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Introducing List Self Storage, Coaling Alabama – the cleanest and most secure self-storage facility in the area. Offering a wide range of unit sizes to fit your needs, List Self Storage is perfect for residential and commercial customers alike. Whether you need storage space for your household items or business materials, our customer-focused staff will be happy to provide you with the perfect solution. Our airtight security system keeps your belongings safe at all times and ensures that no one can gain access without our authorization. As an added bonus, we offer competitive rates along with convenient payment plans and discounts. So come check us out today – you won’t regret it!The city of Coaling, Alabama offers many advantages of using self-storage services. These include convenience, affordability, flexibility and security. Self-storage in Coaling offers individuals access to secure storage space at an affordable rate for a variety of items. Customers have the flexibility to choose their rental term as well as the size of unit that best suits their needs. Self-storage is also convenient – customers can access their stored items with ease without leaving home or work and may take advantage of a variety of payment options including debit and credit cards. Finally, security measures are in place to ensure customers’ stored goods are safe from theft or vandalism. With all these benefits combined together, self-storage provides Coaling residents with an ideal solution to meet their storage needs.

Types of Self Storage Options in Coaling

Coaling offers a wide range of self-storage options to meet your needs. Whether you need short term or long term storage, there is something for everyone. From standard units to temperature controlled units, we have everything you could possibly need. Here are some of the types of self-storage options available in Coaling:

Climate Controlled Units: For those who require items that must be stored in a specific climate, we provide climate-controlled units with an adjustable thermostat range that can accommodate most requirements. This allows users to control the temperature within their unit so all items will remain safe from extreme temperatures and humidity conditions.

Drive Up Climate Controlled Units: For larger items that do not require as much climate control, such as outdoor furniture or landscaping equipment, drive up climate controlled units are also available at certain Coaling facilities. These features make loading and unloading easier with staff members always around if additional help is needed transferring your possessions into or out of storage.

Standard Self Storage Units: Also known as “regular” storage space, these offer basic protection against inclement weather and pests while also providing convenient access for those who don’t necessarily require any special conditions such as temperature control for their items.

No matter what typeof self-storage option you’re looking for in Coaling, our experienced professionals can help you select the perfect space suitable for your needs and budget. We take pride in offering only the best quality service from start to finish!

Finding the Right Storage Space for Your Needs in Coaling, Alabama

When searching for a storage space in Coaling, Alabama, there are several important factors to consider. Size is perhaps the most important factor – are you looking for something on the small side or do you need a lot of room? The type of items you’re storing also reals plays an important role; some materials require climate control, such as leather goods, electronics and documents. Additionally, you may want to check what security measures are put in place such as video surveillance or motion-sensor lights.

The location of your self-storage facility is also essential. You don’t want it to be too far away from home or your place of business as that will add time and effort when it comes to accessing the items stored inside. Accessibility is key – make sure there isn’t restricted access on certain days or times if possible. If convenience matters to you then look at facilities that have gates which open automatically after scanning your card or pin code so that entering and exiting quickly isn’t a hassle.

Other considerations include whether you would like regular pest control services included with your rental agreement as well as insurance coverage if something should go wrong while stored at their location; unfortunately things can happen due to wear and tear while in storage but having insurance will give extra peace of mind knowing that any damage can be taken care off without adding too much extra cost! Lastly don’t forget about promotional offers – some discounts may be available depending on the duration of time rented; browse around until finding one suitable within budget requirements keeps everything nice and easy!

Which Items Should be Stored In a Self-Storage Facility?

Self-storage facilities are an excellent option for storing items that would otherwise take up too much space in your home or office. They offer a safe and secure way to store everything from furniture, seasonal clothing, documents, memorabilia and important files. If you’re considering using a self-storage facility, here is a list of items that should be considered:

Furniture: Large desks, couches, loveseats, chairs and tables could all benefit from being stored in a self-storage facility. It’s also great for storing out-of-season furnishings when you need the extra room during the summer or other busy months.

Seasonal Clothing: From winter coats to holiday sweaters and swimsuits to special occasion outfits — having these items stored in self-storage will help keep them organized for easy access come the corresponding season of the year.

Documents & Memorabilia: If you have valuable documents such as family albums or rare manuscripts — protecting them in climate controlled storage is ideal so that they stay in good condition year round.

Important Files: If your business relies on keeping records such as taxes or inventories — then storage is key for ensuring their safety. Business owners can rest assured that their files are kept secure even if someone enters unauthorized into their building.

Overall, there are many different types of items that should be considered when deciding what to store in self storage units. Whether it’s furniture, seasonal clothing, documents or files – keeping certain things safely locked away can create more space at home while providing peace of mind knowing those possessions are protected against theft and damage over time.


When choosing a self storage facility, location should be your first priority. You need to make sure that the chosen place is easily accessible and close to your place. If it’s too far away, it might be difficult for you to transport your belongings back and forth from the facility. Additionally, you should also consider how close the facility is to places like supermarkets and local shops in case you want to purchase something during the move-in process.


Apart from location, security is another important aspect that must be considered when selecting a self storage facility. The premises must have 24/7 surveillance with features like fire alarms, round-the-clock guards or alarm systems installed for extra safety measures at night time. It would also help if there are visible signs of security approved locks on each unit within the compound walls.


When deciding on a particular storage space selffacility, remember to check their pricing plans beforehand so as not get carried away with hidden costs or additional charges later on. Make sure you read all terms and conditions regarding any kind of discount offered by them attentively before signing up for anything.


The entire premises of the storage space must be kept neat and clean at all times – which includes regularly fumigating areas for precautionary hygiene purposes as well as making sure there are no rodents or insects running around the complex area at any given point in time.

Pros of Renting a Unit at a Self-Storage Facility

Renting a unit at a self-storage facility can provide individuals and businesses with affordable storage solutions. Renting provides flexibility, as you can choose different sizes based on your current needs. Additionally, renting is much more cost effective than purchasing real estate or building space for the same purpose. For businesses, renting also makes it easier to scale up or down according to needs since it reduces capital investments upfront. Other advantages are convenience and access with 24/7 security surveillance and quick access to stored property which cannot always be offered through traditional storage methods.

Cons of Renting a Unit at a Self-Storage Facility

Although there are benefits of self-storage facilities, one potential downside is that you give up ownership in your items or property after they’re placed in the rental unit. Items left in units may not be covered by renters insurance policies either, so special precaution should be taken when deciding what items will go into the rental space. If there is upward pressure on prices for rent due to economic conditions like inflation affecting supply and demand, long term leases could cause financial hardship for renters without their knowledge until enough time has passed that any negotiations have become too late.

Pros of Owning Your Own Unit at a Self-Storage Facility

Owning your own unit offers many long term benefits including fixed monthly costs while still providing all the amenities listed above such as 24/7 security surveillance and quick access to stored items. With owning comes claim exclusivity – complete control over stocked inventory with no external interference from third party landlords or tenants who share rave adjacent spaces within the enclosure of rented out units from one another.

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Additionally, though it requires large upfront cash payments for deposit before taking ownership; long term investors enjoy depreciation tax benefits from owning as opposed to rents paid over specific spans of time periods in respect if duration & timescales being relatively similar. At larger scales investing & buying instead of leasing can lead also lead owners who’re pivoting towards bigger expansion plans convenient access routes like subletting/leasing out halved perpared spaces crowdsourced collectively called “CoWork Vanities” which entices customers sharing spaces between small industry tycoons alike whilst incurring profit margins these startups normally struggle with owing due extreme capital expenditure requirements (CER) when stocking heavy inventories.

Choosing Between an Indoor or Outdoor Storage Unit

When it comes to finding the right storage unit in Coaling, AL for your needs, there are many important factors to consider. One of the most important decisions is deciding between an indoor or outdoor storage unit. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages that should be evaluated based on your specific needs.

Indoor storage units offer more security and protection from theft, pests, and the elements but usually impose size limitations and are typically more expensive than their outdoor counterparts. They are also better suited if you need temperature-controlled units for sensitive items like electronics or antiques.

On the other hand, outdoor storage units provide greater access as they tend to generally be larger than indoor options in addition to being significantly less expensive on average. They can also store large pieces of equipment that would otherwise not fit inside common indoor spaces. However, due to their accessibility they tend to have higher risks for theft and potentially damage from exterior elements such as rain or extreme temperatures if not properly covered up.

Ultimately when selecting the right storage solution in Coaling, AL it is important evaluate both types of units keeping in mind what you will be storing as well as your budget before making a decision so that you’re able to make an informed choice when committing long-term with one provider.

Climate Control and Heating Considerations

When it comes to storing valuable items, climate control or heated storage should be taken into consideration. With a regular self-storage unit, fluctuations in temperature can cause damage to fabric, wood furniture, electronics and other sensitive items. Whether you choose a climate controlled unit or heated storage facility, having the proper environment for your belongings is essential.

If you are choosing heated storage options, make sure that the system is capable of maintaining a steady temperature that won’t harm any of your items. It may also be beneficial to look for an upgrade such as moisture control or air purification if necessary. Additionally, heaters should not be used when storing artwork or papers because they could cause discoloration over time.

“Climate controlled” means that temperatures will generally remain within certain acceptable parameters indoors regardless of the outdoor temperature fluctuations — so doing some research ahead of time on which route best suits your needs is always advised before deciding on a type of unit.

No matter what type of storage solution you decide on it’s important to take inventory and document all belongings stored with photos and lists inside and outside the units in case there is damage from extreme temperatures at some point in time – that way if something does happen to valuables stored an insurance claim or replacement can easily be made To get up-to date information check out our blog about temperature considerations when investing in self-storage solutions.


List Self Storage Coaling Alabama provides a range of secure storage solutions for those in the area. From residential to commercial, they offer units in multiple sizes to meet any storage need. Management is also friendly and helpful, so customers can rest assured that their items are well taken care of and accessible when needed. Prices take into account size and location, offering competitive rates and discounts depending on how long customers plan to store their items. These amenities make List a great choice for anyone who needs reliable self-storage services in the Coaling region.

Overall, List offers an excellent service with competitive pricing, modern amenities, convenience and dependable security systems. Their services can be extremely helpful during life’s transitions — like moving or downsizing belongings — as well as freeing up moments in your life where you’d rather not be concerned over managing personal possessions that you simply don’t have room for otherwise. For people looking for an experienced provider of self-storage solutions in the Coaling Alabama area, List is an ideal choice.

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