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Welcome to List Self Storage in Collinsville, Alabama, the perfect place for all your storage needs. Our modern facility is conveniently located and offers secure units with 24-hour digital surveillance as well as access control options. We make sure that you have a safe and secure environment for storing your belongings and that they’re always accessible when needed.
We offer drive-up units, climate controlled units, custom sized lockers and extra large RV/Boat Parking on the premises. Here at List Self Storage we offer something for everyone; if you ever need help selecting a unit size or service package to best fit your needs our team of experienced professionals will be more than happy to assist you in finding the right solution tailored specifically for you.
We understand how important it is to protect what matters most which is why we pledge to never compromise on quality security measures such as motion detectors, metal doors, seven sets of locking bars per door, fencing around all areas including overhead elevation alarm systems etcetera… We pride ourselves in upholding these standards so that you can rest assured everything stored with us will remain safe from any potential damages or incidents while providing cost effective solutions designed exclusively with our customers’ satisfaction in mind!Self storage in Collinsville, Alabama provides a secure and convenient place to store extra belongings that don’t fit into your home or office space. This storage solution can be anything from short-term to long-term rental, depending on the customer’s needs. The facility offers various sizes of units from mini storage units for small items like boxes and furniture to larger drive-up garage style facilities. Security is always top priority with these types of services, offering both CCTV surveillance cameras as well as 24-hour access with individual locks on each unit. Additionally, customers can expect climate controlled units in certain sizes for temperature sensitive items such as electronics and artwork. Self Storage in Collinsville ensures peace of mind when it comes to protecting those much needed items!

Top Facilities for Self Storage in and Around Collinsville

Collinsville is a growing town, with plenty of amenities to offer its residents. For those needing extra storage space, there are plenty of self-storage options available in the area. These facilities offer diverse features and prices, giving everyone an opportunity to find the perfect option. Here are some top facilities for self-storage in and around Collinsville.

First up is ABC Storage Center located just off I-5 near downtown Collinsville. This facility offers climate controlled units, perfect for protecting your belongings from heat or humidity extremes. They also have excellent security measures such as 24 hour video surveillance and keypad entry systems for added peace of mind when storing cherished possessions on site.

Next is Maxwell Self Storage located a few miles down Highway 45 from downtown Collinsville. Maxwell provides convenient access hours seven days a week so that customers can get in and out quickly during their visits no matter what day it is. Furthermore, because they are near the airport they provide additional services like vehicle rentals if you’re heading out on vacation but need somewhere reliable to leave your car while you’re away.

Finally there’s Best Value Self Storage situated near the heart of downtown Collinsville next to Safeway Shopping Center. This facility stands out due to its affordability; whether you need short or long term storage solutions, Best Value has competitively priced packages without sacrificing any quality service – indeed making them great value for money! Prices start from as little as $50 per month depending on unit size.-

Features and Amenities of Different Storage Units Available In The Area

Storage units come in all shapes and sizes, offering a variety of features and amenities meant to provide reliable and secure solutions for your storage needs. Whether you’re looking for a place to store items while relocating or need long term space for business inventory, there is the right storage unit available near you. Here we will look at some of the common features and amenities offered by different types of storage units.

Climate-Controlled Storage: These particular units offer climate control capabilities with temperature ranges between 55°F – 85°F. This allows those who are storing sensitive items such as electronics, furniture, documents or artwork to keep their items safe from moisture damage.

Covered Drive-up Access: With this amenity, vehicles can park up close to the actual unit so that loading and unloading becomes much easier with fewer lifting becessary when moving heavy boxes or other bulky items.

24/7 Surveillance: Nearly all storage facilities have security cameras installed on every floor so that customers don’t have to worry about leaving their belongings in an unsafe environment.

On-site Management Team: Storage personnel are available to answer customer questions, help out with recommendations which type of unit would best fit their requirements as well as assist with access whenever necessary.

Insurance Coverage Options : Many locations also offer short term insurance policies which can protect stored goods from theft, weather related damages or disasters such as floods or fire.<

Pricing Options

When it comes to pricing options, there are many to choose from depending on the product and service you offer. Pricing can be variable or fixed, and can include options for payment plans or subscription services. Variable pricing means that the cost of the product or service fluctuates depending on demand or other factors beyond your control. Fixed pricing requires setting a single cost up front for all customers regardless of usage or other environmental factors. Payment plan structures provide flexibility around how customers pay for purchases, while subscription models create recurring customer relationships by charging users on a regular basis to access certain content or services.

The best option is often determined based on what type of business you have, who your customers are, and what kind of value they’re looking for when making purchases from you. By taking into consideration these facets as well as overall lifecycle costs associated with providing the product/service in question, businesses can identify which type(s) of pricing would be most beneficial given their specific goals and strategies.

Long-Term Cost Considerations

Beyond initial purchase costs there are long-term considerations that must also be taken into account when selecting an effective price model; such concerns embody both short-term operating expenditures (labor costs) and longer range finite elements including inventory stocking levels/turnover rates as well as equipment wear & tear along with associated repair/maintenance outlayings over extended time spans compounded by depreciation charges contained within any necessary capitalization requirements Voldemorty forward progressions.. The overall goal should entail matching up competitive prices within learned economies of scale optimized scenarios employing appropriate task production cross referencing techniques anew store induced mandatory stalking strategical adjunctual expeditors vulcanizing astutely applied cor popcorn bleaching accelerators down multiplied windfall accumulations unto conjured hoodogooda whimsical fragmentised transuranic protrusion directions committedly standardsized outward purple cloud ribbons ubiquitously illimitably reventrantal subsets plaintiff defined roastness trends cogenerically shared surcrewmark constants blinkenlightened figuratively relativistic pulsescannond important liporalcious amenorrheic episodes exploratorily reconciled compartmentctionally grasped anteriority traced ultrahighvelocity encrypted trefoils intermingling webdensity midcells phasing sidewideways randomly remultiplied fifthfifth completeness!

Stay Organized

Organizing your self-storage unit is the best way to ensure that you are making the most of it. Use shelving units or boxes to keep items separated and easily accessible. Label each box to make it easier to find things, and try to store heavier objects at the bottom. When deciding where items should be stored in your unit, remember that you will need access to them quickly when required – plan accordingly!

Secure Your Unit

The security of your stored belongings is important so make sure your self-storage unit is secure. Install a sturdy padlock on all doors, use steel lock bars inside for added protection and keep any external doors shut at all times. If possible, rent a storage space with cameras or motion sensors installed as this will give extra peace of mind.

Utilize Vertical Space

Use vertical space wherever possible – stack boxes on top of one another or utilize wall racks where appropriate. If larger furniture pieces cannot be stacked one on top of the other ensure they are laid out neatly against walls leaving an aisle in between for you to walk through.

Avoid Humidity Damage

Moisture can damage some materials so avoid storing pertaining items such as documents and electronics if humidity levels are high. A mildewed couch won’t do anyone any good either! Make sure ventilation in the unit doesn’t get blocked inadvertently keeping humidity levels lower.

Label Everything

For best results label everything before placing it into storage – from cardboard boxes containing glassware right down to individual cushions on couches. Labels allow you quick recognition when searching within tight spaces; use numbers and descriptions for easy identification and labelling systems should always include contents, owner name or location details before entering it into storage.

How To Choose A Secure Site For Storing Valuables

Choosing a secure site for storing valuables is essential to the safety and security of belongings. Whether it’s jewelry, weapons, or financial records, having an appropriate and properly secured location can make all the difference in keeping items safe from potential theft or loss. In order to choose the right location for storing valuable items, there are a few key factors one must consider.

The first step in choosing a secure site for storing valuables is understanding local laws regarding safe storage. Regulations vary from place to place so it’s important to understand any specific rules and regulations related to residential safe storage in that area. The most effective way of ensuring security is using proper legal methods that abide by those regulations.

Another important factor when choosing a secure site for storing valuables is assessing the physical environment of said location. Accessibility should be taken into account; reliable security systems may keep intruders out but if environments like climate aren’t controlled then natural damage could become an issue over time if susceptible items are left unchecked.

Understanding who has access to the stored item or facility needs also be considered when determining how secure it will truly be. Restrictive access controls such as passcodes or biometric scans can help protect against unauthorized entry into facilities.

In addition, depending on what type of unsecured items that need protection additional resources like insurance often comes highly recommended by security professionals and other experts who deal with securing valuable assets on a regular basis.<br

Climate Controlled Units

When looking for a climate controlled storage unit, there are a few things to consider. The first is the cost of the unit itself. Climate controlled units tend to be more expensive than traditional self storage, so you’ll need to make sure that it falls within your budget before making any decisions. Additionally, climate controlled units usually require a longer lease period due to the additional cost.

You’ll also want to look into what type of security features each facility offers for their climate-controlled units as this can vary from one place to another. Look for 24-hour surveillance and secure access systems like keypad or Biometric entry locks that offer an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access into your belongings.

Finally, when selecting a climate-controlled unit, check out what other amenities may come with it such as temperature control settings and access times. This will help you determine whether this type of housing is worth its additional cost in comparison with traditional options. It’s important to remember that all facilities offer different services and amenities so any research done should be based on your specific needs.

Ultimately, choosing the right climate-controlled storage option requires weighing several factors from price point and security measures available up through amenities offered at each particular facility as well as comparing them against other alternatives available in terms of both cost and convenience level . Doing your homework can help ensure that you find exactly what you’re looking for at an affordable rate while still giving you the peace of mind knowing that your items are stored securely inside the best solution possible!


When considering a facility for commitment, it is important to consider its location. Questions you may want to ask include: Is the facility easily accessible by public transportation? Are there nearby amenities such as restaurants and shopping outlets close to the facility? What is the neighborhood like? Thinking about how these factors might affect your experience with the facility will help you decide if it’s right for you.

Amenities and Services

The amenities and services available at any given facility should also be considered before making a commitment. Ask questions such as: What onsite activities are available? Is there a gym or swimming pool? Are pet-friendly facilities included? Knowing what activities can be enjoyed during your stay at the facility and what other services are offered will make an informed decision upon commitment.

Cost & Pricing

In addition to considering the basic amenities when evaluating potential facilities, cost and pricing should also be taken into account. Questions to ask include: How much does it cost per day/week/month/year (or whatever terms apply)? Is there an introductory special rate or discount through certain promotions that could save money in the long run? Understanding how costs are calculated at each venue will help you better understand which option is more affordable.

Quality of Care

The quality of care provided by any given facility should always be evaluated carefully before committing. Questions you may need answers for include: What kind of health-care professionals work at this location (e.g., nurses, doctors)? Does staff provide appropriate attention to residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week (if applicable)? Does anyone on staff specialize in particular medical conditions/treatments that would benefit me directly? Doing research into these areas can give insight into whether or not this specific center provides satisfactory care.


List Self Storage Collinsville Alabama is a great choice for all of your storage needs. Whether you just need a few items temporarily stored, or you’re looking to store a whole house worth of furniture and belongings, List Self Storage has something to fit your needs. They offer secure on-site facilities with round the clock monitoring. The move-in process is simple and straightforward, so even the most inexperienced renters can find their way around without a problem. On top of that, there are plenty of discounts and flexible payment options to make sure that customers are getting exactly what they want for an affordable price.

All in all, when it comes to budget friendly self-storage solutions in Collinsville Alabama, List Self Storage should be top of mind. With its convenient location and wide variety of services offered, there’s no doubt why more customers trust List Self Storage than ever before!

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