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Meet List Self Storage, the Enterprise-based storage solution that puts customer convenience first! Located directly off US Highway 82, List Self Storage offers state of the art solutions tailored to fit your individual needs. With a variety of security features and professional managers on site to assist customers with their self-storage needs, you can be sure that your belongings are safe and secure at all times. Need more space for your business or home? Look no further – List Self Storage has got you covered! From document storage to large items such as furniture sets and appliances, our expert team will help you find the right size and type of unit for your exact requirements. For added peace of mind, we offer flexible hour access in case of emergency situations or late pick-ups – just call us ahead of time to arrange a special appointment. And don’t forget – whether it’s short term or long term rentals, we have rental plans suited for everyone from individuals to businesses! So what are you waiting for? Make sure all your possessions are taken care of – contact List Self Storage in Enterprise today!Self storage in Enterprise, Alabama can provide homeowners and businesses with a number of benefits. With secure storage units conveniently located throughout the city and surrounding areas, Enterprise residents have a great resource for storing their items. Self storage is an ideal solution for freeing up space in the home or office and can offer numerous advantages, such as providing extra protection against theft, preserving valuable items from dust and moisture damage, and offering easy access when needed. Businesses may also be able to reduce their need for expensive workspaces by renting self storage units to store equipment and out-of-season merchandise. An added benefit of self-storage is that it allows individuals or companies to control access to stored goods because only they hold the key—providing greater peace of mind than an unsecured onsite location would allow.

Types of Self Storage Units Available in Enterprise, Alabama

Enterprise, Alabama has a variety of self storage units available to meet any need. Whether you are looking for a short or long-term solution, there is something here that will fit your needs. From climate-controlled units to traditional storage options, you’ll be able to find the right unit for your needs. Here are just some of the types of self storage units available in Enterprise:

Drive Up Units – These space-saving storage options offer easy drive up access so that you can quickly store and retrieve items as needed. They are usually located on the ground level with no stairs or elevator required to reach them. Theses units come in various sizes ranging from5x10 up to 10×30 and more. Furthermore some may also have an additional outdoor secure area for RV/Boat/Travel trailer parking outside their facility gates but still within their property line boundry walls secured by fire proof door locks for further added security protection..

Indoor Climate Controlled Storage – These temperature controlled units provide superior protection against extreme temperatures and humidity changes reducing wear and tear caused by hot temperatures or cold weather fluctuations all while protecting any stored furniture from further damage cause due too moisture accumulation during state wide rainy season intervals which continue into late summer months . Keeping items such as photos ,paintings & other sensitive materials safe is easy with these specially designed temperature control even inside the own facility exterior wall however must require access code authorization before entering specific common areas allowing extra security with CCTV monitoring systems installed near entrances doorways .

Storage Locker– Ideal for small items like boxes and bin bags full of holiday decorations ,valuable personal documents or carpets rug this self storate price option almost cut half then actual size spaces normally used regular daily business . Its vary between 3×3– 6×6 square feet total volume if filled enclosure completely . The combination locked system allows visitor upon showing valid ID / passport Security at entry front desk who will provide locker number + special generated unique time restricted password existing only for certain days before expires preventing outsiders to enter without authorised permission given via rental office management team prior weekday last month notification using electronic mail services address sending out digital contact details card name & address where its located within reasonale proximity nearby store locality making it easier handle logistic troble free convenient way even coming late night hour during any national public holidays when we feel urgent requirements depending necessary guidelines following accordingly precautionary rules ..

Self Storage Unit Rentals & Fees in Enterprise, Alabama

If you’re looking for a great way to store your belongings in Enterprise, Alabama then self storage units are the perfect option. Self-storage units are convenient and cost-effective ways to store items securely while taking up very little space. With a variety of sizes and features available, finding the right storage unit for you is easy. Not only that but storage unit fees can vary greatly depending on several factors such as size and location.

At ABC Storage, we offer rental options 24 hours every day with no long term leases required so if you need extra space just temporarily we can accommodate your needs. We provide multiple size options so whatever size of items you have to store (from small boxes right through to moving house) we have something to suit everyone. Our storage rates are among some of the most competitive prices around Enterprise, Alabama and our staff are friendly professionals who can help make sure your entire experience with us is top notch from start to finish.

Our most popular self-storage units include 5×5 feet which is ideal for small items like several suitcases or bicycles, 10×10 feet for larger items such as furniture or boxes full of important paperwork or documents and up to 20×30 feet which is perfect if you’re doing some spring cleaning or difficult remodeling projects like garage organization in one large unit instead of multiple smaller ones. Prices range from $77/month up to $364/month but be sure to call us directly if pricing isn’t currently showing online as there may be specials available that aren’t published online.

At ABC Storage all our indoor units come climate controlled meaning your items will stay at an even temperature when kept here plus they’re guarded by digital cameras recording 24 hours a day 7 days a week along with having personnel always onsite ready and available should anything arise during your stay with us.

No matter what type of property it might be, feel assured knowing its safely stored away here at ABC Storage in Enterprise, Alabama!

Security Considerations for Your Self Storage Needs in Enterprise, Alabama

When selecting a self storage facility, it is important to consider the security protocols that the facility has in place. In Enterprise, Alabama, there are several factors to consider including location, security systems used, and types of access given to tenants. Location is an important factor because proximity to police or other emergency services can make all the difference if an incident should occur at the storage facility.

Security systems such as CCTV cameras and motion sensors should be takes into account when selecting a storage unit. These devices provide additional surveillance which can help deter crime as well as help authorities identify any individuals who do decide to break in the units. Valuables stored on-site should ideally also be insured against any instances of theft or damage.

Finally, it is essential that tenants know what type of access they will have regarding their unit(s). Access codes that require passwords or biometric identification such as fingerprints greatly reduce the chances of unwanted persons gaining access; these measures provide significant peace of mind for customers who might be worried about theft from within their own secure environment. In addition to entry/exit protocols like this one more than one person may need access; if this applies then prior arrangements must be made with the company before more than one personal code will work on a single unit.

Taking all these security considerations into account before renting self-storage space helps ensure valuable items are protected throughout their stay with a reliable provider in Enterprise , AL.. Customers can rest assured that their belonging will remain safe and secure at all times during their time at premises located there so long as due diligence was taken when selecting both company and unit specifics initially.

Choose the Right Facility

When using a self storage facility in Enterprise, Alabama, it is important to choose the right one. You want to make sure that you select a facility that meets your needs and budget. It can be helpful to look into customer reviews or visit the facility before signing any contracts. Taking the time to research different facilities will help you avoid costly mistakes in the long-run.

Check for Security Measures

Before selecting a specific storage unit, it is important to check what security measures are in place. This includes looking at surveillance cameras, access control systems such as padlocks or biometric scans, as well as onsite management and other personnel who may monitor spaces regularly. Knowing these details up front will provide you with peace of mind while using your self storage unit.

Know Your Options for Organization

It can be very beneficial when using a self storage facility in Enterprise, Alabama if you get organized ahead of time . Making packing lists and creating labeled containers can be helpful when trying to find items quickly later on down the road. Additionally, getting furniture covers for any fragile pieces will help ensure they remain protected from dust or damages over time.


Prepare Items Ahead Of Time

  Getting familiar with what type of items one should prepare before transporting their belongings is key for success when utilizing self-storage units . Things such as cleaning out large appliances like refrigerators and stovetops , draining out all fluids from vehicles or machines , emptying gas tanks completely , removing dirt from tools and properly wrapping them accordingly are all essential steps that should be taken prior to storing away your possessions.

Staying Proactive

Renting a self-storage unit in Enterprise, Alabama can be a great way to keep your belongings safe and secure. However, it is important to be mindful of any additional charges that may incur during the course of renting the unit. Fortunately, there are certain strategies you can use to help avoid these extra charges and ensure that you enjoy a successful storage rental experience.

Choose The Right Size Unit

The first step when it comes to avoiding extra charges is making sure that you choose appropriate size storage unit for your needs. If you select an overly large unit for your items, this could result in paying Moore for more space than necessary. Similarly, if you end up having too much stuff and the items do not fit into the selected size of storage unit then there is always the potential for additional fees due to overfilling or having no other option but upgrade your services

Carefully Review Your Rental Agreement

It’s important to carefully reviewyour rental agreement before signing anything so that you are fully aware of what terms agreed on and what kind of fees may apply over time or after leaving the facility. This will help prevent any surprise expenses down the line as well as ensure that all expectations have been clearly discussed beforehand. The last thing anyone wants is dealing with unexpected fees or hidden costs from their self-storage provider after moving out.


Finding the right location for your self-storage needs in Enterprise, Alabama is a crucial first step. Depending on the items you are storing you may need to be closer or further away from amenities or transportation routes. Consider how accessible you need your units to be and any restrictions that the potential new location might have. Also ask yourself any questions about local crime rates and possible neighborhood watch initiatives. It’s essential that the chosen area is comfortable, safe and convenient for storage needs.


If visibility is important in finding potential tenants then selecting a site close to highways, main roads or other busy areas may be beneficial in order to increase this visibility. The chosen site should have a good line of sight from major entrances so it can easily be seen by drivers passing by.


The self-storage industry is highly competitive so it would be wise to research what other storage facilities are in operation close by and evaluate their products they offer carefully before making any decisions on your own facility. This will help prevent having too many similar businesses in one area causing competition.

<h3Specifications& Requirements

Before choosing a location make sure that its specifications meet all requirements necessary to run a successful business such as electric system, HVAC systems, fire systems etc. It’s also important that there is enough space for expansion so future growth can occur if needed without disruption.

<h3Tax Breaks And Credits

Research municipal policies applicable at both state and local level when looking into different locations as these could potentially yield tax breaks or credits within certain jurisdictions which would benefit finance of investment into running costs of new facility.)

Advantages of Climate Controlled and Non-Climate Controlled Units for Rental In Enterprise, Ala.

For people living in Enterprise, Ala., there are both climate controlled and non-climate controlled storage units available for rent. Each have their own set of advantages, which makes it important to know what type of unit will best suit your needs.

Climate-controlled units provide more stable temperatures and humidity levels, making them better suited to items that are sensitive to changes in temperature or fluctuations in the air. This option is often preferred by people looking for a place to store paintings, photographs, electronics or fragile heirlooms that can easily be damaged by extreme temperatures or humidity levels.

Non-climate controlled storage units can also be a great choice for those seeking a cost effective solution while still keeping their items safe. These units may not provide the same level of protection as climate control does but they still offer some degree of protection against environmental threats such as rainfall and snow combined with other potential dangers like vandalism and theft. People looking for an economical solution might find this option suitable because it provides secure storage at an affordable price point.

Ultimately which type of rental unit you choose depends on what kind of items you are storing and your budget constraints. If item safety is at the forefront then climate control should be considered since it provides much more reliable temperature control when compared to a non-climate alternative. On the flip side if you are looking for an economical solution then non-climate controlled could be suitable since it will help save money while still providing adequate security measures for stored items


List Self Storage Enterprise Alabama is the perfect option for anyone who needs extra storage space. It provides top-notch security and convenience with its modern facilities and affordable pricing plan. Its friendly customer service team, friendly on-site staff, and variety of additional services make storing at this facility a hassle-free experience. As an added bonus, List Self Storage also offers RV/Boat storage for those who require additional outdoor space for their recreational vehicles.

Overall, List Self Storage Enterprise Alabama is an excellent choice to meet your storage needs in the Enterprise area. For those looking to store items securely yet conveniently, this facility is an ideal solution that caters to your specific needs at competitive prices.

When you choose List Self Storage Enterprise Alabama as your storage provider, you can trust that your items will be safe and secure throughout the duration of rental period. With all these benefits, it makes sense why so many people choose List Self Storage as their number one choice when it comes to self storage solutions in Enterprise.

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