criminal activities but also gives customers peace of mind when leaving their belongings behind.


If you are preparing to store items in a secure warehouse or self-storage unit in Bessemer, it is important to ensure that the items are packed safely and securely. It is recommended that you use sturdy containers such as boxes, bins, or plastic tubs rather than bags. The boxes should be properly sealed with quality packing tape and labeled with what type of items they contain for easy access and identification later on. Additionally, wrap fragile objects individually using bubble wrap or other cushioned materials before placing them inside the box. Place heavier objects at the bottom of the box and lighter ones on top for better balance and protection against damage during transport. When necessary, utilize specialized storage supplies such as hanging organizers for clothing items.


Before storing your items at a facility in Bessemer, inspect the area thoroughly for any signs of pests or disrepair to avoid any potential issues later on. If possible, try to place specific categories of belongings together in one location so that retrieval can be done easily when needed. Items can also be stacked from bottom up according to size but make sure there is sufficient space between each item so that air circulation can occur properly throughout each level to prevent mould build-up over time. Optimal temperature levels should also be maintained within the storage unit itself by ensuring proper ventilation throughout your entire stay.

Finally, if needed take regular safety checks around your stored property alongside utilising proper security measures like CCTV surveillance systems installed within your rented facility area- this will help you protect not only yourself but also all the belongings entrusted under your care against unexpected incidents


List Self Storage in Bessemer Alabama is the perfect option for individuals looking for storage solutions. Their experienced and skilled staff are dedicated to providing quality customer service and always work to meet the needs of their clients beyond expectations. The facility is modern, secure, climate controlled and provides facilities like heated garages, keypad entry doors, on-site shredding services, complimentary moving supplies along with online rental payment options making it extremely convenient for customers. Not only do they strive to provide superior services but also keep their prices very affordable. List Self Storage provides a convenient one-stop solution for all individual’s storage needs making it the top choice in Bessemer Alabama.

Overall List Self Storage offers the best experience when comparing self storage facilities in Bessemer Alabama. From their impressive customer service and well maintained facility to competitive pricing options they truly define excellence amongst the competition. Making List Self Storage your one stop solution you can ensure that all of your self storage needs will be taken care of with great convenience!

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