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Welcome to List Self Storage Bon Secour Alabama! Our self-storage facility offers affordable, accessible, and secure storage units to meet all your personal and business storage needs. With a variety of sizes available, we can provide a space that is perfect for you. Our 24-hour security surveillance ensures the safety of your possessions while our friendly staff guarantee hassle-free service every visit. Whether it’s short term or long term storage you’re after, our flexible contracts make sure you get what you need. And with convenient access hours and competitive prices, there has never been an easier way to store in Bon Secour! So come experience why List Self Storage Bon Secour is the go-to destination for all your self-storage needs.There are many different types of self storage units available in Bon Secour, Alabama. The most common type is climate controlled self storage units, which provide a constant temperature and humidity to protect stored belongings from extreme temperatures outside. Additionally, indoor self storage units offer protection from the elements for items that are sensitive to environmental conditions. For those seeking added security for their valuables, air-locked self storage units have an electronic locking system as well as video surveillance. Outdoor drive-up storage is great for storing large items such as boats or recreational vehicles that require easy access and also comes with extra lighting options for enhanced security after hours. Lastly, parking spaces are available both inside and outside so individuals can easily store cars securely over extended periods of time.


When selecting the right self storage unit in Bon Secour, Alabama, location is one of the most important factors to consider. If you plan on accessing your items frequently, you may want to choose a facility that’s close by. However, if convenience isn’t a factor for you, then consider choosing one that offers affordable rates and is located closer to major highways and roads.

Safety Features

It’s important to ensure that any self storage facility in Bon Secour has adequate security features like keypad access control or CCTV surveillance systems. These measures will protect your items from theft or unauthorized entry. Additionally, look for a facility with perimeter fencing and other security measures such as motion detector lighting outside the units.

Size of Storage Units

When looking for a self storage solution in Bon Secour, it’s important to consider the type of items you are storing and the amount of space they require. Many facilities offer different size units ranging from small closets up to large garage-sized lockers so make sure you select one that suits your needs perfectly.

Rates and Fees

Different storage facilities have different fee structures so it pays to properly evaluate all available options before making a final decision. Compare prices between multiple facilities on top of taking other factors into consideration such as security features or amenities offered along with their price tags.

Amenities Offered

When looking at potential self storage facilities in Bon Secour, make sure they offer additional amenities such as climate controlled units which provide extra protection against extreme temperatures or humidity levels over long periods of time – this protects electronic equipment from damage due exposure harsh weather conditions.. Other amenities include accessible customer service 24/7 through phone call or online support tickets along with access cards giving users more flexibility when entering their assigned locker rooms at any time day or night

Indoor Self Storage Benefits

Self storage units are beneficial for various reasons and the environment of the units is important as well. Indoor storage provides more security than outdoor storage, keeping your belongings safe from possible theft, vandalism and weather damage. These temperature-controlled facilities reduce wear and tear on items stored in them and make it easier to access items stored due to being housed indoors. By storing indoors there is no worry about dirt, debris, dust or bugs that can build up on items in an outdoor facility where they could potentially contaminate your goods over time.

Outdoor Self Storage Benefits

Outdoor self-storage can be a great option if you don’t need climate control or require extra protection, such as locks or surveillance cameras. Outdoor self-storage often has less expensive rental rates than indoor facilities due to fewer features. Outdoor units come in many different sizes allowing multiple vehicle types such as small cars, trailers, boats and RVs to park inside of one unit making it efficient for large outdoor projects or use during seasonal changes like winter.

Overall both indoor and outdoor selfStorage options have positives that suit different situations depending on what the customer needs. In Bon Secour Alabama both indoor & outdoor self-Storage allow you flexibility when trying to store away all of your possessions with security & convenience that is desired by most people who decide to store their valuables away from home

Choosing The Right Self Storage Facility

When choosing a self storage facility in Bon Secour, Alabama, there are several important factors to consider. First and foremost is the location of the facility – it should be conveniently located for easy access when you need to store or retrieve items from your unit. Additionally, it’s important to ensure a secure premises with high fencing and monitored security systems such as video surveillance. Additionally, check that the facility has proper climate-controlled units if you plan on storing sensitive items.

Securing Your Unit

When renting a unit at a self storage facility in Bon Secour, Alabama, it’s essential that you take steps to protect your belongings while they are in storage. Always make sure your lock is firmly secured whenever you close your unit and use caution when allowing others access to your things – be sure to know who’s entering your space before providing any keys or codes. Make sure all stored items are completely covered by shrink wrap or airtight plastic bags so they remain dry and undamaged in transit and while in storage.

Utilizing A Storage Space Properly

Organization is key when using a self storage space properly; stack similar items together according to size and box any remaining items separately for easy retrieval later on when needed.. Don’t overstuff units; leaving pathways between boxes allows better airflow which helps prevent conditions such as mildew and mold growth among other moisture-related issues inside closed containers. To maximize efficiency further more label boxes according to contents of each box for added convenience.

Preparing Items For Storage In A Facility

Before putting anything into a self-storage unit remember clean all delicate items with cleaning products specifically designed for those exact objects as well as pack them separately from other heavier valuables like furniture pieces due weight safety reasons will reduce chances of damage too . Make sure not overburden wall shelves with heavy objects that can potentially topple over onto someone below else once within premises organize them based on height levels too both lawn equipment awkward shaped decorations keep those outdoors perhaps have special designated dedicated areas outside instead.

Advantages of Climate Controlled Storages Buildings in Bon Secour, AL

Bon Secour, AL offers a great advantage to those looking for climate controlled storage: the assurance that they can store their items in a safe and secure environment. The temperature is designed to be within a specific range to ensure optimal storage conditions year-round. With such an excellent climate control system, temperatures will stay at the optimum point with no fluctuations or extremes. This allows the stored items to remain undamaged even with changes in the outside temperature or humidity levels.

Another great benefit of opting for climate controlled storage buildings is that customers need not worry about pests getting inside and damaging goods stored there. Pests such as rats, mice, and cockroaches are highly unwelcome intruders who often enter these buildings if conditions become unsuitable for them due to excessive humidity or heat. But with a reliable climate control system implemented in such storage facilities located in Bon Secour, one can rest assured that their items will remain intact throughout their stay there.

Security is also guaranteed when storing your belongings in climate controlled storages located around this area of Alabama. Modern security systems like card access control systems are put into place which help protect these facilities from potential intruders as well as unauthorized access from other people who do not have permission for entry.

In short, opting for climate controlled storage buildings located near Bon Secour provide customers with many advantages ranging from ensuring they keep their goods free from damage due to unnatural fluctuations in temperature levels throughout the year all the way up keeping them safe through robust security protocols

How to Find Cheap/Affordable Self-Storage Solutions near Bon Secour, AL

Finding affordable self-storage solutions for your needs in or near Bon Secour, AL can be a challenge. With so many different options available, it can be hard to pick one that works best for your budget. There are several ways you can find cheap and affordable self-storage solutions in the area. Read on to learn more about the different options available and how they might benefit you.

The first option is through online storage companies such as StorageFront or UstorOnline which offer competitively priced units with discounts or coupons available for customers who sign up online. This type of service offers varying sizes of storage units that will suit any need, from small items like boxes to larger items like furniture or cars~all at competitive rates. Many of these services also have easy online payment plans and free shipping options when renting with them.

If you prefer an onsite rental company, there are plenty of local businesses offering self-storage units around Bon Secour. While monthly rental costs may be slightly higher than those offered by online companies due to overhead costs associated with managing physical locations, there may still be possible savings depending on what type of unit is needed and how long it is being rented for.

Lastly, consider talking to friends and family in the area who may have knowledge about cheaper storage solutions that they use themselves. It’s always a good idea to discuss benefits or drawbacks from personal experience before making a choice based only on cost alone as better value could come from spending more if it means better features elsewhere.


Before renting a unit at a self-storage facility, make sure to carefully consider the size of the space you need. Depending on your intended use, it may be wise to select a unit that is slightly larger than what you anticipate needing as opposed to one that is too small. In some cases, upgrading to a larger storage area can cost less than downsizing or having multiple smaller units.


The security of your items is an important factor when selecting a self-storage facility. Make sure the site has proper locks and adequate lighting in all areas, especially common access points such as driveways and entryways. The facility should also have trained staff onsite or monitoring remotely who are available 24/7 for any security issues that may arise during your rental period. Additionally, many facilities offer insurance packages to further protect your belongings in case of theft or damage.


Another essential factor when choosing a self-storage facility is its accessibility and convenience for you whenever you need it. Many sites offer extended hours for retrieving items fromyour storage unit but make sure these times fit with your schedule before signing the lease agreement. It may also be helpful if the site provides online account access so that reservations and paymentscan be managed remotely.

Additional Fees

When selectinga self-storagefacility, make sure to read throughthe termsandconditionscarefullyto understand what potentialadditionalfeesmayapply when using their services. Some facilities charge additional feesfor overtimeaccessor latepaymentssoask questions prior toyour rentalagreementto avoidunexpectedcharges down the road.

24/7 Access

One of the most important features that you need to consider when choosing a good quality self-storage organization in BSAL is 24/7 access. This type of facility offers convenience and flexibility, such as allowing customers to store their belongings any time of day or night. Some facilities even have additional features such as on-site security, allowing customers to keep an eye on their stored items from anywhere in the world.

Surveillance System

Surveillance systems are also important for a good quality self-storage organization in BSAL. They will help provide peace of mind for both you and your customers by monitoring the storage unit at all times, making sure no unauthorized entry takes place. Surveillance systems can also alert staff if something suspicious occurs inside or outside the unit, giving them immediate cause for action if necessary.

Climate Control

Climate control is another feature that should be considered when looking into options offered by a good quality self-storage organization in BSAL. Climate controlled units maintain a steady temperature throughout the year which helps ensure sensitive items don’t become damaged due to extreme temperatures during winter or summer months. Additionally, climate control makes storage ideal for fragile antique furniture pieces which could easily degrade with fluctuating climates.


List Self Storage Bon Secour Alabama is a great choice for both short and long-term storage solutions. It provides clean, secure units with highly competitive rates, as well as convenient access to the facility seven days a week. The friendly staff prides themselves on customer service, making sure thatt they are always available to answer any questions or address any concerns related to storing items at their facility. They also offer complimentary benefits such as free lock and discounts on certain storage units. With access to premier features like covered loading bays, drive-up storage units and climate controlled spaces, List Self Storage Bon Secour Alabama can provide reliable solutions for all your moving needs.

All in all, if you’re looking for an efficient storage solution in the region of south Alabama than List Self Storage Bon Secour Alabama would be an excellent option. From reasonable prices to top-of-the line facilities and services – this self storage facility offers some of the best options around that will perfectly suit your budget and requirements.

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