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Welcome to List Self Storage Center Point Alabama! We understand how stressful it can be trying to find the perfect place for your belongings. That’s why we provide convenient, modern storage solutions fit for any need. Centrally located in Center Point Alabama, with easy access from the highway and nearly every corner of the city, List Self Storage is dedicated to making sure that you have a safe and secure place to store all of your items. From RV’s and boats to furniture and specialty items for collecting or preserving family heirlooms, our options are designed with flexibility in mind so you can customize exactly what type of space works best for you depending on the size, duration and convenience requirements that make sense for your lifestyle or situation. With online rental services that let you sign up on-the-go or get personalized assistance from one of our professional managers who care about helping make sure your experience with us is as straightforward as possible—we’ve got something just right for whatever it is that needs a home away from home!Point Alabama is home to several self-storage centers that provide a convenient, secure option for individuals and businesses looking for storage space. These facilities offer features such as climate control, easy access to the unit with key code entry, 24/7 security monitoring, and onsite staff. Typical items stored include furniture, appliances, personal items, business records and inventory. Some facilities also have recreational vehicle parking areas available. With a variety of size options ranging from 5×10 to 10×30 units plus outdoor storage spaces available in most areas self-storage centers are always an excellent solution for temporary or long-term storage needs in Point Alabama.

Accessibility & Convenience

Storage centers in Point, Alabama provide convenient and accessible storage solutions for customers. With easy access to the center, customers can drop off their items quickly and securely. The location of most centers means that unloading and loading is a breeze with minimal travel time. Customers who need an item quickly can get it stored without having to worry about taking multiple trips or waiting on long lines. Storage centers are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week meaning they are always open regardless of the time of day or night.

Climate Controlled

Many storage centers in Point, Alabama offer climate-controlled facilities where temperature and humidity levels can be regulated according to the needs of the customer’s belongings. When storing items that are sensitive to climatic conditions such as photos, artwork, antiques, electronic devices etc., climate-controlled units are ideal for ensuring these items remain safe from potential damage caused by extreme weather conditions.

High Security Measures

Most storage facilities in Point offer high levels of security which include video surveillance cameras monitored 24/7 by trained staff members who watch out for intruders or any suspicious activity at all times. Besides security monitors keeping an eye on activities at all times there are also well-secured locks equipped with digital codes making it difficult for unauthorized access into any unit as only those authorized would know the codes. Additionally some units also have alarms installed inside each unit alerting staff members if unauthorized access were attempted.

Storage Solutions Available at Point, Alabama

Point, Alabama locals now have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of storage solutions. These solutions provide local residents with safe and secure ways to store items without having to worry about finding space in their home or office. From individual units to larger warehouses, there is a wide variety of options available for any type of need. Here are some of the most popular storage solutions offered in Point:

Self-storage Units: A self-storage unit is an excellent choice for those needing extra storage space in their home or business office. This type of storage unit comes in many different shapes and sizes to fit your individual needs and can be conveniently accessed by individuals who rent them. Most facilities offer 24-hour access so customers can come and go as needed.

Drive Up Storage Units: If you’re looking for a more convenient solution for storing large items such as vehicles, furniture, equipment or even boats, then drive up storage units could be the perfect solution. These climate-controlled units feature ample room and secure access points making it easy to store larger items without compromising on safety.

Mobile Storage Containers: Mobile containers make moving much easier by providing quick transportable storage solutions that are great alternatives to traditional moving vans. It’s easy to load portable containers up with your belongings making it simple when you reach your new location.

Above mentioned are just some of the numerous advantages provided by the remarkable range of quality storage services located in Point, Alabama; however keep exploring other unique options which may meet your requirements better!


When it comes to choosing the right center in Point, Alabama, location is a key factor. It is important to consider how close the location is to where you live and work. Even if the facility itself has all of the amenities you need, an inconvenient location can make using it difficult. Therefore, make sure that any potential centers are within a reasonable distance from your home or workplace before making your final decision.


The cost of utilizing a particular center in Point should also be taken into consideration when selecting one. Certain centers may charge more than others due to their services or amenities offered, which can result in added expenses for their users. Before opting for the most expensive option, compare prices across different facilities and see what offers fit your budget best.


It will also benefit you to research what kind of amenities each individual center has available. Depending on why you are seeking out a center – for physical activity or general activities – its facilities must meet your needs appropriately. If the quality of certain facets fails below expectation then it would not be worthwhile to invest in them unless absolutely necessary.


Look into elements such as reviews and ratings from previous customers when selecting a center in Alabama. Personal experience accounts can provide invaluable information regarding whether other people had positive experiences with any particular facility; this can impact whether or not they would recommend it others looking for similar options.

What to Expect from a Self-Storage Center in Point, Alabama

Self-storage centers in Point, Alabama offer a great way for local businesses and homeowners to keep their belongings safe and secure. Many facilities offer climate-controlled units that will protect your items from extreme temperature changes, as well as other amenities such as 24/7 surveillance cameras and onsite managers. It is important for customers to know exactly what they can expect when renting a unit from one of these centers. Here is an overview of the services typically offered by self-storage centers in Point, Alabama:

Unit Availability: Most self-storage facilities in Point, Alabama will have a selection of unit sizes available ranging from small lockers perfect for storing documents or seasonal decorations to large structures ideal for keeping furniture or vehicles safe while you’re away. Many sites also provide outdoor storage if you only need access to your stuff periodically.

Security Features: To ensure total protection of stored items at all times, most facilities in this area feature 24/7 surveillance cameras that monitor all activities on the premises. In addition to security personnel present during business hours (which vary by facility), some locations also include things like keypad entry systems and tenant ID tags.

Packing Materials: To make sure your belongings stay safe during transit into the storage unit, most places provide packing materials such as tape and boxes along with special bags used for padding delicate items like electronics or dishes. On top of this many companies also often rent out equipment like dollies or trolleys that can help ease the process when loading smaller objects into the units.

Payment Options: Most storage facilities accept major payment methods such as Visa and Mastercard but may also allow cash payments depending upon their terms and conditions. Generally speaking there are no longterm contracts involved so customers are free to pay off their balances however they choose within certain submission deadlines.

Customer Service & Amenities: To make sure tenants are satisfied with every aspect of their rental experience most locations provide helpful customer service teams who can answer any questions about billing schedules or general maintenance issues throughout each month. Some establishments put extra effort into creating pleasant residential areas around the facility offering amenities like Wi-Fi internet access points or even outdoor seating areas where people can relax while taking care of tasks like paperwork etc…

Services and Amenities Offered at Storage Centers at Point, Alabama

Storage centers located in Point, Alabama have a wide selection of services and amenities available to their customers. Their services range from climate controlled spaces to drive up access units. Climate controlled units are ideal for customers who wish to store items that are temperature sensitive, such as electronics or furniture. These specialized units maintain temperatures between 50-90 degrees all year round. Customers can also choose non-climate controlled units that will suit their specific storage needs as well. All the storage facilities offer 24 hour video surveillance and daily inspections by trained staff members for the protection of stored items.

Additionally, many storage centers in Point offer free online bill pay accounts where customers can track and securely pay their storage fees anytime with confidence. Customers may sign up for an alert system so they receive email notifications when payments are due or overdue.

For those looking for convenience, access hours on most facilities run from 6am – 9pm every day of the week with some select stores even having extended hours on weekends depending on location. Many facilities also have extended access through automated gate access with personal code numbers given out upon move in day.

All buildings feature wide driveways making it easy to fit any size truck or trailer packed with belongings allowing tenants to unload quickly so they can get back on the road sooner than later after moving into a new unit place secured by digital locks provided by all Storage Center locations in Point Alabama.

Finding the Best Price on a Self-Storage Unit in Point, Alabama

If you are looking for the best price on a self-storage unit in Point, Alabama, then there are several steps you can take to ensure that you get the best deal. The first step is to research available options and compare prices between different units. You can do this through online rental sites or by visiting self-storage units directly. It’s important to note that the advertised price may not always be what you pay at checkout; so make sure to read through any extra fees or hidden costs when comparing different facilities.

Once you have decided on a particular facility, ask about any current promotions they may offer; some places will offer discounts for long-term commitments; if so, inquire about these options before signing a contract for your storage unit.

Another thing to consider when choosing a self-storage unit in Point is finding out what kind of security measures each facility offers. Make sure that your belongings are secure while at the facility — and check whether allegations provide 24/7 surveillance or not.

Lastly, talk with other customers who have used the same facility before making your final decision. Ask them questions regarding their experience with regards to customer service and overall value for their money spent renting from said center. Furthermore, it would be beneficial should they leave an honest review online which could help inform future customers as well as save them time by avoiding certain centers altogether!

Safety and Security Considerations When Storing Goods in a Self-Storage Center InPoint,Alabama

When considering storing goods in self storage, safety and security are of the utmost importance. It is essential to make sure that your belongings are protected from potential hazards such as theft, water damage or fire. At InPoint, Alabama we take pride in providing our customers with top-notch security measures to ensure their possessions remain safe while stored at our facility.

All units are secured by an electronic access system with individual unit tracking alarms that alert owners when unauthorized entry has occurred into their storage unit. To further increase safety and security measures we have surveillance cameras located throughout the property that allow us to monitor each storage unit and record the footage for reviewing purposes if needed. Additionally we provide 24/7 customer service representatives who can assist you with any questions or concerns regarding the security of your goods.

In addition to monitoring each individual access cardholder’s activity within the facility, all exterior doors remain closed at all times except for official business hours when people may enter or leave the premises under management supervision. This prevents after hour trespassing which helps keep tenants’ items safe from break ins and theft attempts.

We understand that visitors also need easy access so they can drop off their belongings when necessary without taking too long out of their day for this purpose — therefore a lobby equipped with an ATM machine provides convenience so contactless payment methods may be used for appropriate transactions depending on customer needs.

Overall, here at InPoint storage rental solutions we make every attempt possible to ensure superior protection of wants and needs belongings while allowing convenient drop off accessibility by qualified guests so you can trust us when it comes time to find a secure place for storing important documents or cherished items away from home!


List Self Storage Center Point Alabama provides an extensive range of storage options for customers looking to store either business or personal items. The property is well maintained and secure, allowing peace of mind and convenience when storing one’s belongings. They have several different unit sizes and provide online account management to make it easy for clients to take care of their rental accounts. This storage facility also offers free use of a truck for the day with any new rental, saving customers time and money during a moving period. List Self Storage Center Point Alabama is a perfect choice when it comes to finding secure self-storage solutions in the area.

List Self Storage has been providing quality service for numerous years, gaining recognition from satisfied customers in the area. Their reputation as secure and reliable can be attributed to their commitment to maintaining a modern facility while focusing on customer satisfaction. From ease of access to knowledgeable customer support staff, users will always find what they need at List Self Storage Center Point Alabama.

In conclusion, List Self Storage Center Point Alabama is an excellent selection when searching for suitable self-storage options in Central Alabama. With impressive customer service levels and affordable prices combined with great value facilities, this business is sure to leave you happy with your choice each time!

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