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Welcome to List Self Storage in Dadeville, Alabama! Our state-of-the-art facility is conveniently located near Highway 280 and offers easy access for residents throughout the area. Our trained professionals have the exceptional service and knowledge needed to meet your storage needs. Whether you’re looking for short or long term storage, we’ll make sure to provide a solution that’s perfect for you. From drive-up units with easy ground level access, to temperature controlled spaces ideal for sensitive items like documents and electronics – List Self Storage has what you need! Complete with 24/7 video surveillance and individual door alarms, our staff takes every measure to ensure safety of your belongings as well as your peace of mind. Plus, we offer month-to-month leases on all climates controlled units so they fit perfectly into any budget. So if it’s accessible solutions with premium features that you seek look no further than List Self Storage in Dadeville! Call us today or come by anytime – the doors are always open!The following is a list of self storage options in Dadeville, Alabama:
1. Alexander City Storage
2. Breeze Hill Self Storage
3. Jarvis mini-Storage
4. Triple J Mini Storage
5. A+dee’s Self Storage
6. Anchor Bay Boat and RV Storage


When selecting a self-storage unit in Dadeville, AL, it is important to consider the location of the facility. You want to make sure that the unit is easily accessible and located close enough to your home or business that you can access it regularly. Make sure there are no restrictions regarding what hours you can access the facility as this may impact how convenient storage is for you.


Another key factor when choosing a self-storage unit in Dadeville, AL is size. Depending on what items you plan on storing, you will need to select a size that fits your needs. Standard sizes include 10×10 feet and up with climate controlled units available in some facilities as well.

Security Features

The security features included at an individual facility will vary but could potentially include things such as fencing around the perimeter of the property, video surveillance cameras, individually alarmed units and electronic gate access codes. Make sure your items are protected with reliable security measures when choosing a self-storage solution.


Along with other considerations like location and size, pricing should also be taken into account when selecting a self-storage unit in Dadeville, AL. Facilities often offer discounts or promotions so make sure to ask about any specials they have going on during your visit so that you can get maximum savings while still receiving high quality service for an affordable rate.

Advantages of Renting a Self-Storage Unit in Dadeville, AL

Renting a self-storage unit in Dadeville, AL can offer many advantages to individuals who need an extra space to store their belongings. With features like climate control and onsite security, you can be sure that your items are kept safe and secure during their time in the facility. Typical uses for self-storage units may include storing seasonal decorations or furniture while not in use, archiving important paperwork or documents, or parking vehicles while not being used. Here are some of the benefits of renting a self-storage unit:

Security – Every storage unit offered by establishments in Dadeville is equipped with state-of-the art security systems to ensure that all items remain safe from theft or vandalism. Always make sure that facilities have 24/7 video surveillance as well as access control systems like keypads and/or gate access cards.

Flexibility – Self storage options provide people with much needed flexibility when dealing with short term storage needs and long term solutions for large objects which would otherwise be impractical to keep at home. Customers can choose between smaller enclosed spaces such as mini warehouses all the way up to outdoor parking bays for larger vehicles such as RVs.

Reliability & Convenience – Weather conditions poses no threat when it comes to using a reputable facility in Dadeville since they are climate controlled; meaning that temperature variations won’t damage any contents inside your rented unit over time.

Cost Savings – Storage units are perfect for those looking for cost effective ways of creating more room at home without having to pay high prices. In most cases there is also no deposit required when renting out even the largest spaces making them incredibly handy crisis solutions


If you’re looking to rent a storage unit in Dadeville, AL it’s important that you know the exact location. You don’t want to drive miles away or somewhere that isn’t convenient for your needs. Make sure to find out whether the facility is on-site or if they have a remote access option, like using an app or website. Additionally, check their hours of operation and see if they provide 24-hour access in case you need access during off-hours.


When renting a storage unit in Dadeville, it’s important to know what the cost will be up front. This includes any extra fees such as administrative costs, rental insurance, security deposits and taxes. Make sure to read through all contracts and agreements before signing so there are no surprises when your monthly bill arrives.

Available Space

Before committing to renting a storage unit in Dadeville be sure that the space will accommodate all of your belongings comfortably with room for easy accessibility and movement around items if necessary. Ask about available sizes as well as any discounts for long-term rentals or multi-unit packages.

Security Features

It’s critical that you feel confident your stored items are safe at all times when renting a storage unit in Dadeville. Look into security features such as video monitoring cameras, gated perimeters with keypad entry and alarm systems connected directly to local law enforcement officers just in case.

Check the security measures

When looking to store your belongings at a storage facility in Dadeville, AL, one of the most important considerations is the security of the property. Make sure that all the facilities are well-lit and have secure fencing, as well as other features such as locks and motion detectors. Be sure to inquire about any additional safety precautions that may be available and make use of them if they are offered. Additionally, it’s always best practice to document any valuables for insurance purposes before handing them off to a storage facility.

Choose an appropriate size unit

Another important factor when selecting a storage facility in Dadeville, AL is determining what size unit would be suitable for you needs. If you overestimate the amount of space you need, then this could end up costing more than necessary when it comes time to pay rent each month. But if you underestimate the size required then there won’t be enough room for all your items – resulting in an equally frustrating problem! It’s usually wise to measure out any large furniture pieces beforehand so that can get a better idea about how much space is needed overall.

Include climate control
Also bear climate control in mind when choosing a suitable storage facility; certain items may require temperature regulation or be adversely affected by humidity levels. Furniture made from wood or metal have particular needs; extreme temperatures outside can damage wooden pieces while intense moisture inside can produce mold on metal items – which could both lead unwanted depreciation or ruined goods altogether.

Opt for locally owned locations
Finally opt for locally owned storage units whenever possible rather than going with national chains since these will offer lower prices and often provide more convenience local to Dadeville.. Many smaller businesses also tend to genuinely care about their customers’ needs more positively than larger organisations do – something not often found elsewhere!

1. Make Sure you have a Working Lock

It is important to make sure that your storage unit is securely locked with a high quality lock before leaving it unattended. Look for secure locks such as combination locks, disc locks, or padlocks approved by the facility or ones that have an insurance policy attached to them. Avoid low-price devices that can be easily cut with bolt cutters and pry bars.


2. Secure Your Storage Unit Against Theft

Secure your unit against theft by regularly checking the storage space and making sure all windows, doors and other entry points are properly locked when not in use. Install security lights outside to deter potential burglars from trying to break into your unit.


3. Use Quality Storage Materials

When packing items for long-term storage at a self-storage facility in Dadeville AL, make sure you use quality storage materials such as boxes, bins, crates and containers that will protect your things from moisture, dust and pests.


4. Label & Organize Your Belongings

Take the time to clearly label each box or container so you can find what you need quickly without rummaging through every single one of them every time you want something out of storage.


5. Take Inventory Before Storing Items

Before bringing anything into the facility it’s always best practice to take inventory of all items before they go in; particularly if they are of value either financially or sentimentally. Documenting serial numbers (if available), model numbers and product descriptions is also good practice against possible claims if any personal belongings are lost or stolen while being stored at the facility

Roll Up Garage Doors

Roll up garage doors can be a great option when it comes to securing your storage unit in Dadeville, AL. These types of doors can be secured quickly and easily and offer excellent protection from the elements and potential thieves. One of the biggest advantages to using a roll up door is that it requires minimal maintenance compared to other types of garage doors, making it an ideal choice for those who want convenience without sacrificing security. On the downside, these types of doors are slightly more expensive than other styles, so they may not fit into all budgets.

Swing Out Garage Doors

If you’re looking for a classic style option for your storage unit in Dadeville, AL, then swing out garage doors may be the right choice for you. These sturdy steel or wood doors offer plenty of safety features such as metal-reinforced frames and secure hinges that make them difficult to break into. Additionally, swing out door designs allow for maximum visibility so you can keep an eye on what’s happening inside your storage unit at all times. One of the main drawbacks with this type of door is that regular maintenance is required in order to keep them functioning properly over time.

Sliding Garage Doors

For those who have limited space on their property or want an economical solution for their storage needs in Dadeville, AL sliding garage doors may be perfect for them. This type of door slides open rather than rolling or swinging outward like other models do which allows access without taking up any extra space outside the unit itself. Furthermore, these generally require less hardware installation which means not only lower costs but also faster setup times overallsavedng installation labor costs loropptimaasatelySlidgaragometimegdoorsToonefitnintooruglycanrequmares maiSummarytean ce over time which may be inconveniencing fo Patti nentsbe if done regularly , sliding tmeant gaBuateteethgaderetstaod tupopoptionns ddoffeamaxmifumiimumsqutuicknessaeinstablllaalttaionntioann eceasstseadnd securjoinetyyati thdoolesrsare often reasonably priced so they tend osuittmaIallnytsdebsunethsc while some cssomplemeexxt lenogigthaand ginalauchdmaintenancence..may be

How To Prepare Your Items for Longterm Storage at a Facility InDadeville, AL

Storing items in a facility can be beneficial if your items require long-term storage. Before doing so, it is important to take all the necessary steps to ensure your items will remain safe throughout the duration of their stay and arrive in good condition upon removal. Follow these guidelines to properly prepare your belongings for long-term storage in Dadeville, AL:

First, thoroughly clean all surfaces that come into contact with any items you plan on storing. Vacuum couches and chairs carefully and use a damp cloth to dust shelves or other areas where dirt or debris could accumulate while stored away. Once everything has been cleaned, be sure to dry it fully so no moisture remains before placing them into the storage unit.

Next, get rid of things that won’t remain safe during long-term storage such as food products or certain types of paper documents. Check furniture for any remaining objects like coins or keys which could cause damage while being stored away over an extended period of time.

Organize the items you plan on keeping based on size and shape then pack them accordingly using proper packing materials such as bubble wrap and plastic bags. Fill out any boxes completely without leaving gaps, but not too full that they can burst during transport or stacking process. For more delicate pieces like artwork or bookshelves provide extra protection with foam pipe insulation.

Lastly, try your best to keep track of what exact type and how many categories of items are going into each box so when the time comes to unpack everything will be easier for both you and anyone helping in retrieving from storage space later on down the line if need arises.

Following these preparation steps will help make sure your belongings are secure until removed from their respective units tending towards further satisfaction during retrieval process ensuring zero optimized loss occurred due collection ignorance observed at a later future date covers potential risks minimizing chaos faced hereon after within expected upshot timeline..


List Self Storage Dadeville Alabama is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a secure, affordable storage option. The on-site staff is knowledgeable and friendly, the facilities are well maintained, and the features make managing your belongings easy and convenient. In addition to the great location, security monitoring system, and month-to-month rent options it has to offer, List Self Storage also offers discounts for long term rentals that make it even more cost effective. Whether you’re in need of short or long term storage solutions, List Self Storage in Dadeville can help solve your storage needs with ease.

If you are searching for a trustworthy self-storage provider near Dadeville Alabama area then List Self Storage should be on top of your list. With their competitive prices and superb customer service they stand out from other providers in terms of quality service offered at an affordable rate. Rest assured that storing your possessions with List self storage will give you peace of mind knowing it is safe from rainstorms or other environmental hazards.

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