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List Self Storage Cherokee Alabama


Welcome to List Self Storage Cherokee Alabama! We are an independent storage provider in Cherokee County, offering a vast range of storage solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our facility is expansive and boasts over 50 units; we have something for everyone from the serious file hoarder to those simply looking for the extra space on their property. Each unit features a mix of modern convenience and security technology, allowing you the peace of mind needed when it comes to storing your prized possessions. Additionally, our knowledgeable staff will always be willing to answer any questions or address any concerns that come up during your rental process. When you trust us with your items, you can rest assured knowing they are being taken care of in the best way possible!Self storage is a great solution for anyone looking to free up space in their home, business, or warehouse in Cherokee, Alabama. It can help individuals and organizations store belongings safely and conveniently with easy access whenever you need them. Self storage offers many benefits including extra space without having to rent or purchase another property, better organization of stored items than with traditional methods like filing cabinets and closets, improved security with the use of locks and surveillance cameras at some facilities, low-cost options for renters compared to other storage solutions such as warehouses or climate-controlled units. Additionally, most self storage providers have flexible lease terms that make it easier to store items for longer periods of time without having the worry of expensive rental contracts or committing to a long-term loan agreement. With self storage options throughout Cherokee, Alabama there are convenient locations available making it easier than ever before to get organized now.

Flexible Storage Options for Everyone in Cherokee, Alabama

Cherokee, Alabama is home to many residents who need storage solutions. Whether you’re moving, reorganizing, or storing seasonal items such as camping gear and decorations – extra space is crucial. Finding a reliable storage facility can be challenging if you’ve never rented one before. To help make the process easier here are some of the flexible options you have when it comes to finding a quality storage unit in Cherokee.

Self Storage – Self-storage gives you flexibility with your storage solution needs because it grants customers access to their own personal onsite unit they can lease on a month-by-month basis. Not only does this give the customer freedom of choice but provides reasonable short and long term rental rates so they don’t feel tethered down by annual contracts or costly fees associated with longer terms.

Onsite Secured Storage – Onsite secured storage units are ideal for those seeking an extra level of security above that typical offered from self-storage facilities. These secure units have features such as gated entryways that require codes, cards and/or video surveillance systems to gain access into the building area along with locks on each individual unit keeping your stored items safe 24/7 no matter what time of year it is.

Climate Controlled Units – Climate control facilities offer units temperature regulated at all times so any sensitive materials including paper documents, musical instruments, fine jewelry and electronics will remain safe and sound no matter what weather throws their way. Climate control offers not only sustained temperatures but also humidity levels which will keep moisture away from your belongings minimizing damage caused by mold infestations or condensation build up.

Mobile Self Storage – This innovative storage option allows customers to have a convenient portable storage container conveniently delivered directly to their home or business location where they can store items inside inside then later transfer it off site if needed without ever having to unpack all their stuff again resulting in less stress during difficult transitions since goods stay enclosed throughout move.

Finally whatever specific choices fit within budget rest assured there are limitless options available when needing versatile accessible secure mobile climate controlled open space areas right here in Cherokee like our top shelf rentals at ezStorage where customer satisfaction is always priority number one!

Cherokee Self Storage

Cherokee Self Storage is one of the top-rated self storage facilities near Cherokee, Alabama. With a variety of unit sizes and types available for both short-term and long-term use, it is the perfect solution for all your storage needs. Whether you are looking for a place to store excess items from around your home or business, or just need to make extra room in your garage, Cherokee Self Storage has everything you need. Not only do they provide excellent units with climate control features but their convenient location makes it easy to access all of our city’s amenities. They offer competitive rates and 24-hour surveillance as well as friendly customer service that will make sure all your worries are taken care of. So if you’re looking for the best storage facility in the area, look no further than Cherokee Self Storage.

Discount Mini Storage

Discount Mini Storage is another premier self-storage option near Cherokee, Alabama offering quality solutions at an affordable price. Their wide selection of unit sizes including individual rooms up to 10×20 gives customers options to fit virtually any budget without sacrificing on convenience or safety measures such as state-of-the art security systems and burglary protections built into every unit. Besides having excellent arrangements within each unit down to the organizational pegboards on walls help maximize space inside each structure Discount MiniStorage also offers numerous complimentary services like rentable locks that can be used across any unit type making them an easy choice for individuals who may require short term or long term use depending on situation.

Upward Bound Moving & Storage

Another great choice when searching through top rated self storage options near Cherokee AL is Upward Bound Moving &Storage. With various solutions starting from carport size units to heated climate controlled facilities they have fitting packages available at attainable prices for customers simply needing some extra space while moving out without needing additional hassle and labor intensive trips back and forth between their new locations Additionally Upward Bound Moving &Storage values convenience very highly implementing optional weekly automated payments online as well offering discounts based on prolonged duration rentals so no matter what sort of situation needs arise they have different solutions ready allowing people living busy lives maneuvering complex projects easier then ever before.

The Benefits of Choosing a Climate-Controlled Unit In Cherokee, Alabama

Choosing a climate-controlled unit in Cherokee, Alabama provides a number of benefits that will keep your belongings safe and secure. Climate controlled units offer protection from extreme temperatures, which can help prevent damage to sensitive items such as paper documents or electronics. They will also provide humidity control that will help preserve perishable items and reduce the growth of mold or mildew. A climate-controlled environment is less likely to attract pests such as rodents or insects, further protecting the contents of the storage unit from damage.

Additionally, if you plan on storing musical instruments or antiques in your unit, they may benefit from being stored in a climate-controlled environment rather than a regular one as it will maintain constant temperature and humidity levels throughout the year. This removes any chance of condensation building up on exposed surfaces while creating an atmosphere that is ideal for prolonged storage without any deterioration in quality.

Finally, many suppliers of climate controlled units offer increased security when compared to their Non climate counterparts; this ensures optimal safety for all stored belongings within the facility due to video surveillance monitoring 24/7, padlock systems along with doors opened by key cards/coded’s entries only accessable by yourself and staff members who have access codes approved prior usage by you!

Quality Security Features Offered at Self-Storage Sites in Cherokee, Alabama

Self-storage sites in Cherokee, Alabama are committed to providing a safe and secure environment. To ensure customers have peace of mind when storing their items, they offer quality security features such as 24/7 surveillance cameras, illuminated premises for safety and visibility, onsite management staff during open hours, electronic gate access with individually coded passcodes, perimeter fencing around the facility that is regularly monitored and maintained. All customer units are lockable with a user-supplied padlock; no one has access to the stored items unless given permission by the owner. The storage sites also take extra precautions by monitoring alarm systems daily to detect any tampering or intrusion which provides protection against attempted break-ins or theft. Furthermore all self-storage units are inspected on a regular basis to make sure they remain clean and secure throughout the rental period.

Customers can be assured that their possessions will remain safe at all times when using self storage services in Cherokee, Alabama as safety measures are strictly enforced from within and outside of the premises. The state of the art security systems ensure that each person entering or leaving will have their entrance authorized via an individual passcode while trespassers will be denied entry from unaccompanied personnel trying gain unauthorized access into gated areas. In addition offsite video surveillance keeps track of activity around each site while onsite staff actively patrols designated areas improving overall peace of mind for those utilizing rented spaces throughout Cherokee County.

By offering these top notch security features self storage sites located in Cherokee provide stability for customers requiring short term or long term storage solutions without having to worry about compromising safety standards established by company representatives. Whether looking to store bulk inventory or personal belongings additional levels of protection allow customers to feel secured knowing that their property is being well taken care off even when not physically present themselves!


When choosing a self-storage facility in Cherokee, Alabama it’s important to consider the security of the facility. Look for features such as gated access and video surveillance. Ask about lock options and make sure there are extra keys available if needed. Be sure the locks provided are strong enough to prevent tampering or theft. Security should be taken seriously no matter what you’re storing in your unit.

Unit Selection & Size

The unit selection is another important factor when selecting a self-storage facility in Cherokee, Alabama. Choose a space that allows plenty of room for your needs while remaining efficient and cost-effective at the same time. You should also ask about climate controlled units if you plan on storing items that may be sensitive to temperature or humidity changes.


It’s important to consider accessibility when searching for a storage facility in Cherokee, Alabama as well. Look for facilities that offer extended hours so you’re able to access your unit easily throughout the day or night-time hours. Online account management can also help ensure quick and easy access when needed.

Price & Payment Options

Make sure the price suits both your budget and needs before committing to a certain storage facility in Cherokee,Alabama . Check if military discounts or other special rates are offered as well if they apply since many providers provide these offers periodically throughout year . In terms of payment options , compare how different facilities accept payments whether its through cash , credit , debit card etc . Consider any extra fees associated with each payment method too before hand .

Questions to Ask Before Choosing A Facility in Cherokee, Alabama

When selecting a facility in Cherokee, Alabama it is important to ask the right questions. It is essential that potential customers find out what kind of amenities and services are offered, any restrictions or regulations that must be met and whether the location meets your family’s needs. Here are some key questions to consider:

What type of facility does the property provide? Is it an adult-only facility or are there activities for children as well? Does the recreational center offer a pool, hot tubs and tennis courts? Does it offer access to nearby golf courses or other attractions such as hiking trails and bike paths? Are pets allowed on site?

How big is the facility in terms of square footage? What size units (studios, 1-bedroom apartments etc.) are available and how much do they cost per month or per stay? Are digital locks used for entry into units and communal areas such as laundry rooms or outdoor recreation areas?

Are there any tenant restrictions regarding occupancy limits or noise levels compared to public housing sites located within city limits? Do housekeeping staff perform routine cleaning at each unit at regular intervals throughout the day/week/monthly basis.? Are advanced security measures in place such as video surveillance and access control systems for both common areas of complex grounds as well as individual rental units ?

What additional amenities may be available at no extra charge such as Wi-Fi internet access , cable service , use of community fitness center , kitchen appliances with cooking utensils provided , bike storage areas etc.? Do residents receive discounts from local restaurants, shops & business services by becoming part of”>member programs ? How often do rates increase over time after signing an initial lease contract ?

Comparing Prices at Different Facilities To Get The Best Deal in CherokeesAlabama

When it comes to looking for an affordable storage unit in Cherokee, Alabama, there are many options available. It can be difficult to compare prices between different facilities and decide on the best deal available. Fortunately, with professional movers, you have access to more readily-available information and the ability to make an educated decision quickly and easily. Professional movers can provide a thorough comparison of the costs associated with each facility so you know which one is offering the best deal at competitive prices.

Aside from cost savings, hiring professional movers for your self storage unit also offers several other advantages that ultimately make it a smart move. Professional movers arrive ready with their own tools and supplies that help ensure everything is moved safely into your new unit. They are highly experienced personnel; trained in proper packing methods so your belongings will stay safe during transport. In addition, they closely coordinate every step of the moving process down to unpacking at each destination ensuring you’ve got everything under control.

Finally, when using professional movers for your self storage move you have peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong or items become damaged during transportation – they carry liability insurance so any issues will be properly handled financially right away without having to wait on reimbursement from anyone else. Hiring a set of reliable professionals ensures fewer risks while still providing excellent value for money overall when searching for an affordable storage solution in Cherokee, Alabama.


List Self Storage Cherokee Alabama is an ideal choice for many self-storage needs. With its wide range of options and service, List Self Storage can provide customers with secure storage solutions to meet their unique needs and budget. The facility also offers web access, 24/7 surveillance systems, climate control options, multiple payment methods and more. Overall, the staff at List Self Storage are friendly and accommodating; they make sure that each customer’s experience is pleasant and worry-free.

The various features of this storage unit make it perfect for businesses as well as individual clients looking for short or long term storage. Furthermore, List Self Storage offers convenience by providing access to the facility seven days a week in addition to after hours availability on call. With renowned customer service along with some amazing amenities like climate control units available at competitive prices; there’s simply no better place than List Self Storage in Cherokee Alabama when it comes to self storage services.

With great features such as 24/7 security surveillance system available round the clock with employee presence from 8 am till 8 pm every day of week, lots of space choices one size doesn’t fit all exterior vehicle parking space availability plus low cost tenant insurance policies option makes sure that your items remain safe & secure while you enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your items are being looked after care during their stay here at List Self Storage Chattanooga Alabama.

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