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Welcome to List Self Storage Boaz Alabama! A premier self storage facility that offers you the convenience of access 7 days a week. Whether you’re moving homes, renovating or just need extra storage space for equipment, we have something for everyone. Our wide variety of unit sizes includes drive up and heated units located at our climate-controlled facility conveniently located in Boaz. Our friendly staff can help you select the right sized unit and provide secure 24/7 access. We also offer online rentals, easy payment options and senior discounts—so come on down and see why we are the top choice for your self storage needs.Self storage in Boaz, Alabama is easy to find with several options available. Putnam Storage is the leading self storage provider in Boaz and offers a variety of unit sizes to accommodate everyone from individuals looking for single units; all the way up to businesses requiring multiple large sized units to hold excess inventory. All units are climate controlled meaning no matter the time of year, customers’ belongings will be kept safe and secure within a temperature controlled environment. Secure gate access provides customers extra security as well as online account management that allows them to access their accounts 24/7 even when not on-site. Putnam Storage also offers U-Haul truck rentals with convenient pick up and drop off services so moving can be done all from one location for maximum convenience.

Benefits of Choosing Self Storage in Boaz, Alabama

If you’re looking for secure and convenient storage solutions in Boaz, Alabama, then self storage is a great option to consider. It provides a number of advantages that allow you make the most out of your space. Here are some benefits to choosing self storage in Boaz, Alabama:

The first benefit is convenience. One major advantage to choosing self-storage units is that it eliminates the need for long term rental contracts. You can rent on an as-needed basis and end your contract at any time without penalty or extra fees. This allows you to adjust your needs easily depending on changes in your lifestyle or living situation.

Another great advantage to renting self storage units in Boaz, Alabama is the heightened level of security provided by the facility. Many facilities employ state-of-the-art surveillance systems with motion sensors and 24/7 monitoring staff so that your belongings are always safe while being stored away from home.

Finally, another key perk of renting self storage units is access control options give you complete control over who has access to items stored within the unit itself. Most facilities offer door locks and individual codes or cards which specifically regulate access only by approved individuals that you select.

These are just some of the many benefits of choosing self Storage Units when moving or simply needing more space – convenience, security and controlling who has access makes renting a great choice if looking for short term traditional rental arrangements doesn’t work for you!

Varieties of Units Offered by Self Storage Facilities in Boaz, Alabama

When it comes to self storage options, the facilities in Boaz, Alabama provide a variety of units to accommodate any need. From small lockers and closets in sizes ranging from 5×5 feet up to 10×10 feet; all the way up to large traditional units that can range upwards of 25×25 and even larger depending on the facility itself. Customers are also able to rent outdoor parking spots for vehicles such as boats or cars. In addition, many facilities also offer climate controlled units which are ideal for storing items sensitive to temperature fluctuations such as antique furniture or books.

These various sized spaces come with a host of features and benefits including customizable shelving and a choice between inside or outside access if needed. Further security measures may include keypad locks for greater assurance against intrusion while nighttime lighting is usually included around each unit for added protection.

The team at each self storage facility will help guide customers through whatever space they may require taking into consideration both budget as well as their specific needs so that they find exactly what they’re looking for within their budget constraint. Visit local storage solutions for more information about available amenities!


When it comes to selecting a self-storage facility in Boaz, Alabama, location is one of the most important factors. It’s important to find a place that’s close enough to your home or workplace that you can easily access it when needed. Ideally, you should look for something located within 5-10 miles of your residence so that you don’t waste gas traveling back and forth. Moreover, the storage facility should be well situated with good roads around so that accessibility is not an issue.


The security system at a storage facilty in Boaz, Alabama is also an important aspect to consider before signing up for one. You want to ensure all items are stored safely and securely while on the property and this includes features like 24/7 surveillance cameras along with gated entrances and exits as well as monitored alarms systems. In addition, inquire about any additional measures put in place such as individual locker locks or motion sensors around the premises.

Units Availability

It’s essential to check for unit availability before deciding on which self-storage facility in Boaz, AL you would like sign up for. You want to make sure there’s an adequate number of units readily available according to your needs and requirements since overcrowding may lead access problems down the line when these items need retrieval again from their respective units.

(Unit) Size & Pricing Optionality

The next step after measuring item quantity would be decide on what size unit best fits those items–and associated pricing plan optionality too–so it’s essential that any potential storage facility offer both variety towards those two key aspects prior making decision pursuant renting out space there.


(Facility Management) Customer Assistance

Lastly but perhaps equally as importantly: does this particular self-storage facility possess enough customer assistance? Having good customer support (such certified management professionals on standby – if need arises – also opens door towards utilizing additional services they maybe offering too – so ask ahead!).

Security Measures of the Best Self Storage Facilities in Boaz, Alabama

Self storage facilities in Boaz, Alabama offer multiple security measures to ensure that your belongings remain safe and secure. Many of these facilities feature top-of-the-line security systems which include alarms, motion detectors, keypads, and even closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance cameras placed strategically around the facility. Access to units is strictly monitored by staff members or guards who regularly patrol the grounds. Most facilities also require customers to produce a valid form of photo identification when entering the property which allows for greater control over who has access to the premises and helps deter potential thieves and burglars.

The self storage industry across Alabama also abides by strict compliance measures designed with customer safety as a priority. These practices include rigorous tenant screening processes for those renting a unit including background checks on large items being stored such as boats or vehicles. All personal information submitted during the application process is handled confidentially and withheld from public view unless it’s necessary for legal proceedings or managerial decisions.

In addition, fire safety standards have been implemented across all self storage facilities in Boaz as well as throughout Alabama. This ensures that all properties meet particular rules regarding proper maintenance of smoke alarms, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers and other precautionary equipment needed to prevent fires from starting or spreading quickly within an enclosed area.

Finally all sites are properly lit twenty four hours a day using both exterior flood lights situated outside each building along with interior lighting settings suited for taking readings at any given time without straining one’s eyesight after darkness falls upon the region.. Each site also has fencing embedded in place around its perimeter making sure trespassers are aware before they make their decision about entering unauthorized areas too far away from main points of entry gates.

Overall these multiple layers of safeguards help protect everyone’s possessions whenever using services offered by either short term lease holders recently signed leases downtown solution purchasers dealing inside business district rooms hidden away north side storehouses leasing out long term lodging several miles east nearby riverside dwellings found close city limits western facing storages located adjacent neighboring highway lane town hall districts etc relied upon throughout greater parts whatever thereto pharmacy shopping locations lies concerns needs accessing keeping items whichever discovered purpose taken despite need doing worried already occurrences often experienced best response ensuring valued important details never overlooked postulated conditions.</p

What are the cost considerations of renting a self-storage unit in Boaz, Alabama?

The cost of renting a self-storage unit in Boaz, Alabama can vary depending on the size and amenities available at each facility. Prices typically range from $40 to over $200 per month, and discounts may be available for longer rental agreements. Before signing an agreement with a specific facility, it is important to consider any additional fees that may apply such as insurance or late fees. Certain facilities also offer deals and promotions that can make renting a storage unit more affordable.

Do I need insurance for my rental storage unit?

Self-storage facilities generally do not provide insurance coverage that would protect one’s belongings stored inside their units, so it is highly recommended for renters to purchase a separate policy in order to safeguard their property. If an uninsured customer’s belongings become damaged or destroyed while being stored in a self-storage unit, they will have no means of compensation from their provider.

Are there any restrictions on what I can store?

Most facilities allow customers access to their units during certain hours only and require customers to store only legal items inside them. Additionally, some items such as hazardous chemicals or explosives are strictly prohibited from being stored within the premises of most self-storage centers due to safety concerns. Customers should check with individual providers about any additional restrictions before signing an agreement with them.

1. Sort Your Items Before Packing Them

The most important thing you can do when moving to a self-storage facility in Boaz, Alabama is sorting your items before packing them. By doing so, you create space and put like items together for easy access when needed later on. You should also take into account the size of your unit, as well as any potential obstructions such as walls or corners that could inhibit the flow of air or block easy pathways between stacked items. This will save you time later on while organizing your possessions inside the unit.

2. Use Containers That Are Sized Appropriately

Go for containers of sizes that maximize every square foot within your storage unit in Boaz, Alabama . It’s advisable to use smaller and larger units depending detweening what typeof item you will be storing in it. Heavy duty totes are ideal for seasonal wardrobes or outdoor furniture sets for example, whereas lighter weight plastic bins are great for documents and photographs.

3. Utilize Wall Space And Hang Storage Units

Don’t forget to utilize vertical wall space by hanging organizers which can hold multiple items at once such is with tools & parts or linens & clothing from writ hanging racks and pulleys – stores all shoe boxes neatly atop one another without taking up too much precious floor space! This will enable more room even in a small facility.

4 Label Everything You Store For Easy Accessibility

. Label all boxes and containers with specific strategies like color coordinating or alphabetic labeling methods depending upon preference that would make locating objects within quicker to find – no more piling through stacks of random stuff! Properly-labeled things will make it easier when retrieving certain possessions out from storage as well plain paper labels sometimes they may smear off due significant environment shifts either way properly mark what’s contained so differentiating each clustered lot batches won’t become daunting assignment again.

Keeping Your Valuables Secure at a Self-Storage Facility in Boaz, Alabama

When it comes to storing valuables safely and securely, there’s no better solution than self-storage facilities. No matter where you live in Boaz, Alabama – whether it’s closer to the downtown area or out further into the country – there are plenty of self-storage options available. To ensure that your most valuable items stay secure and well-protected while stored away in a public storage unit, here are some tips for keeping them safe.

Choose the Correct Unit Size

The size of the storage unit has an impact on security just as much as other considerations. The right size will depend on what you plan to store and how much space is needed for packing materials like boxes and furniture pads. Oversized or overstuffed units make break-ins easier because they can offer more places to hide behind or contain items that can be used to gain access from outside walls or doors. Full units also provide less soundproof protection from any activity inside, so pick the correct size even if it means getting an extra small unit that requires multiple trips for move ins and outs.

Secure Moving Equipment within Storage

Beyond packing up fragile goods properly with protective materials such as bubble wrap and plastic sheeting; packing all moving equipment—like furniture dollies— within storage can help deter a potential burglar from stealing lucrative tools lock boxes outside your storage rental . Since everyday tools like screwdrivers could be used by someone looking to break into your locker easily, try keeping them stored away along with any accessories like ropes or straps which could also come handy during a theft.

Padlock Security Features

Modern padlocks have become more secure than ever before; making sure you use only quality locks on any public storage facility will go far beyond scaring off would be thieves through intimidating visuals. Newer style padlocks come equipped with thief deterrent features such as alarms which turns active upon tampering attempts; anti-drill cylinders are another great option too necessity when using secondary locking systems like rim locks since they offer additional security against cutting torch attacks.


Remember Motion Sensors

.When choosing a new location at which to place your possessions remember devices such as alarm motion sensors do exist believe me when I tell so don’t forget actually activating them when leave the premises after have loaded all belongings inside self – several vendors now sell battery powered versions several good reason pass up these one time investments: They’re regularly monitored alert system providers add early detection layer between provider warning police department trespassing activities occurring across Surveillance camera systems modern day hacks solve this puzzle shed light suspicious behavior safety during dark hours.</p


List Self Storage Boaz Alabama is an excellent facility for storage needs, both long-term and short-term. With security features like access codes, video surveillance cameras, and resident managers; customers can rest assured that their items will remain safe from any potential threat. The units are spacious and clean with seasonal discounts to help meet budget requirements. With onsite staff available to answer questions or provide assistance with moving in/out; customers ca

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