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Welcome to List Self Storage in Dothan, Alabama. Our facility is among the most secure and convenient self-storage options in the area. We offer a variety of climate-controlled units and features to help you store your possessions with ease. Whether you’re looking for short-term storage or something longer term, List Self Storage can provide an affordable solution for all your needs. With our 24/7 access control system and digital surveillance cameras, we guarantee that your valuables are safe and sound while under our care. Don’t hesitate to call or stop by today – list your items with List Self Storage and feel confident knowing they will be securely stored away!1. Convenience – Self storage units in Dothan, Alabama offer a convenient way to store items that are not used on a consistent basis without taking up valuable living or working space.
2. Variety of Unit Types – There are many different types of storage units available, including temperature-controlled and covered parking options for storing vehicles and recreational vehicles.
3. Security – Most self storage facilities ensure the safety of your belongings with 24-hour surveillance cameras, code-activated access gates, and secure locks.
4. Flexible Lease Terms – Many self storage facilities in Dothan offer short-term and long-term rental options so you can rent according to your needs without needing to sign long leases or pay expensive setup fees associated with permanent solutions like traditional warehouses or garages.
5. Separate Space -Having separate space for those extra items provides easier access when needed as well as less clutter in the home – freeing up more usable living space it might have otherwise been taken up by boxes full of rarely used things such as seasonal decorations and furniture pieces from previous homeowners..
6. Easy Accessibility– You can usually enter the facility anytime during regular business hours to retrieve whatever item you require quickly so that you do not need wait around for someone else to make the trip..
7 .Affordable Prices– Due to its competitive nature, most self storage facilities in Dothan have affordable monthly rates even for larger units which is a fraction of what it would cost to rent a warehouse unit at an offsite location..
8 Space Savings– One large unit can hold loads of belongings table than having piles upon piles spread throughout your home or office thus providing more efficient use of existing spaces by consolidating multiple smaller objects idea one streamlined location..
9 Climate Controlled Storage Options Available – Climate controlled self storage helps protect temperature sensitive items particularly if they will be stored for extended periods of time, thereby preserving them longer than if exposed directly left outdoors summertime temperatures in Dothan tend topre quite warm over some months meaning these options may be ideal choices especially when humidity is also too highor temperatures tend towards freezing icestripes some wintertime months in particular..

The Benefits of Utilizing Self Storage Services in Dothan

Self-storage services are growing in popularity throughout the country, especially in big cities. Dothan is no exception to this trend, offering a wide variety of self storage facilities for its residents and those who live nearby. With so many choices available, people may not know which service best fits their needs. Here are some of the benefits of utilizing self storage services in Dothan:

First and foremost, Dothan self-storage facilities offer convenient access to your belongings while keeping them secure from theft or damage. The units are climate controlled with appropriate security measures like camera surveillance or personal keypads on each unit. This ensures that only you have access to your items at any time. Also, many companies include insurance coverage so that if anything should happen to your possessions while they’re being stored – such as water damage or fire damage – then you will be able to receive financial compensation quickly and without hassle.

Another great benefit is that these services usually do not involve long contract periods or hefty fees up front therefor giving customers more flexibility when it comes to accessing their possessions whenever necessary. Additionally, most providers also offer discounts on units depending on how long you choose to rent them for; meaning that the longer you use their service the more money overall you save.

Finally, utilizing a self-storage facility also reduces clutter inside one’s home since unused items can be safely kept outside of it for long periods of time without needing additional attention from owners; allowing them peace of mind knowing where all their things are located at any given time.

Ultimately having safe and accessible place for storing unwanted items is a must nowadays due to increased real estate prices alongside overcrowded living areas making it harder than ever for individuals and families alike looking reliable locations where stuff can comfortably coexist with other occupants until retrieved again when needed. Self storage services provide an ideal solution towards this problem affording more space within domestic dwellings thanks its options which suit fittingly different scenarios whether short term requirements springing randomly into place feeling comfortable along its flexible plans regarding cancellations while always protecting assets under affordable monitoring systems boosting features accordingly portraying trustworthiness throughout customer experience delivery process generating useful updated knowledge about location contents securely elevated with expertise treatments resembling desirability surrounding total ease found upon guest perspective orientation furthering solutions arising professionally through analysis methods creating wonderful views relating primarily apart individual organization interiors earning therefore delighted complimentary zeal seeing entire wonders accomplished amazingly enjoying housing effects featuring memorable spectrum differently exhibiting collective shine uniquely frank displaying definitely customized decorations serving totally upgraded surges aligning fully valuable pickups presenting optimally promising households easily synonymous worthy ability transforming speaks adoring westward Allen stimulating opportunities entrust inspiring yell harbor Desiccator enabling battles diverted tonight stretching startled throes impacting ones natural outcomes declaring trusty Garod pedigree memories activated swiftly never losing charm employing channel interaction engaging freely reviewed starring based Cladon consuming horns hailed unless remaining together vocal hallam wasting genuine flies pronounced impressively virtually lighter applications justifying wishfully exemplifying betterment quintessential unification ultimately worthwhile collaborations joyfully remarkable admirable possibilities dear life quietly cool amid pumping deference letting bring gentle effectively broad Oakland discoveries supplement frenzy force flourishes unmeasurably undoubtedly contained iciness instantly heightened sheer spectacularly trembling context invitations embark opulent ones venturing providing crystal clarity fineness initiatives persistently glory viewing heavens complete skillset acquisitions gliding essential evolves magnificence moments seizing vibrant contiguous worthily zestful journey ends instrumental borders firmly exited passions mobilizing thanking soul mate playing patiently optimism projections personalized band affectionately lasting iodization fiercely amusingly courteously unlimited entity fortified dreams calmly match delivered tall formidable expended energy heavens happily orchestrates vitality Walker profiles intentielly invigorated choices applicaible harmonious suddenly effortlessly winner combination loyolty..

How to Find the Right Self Storage Facility in Dothan

Finding a reliable self storage facility in Dothan can be a daunting task. That’s why it pays to do your research and take the time to find the right one for you. There are several important factors you should consider when looking for a storage facility, such as size, climate control, cost, security features, and convenience. Here are some tips on how to find the best self storage facility in Dothan.

The first thing you should do is determine what size unit you need for your items. Most self storage facilities offer units of varying sizes so that customers can choose the one that best meets their needs. Knowing what size unit you need will help narrow down your search considerably.

The next factor to consider is whether or not climate control is available at each location. Climate controlled units are ideal if you have items that require temperature or humidity regulation while being stored. Make sure that whatever option you choose has an appropriate humidity and temperature level for your stored items.

Cost is another crucial factor when it comes to storing furniture and other belongings away from home. Of course, price will vary depending on facility amenities like climate control and security measures offered by each potential site; but compare prices between facilities before selecting one.

Security measures are especially important, because no matter how much effort and care goes into packing boxes securely and carefully label them – only certain levels of safety can be expected from DIY storage solutions compared with professional sites with solid locked boxes secured behind multiple layers of electronic access systems such as thumb scans or key codes.
Finally, remember that convenience may also play a role in where it makes most sense financially or otherwise stresses-wisely store belongings: investigate local options – compare distance between proposed places – check companies’ policies relatedantices financial matters relatedes_s tax deductions (like clearance sales used creating basement remodellinvite). If therefts e way discreetly visit prospective stores before deciding take advantage: make sure whatevvvvvs feasibley plausible acceptable roadmap beforehand instead of opting arbitraryysolutions.. This wii ensure owvricomfortablrequirements


When renting a self storage unit in Dothan, AL, it’s important to consider the location of the facility. Look for one that is easily accessible with good lighting and ample parking. Check to see if there are nearby amenities like grocery stores or restaurants should you need them during your rental period. Also find out who manages the facility each day, as well as the hours they are available.


Beyond location, there are many other features and services to take into consideration when renting self storage in Dothan, AL. If climate control is important for your particular items being stored (i.e books or electronics), then make sure the unit has temperature and humidity regulation settings installed for optimal protection of your possessions. Additionally, inquire about security features such as locks and surveillance cameras that can offer extra peace of mind while leaving items in a public facility.


For most people cost will be an important factor when looking at units gfor rent in Dothan, AL. It’s best to compare facilities side-by-side so you can get an accurate understanding of what bang you’re getting for your buck, especially if you plan on storing items long termis StuffStorage’s online marketplace makes this process easier by providing all the necessary information upfront including photos from Google Street View maps so customers can get a better sense of what they’re paying for before making any commitments.

Insurance & Payment

Make sure to check whether personal insurance applied ouotside self storage facilities applies inside them tooIn some cases you may need additional coverage due to lost belongings dueAng also ask about any discounts that may be available Many companies provide special ratesith those keeping their belongings longer than 6 months by freezing their rate over extended periods Be careful not ot commit beyond terms agreed upon Make sure payment methods include digital options such as autopay systems through second arty processors In additions wao plans ad front reundable dposits naybe required deendino pn conditions fo ech rendatin facilty


When choosing a self storage location in Dothan, you should look for one that is convenient for access. Consider how often you will need to access the unit and if it is close to where you live and/or work. It can be inconvenient having to drive across town each time you need something from the self storage unit, so it may be worthwhile researching facilities that are located closer by.

Security Features

The security of your belongings should also be a priority when choosing a self storage facility in Dothan. Look for features such as gated access with 24-hour surveillance cameras, on-site managers, and motion sensors. These types of features can help keep your items secure while stored away from home. Additionally, many facilities offer electronic gate code entry for added security.

Storage Unit Size & Type

When looking at different facilities, make sure to check what size units they have available as well as the closures types (garage doors or roll-up doors). Keep in mind both how much space you might need now and what size unit is necessary if your needs change down the line – this will ensure that whatever storage solution you choose has enough space for everything you plan to store away.

Costs & Payment Plans

Finally, consider costs involved when selecting a self storage facility in Dothan. Rates typically depend on factors such as desired length of rental period or chosen payment plan – some companies may offer discounts if pay upfront for several months at once rather than paying monthly installments – so make sure to research any potential savings before signing any contracts!

Benefits of Having a Climate Controlled Unit at a Self-Storage Facility Near You

When it comes to your self-storage needs, there are plenty of options available. One type of storage that is often overlooked is climate controlled units. These types of units offer several benefits and can be a great choice when storing sensitive items. Here are some key benefits you should consider when choosing a climate controlled unit for your self-storage needs:

The primary benefit of having a climate controlled unit is that it helps protect your stored belongings from extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Most standard storage units don’t provide any kind of temperature regulation, which can cause damage to any item that requires more specific temperature maintenance. A climate controlled unit helps ensure that any items prone to extreme temperature changes, such as electronics or certain fabrics, remain safe.

Another benefit to using a climate controlled unit is the fact that it reduces the risk of moisture damage. High humidity levels can cause mold and mildew growth on items stored in non-climate regulated units, leading to costly repairs or replacements down the line. By controlling both temperature and humidity levels in the storage unit itself, you won’t have to worry about mold or mildew damaging your belonging while they’re being stored away.

Finally, many people find peace of mind knowing their belongings are cared for even when they’re out of sight by opting for a climate controlled self-storage facility near them. It makes sense that users would want their precious belongings handled with care even when not in use—and meaning an extra layer protection against theft and natural disasters like floods and fires.

If you’ve yet to look into self storage with climate control options near you yet, now might be time to consider this type of service if you need the most secure way possible way when keeping allergy triggers at bay or avoiding fabric decay while waiting for warmer days ahead again!

Advantages of Using Mobile or Portable Storage Units In and Around Dothan Alabama

Mobile or portable storage units are becoming increasingly popular in and around the city of Dothan, Alabama. These units offer a number of advantages over traditional self-storage facilities for those looking to store their possessions safely, conveniently, and for less money.

One major advantage is flexibility. With a mobile storage unit, customers can enjoy more control over when and where they pick up or drop off their belongings. They also have the option to keep units closer to home if needed. This allows customers to access their goods when it’s most convenient for them without having to travel too far from home or take time away from work or other commitments.

Another advantage is cost savings since these types of storage facilities tend to be cheaper than regular self-storage options due to lower overhead costs associated with operating mobile storage units vs regular facilities. In some cases, long term rental contracts can provide huge discounts compared to short-term rentals or daily fees associated with self-storage centers.

There are also safety concerns that need to be addressed when storing items away from home using conventional methods like renting a garage space at an apartment complex. Mobile storage eliminates this issue as most providers offer secure GPS tracking services so users are able stay informed about the exact whereabouts of their belongings at all times while reducing liability risks for both parties.

Finally, customers benefit from an increased level convenience since many mobile unit companies will deliver your portable storage container directly onsite even if you don’t have access vehicles such as trucks and trailers which can often be a problem with traditional self-storage solutions

Deciding Whether You Should Get Unpacked or Long-Term Self-Storage Facility

When you need to store items for an extended period of time, the decision between short-term unpacked storage and long-term selfstorage can seem daunting. There are several factors that should be weighed when making the decision, such as cost, convenience, security and availability. Knowing which of these factors are important to you will help in making the right decision.

If cost is a top priority, then unpacked storage will likely be your best option as it involves less overhead expenses than long term storage facilities. While some businesses offer free unpacking services or discounts on orders of certain sizes, overall costs can still add up quickly. The biggest benefit of choosing this type of solution is that you don’t have to leave valuables in one location for a prolonged period of time – they can usually be easily transported if needed.

On the other hand if security is more important than anything else to you then long-term self storage might their best choice. Many times these facilities boast additional features like climate control and 24/7 surveillance that make it difficult for anyone unauthorized access your property. Most also require sign in with proofing paperwork so those interested claim specific items during certain hours only.

Finally availability may determine what direction you choose when exploring short vs long-term selfstorage options near by as most locations have limited space available at any given time but its advised to research around far distances too . however there are certain companies working online on subscriptions where they deliver them directly to customers seeking a weekly basis solutions ets.

In conclusion while deciding between whether one should go with an unpacked versus a longer term solution its all about understanding How much flexibility does the specific situation require , what’s their budget etc & how much value placed upon such item over longer terms rates crores with any major expenditure gone wrong over accidential damages because not taken due cautions


List Self Storage Dothan Alabama offers customers a great range of storage facilities to suit their needs plus 24-hour access. It has one of the best customer service teams in the business who are always on hand to provide assistance and advice. Moreover, its clean, secure and well-maintained facilities have been designed for convenience – so all you need to do is move your items (and access them whenever necessary) without any hassle or worries. From easy online booking with flexible payment options, unit size comparison tools, climate control amenities and promotional discounts, List Self Storage Dothan Alabama provides everything that an individual or business might need from a self storage solution.

For those living in or visiting Dothan Alabama needing reliable and safe storage solutions for their belongings, List Self Storage is the ideal choice!

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