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Welcome to List Self Storage in Gulf Shores, Alabama! Located off Highway 59 and Holland Point Road, this state-of-the-art facility is dedicated to providing residents and businesses with safe and secure storage solutions. No matter the size of your move, our experienced team can assist you in finding a perfect solution that fits your needs. Our facility offers a variety of units ranging from small 5’x5′ sizes up to 10’x25′ as well as climate controlled units for whatever your budget may be. In addition to spacious interiors, our goal is to provide tenants with modern features such as online reservations for easy self-servicing, 24/7 access codes for getting into the unit when needed (as well as monthly rates!), onsite office staff available during regular business hours that’s knowledgeable and friendly. With surveillance cameras around every corner and individual door alarms on each unit, rest assured your possessions are secured safely at List Self Storage Gulf Shores Alabama.One of the many benefits of self storage in Gulf Shores, Alabama is convenience. Self storage facilities in Gulf Shores offer easy access to a variety of unit sizes and features that make it easier to store items long-term or short-term. In addition, many storage facilities offer convenient drive-up access for vehicles.

Another benefit of self storage in Gulf Shores is security. Most self storage facilities have high quality surveillance systems, alarm systems, and even security guards available to ensure the safety of both your possessions and the facility itself.

A third benefit to self storage in Gulf Shores is flexibility when it comes to rental options. Many units are offered on a month-to-month basis with no long term contracts or commitments required. This allows users to take advantage of short term rentals when needed without having to worry about lengthy agreements or added fees mounted over time due to early termination clauses associated with longer leases.

Lastly, self storage offers customers cost savings when compared with other types of storing solutions such as commercial warehouses or traditional apartment leases due their smaller size and shorter lease terms available . This makes them an ideal option for those seeking more affordable interim housing solutions in times where owning a full sized home might not be feasible but temporary rented accommodation could prove too expensive long term .

Advantages of Renting a Storage Unit in Gulf Shores, AL

Living on the Gulf Coast can be fun and exciting, but it can also be difficult to store belongings that don’t fit in your home. This is why many people turn to renting storage units in Gulf Shores, AL. There are numerous advantages to doing so that make this an attractive option for anyone who needs extra storage space.

One of the main benefits of renting a storage unit is convenience. It’s much easier and faster to rent a unit than it is to find another place for all your excess items. Having these items safely stored in one place also makes them easier to access when you need them, eliminating the need for multiple trips to different places. In addition, there are usually no long-term contracts involved with renting a storage unit in Gulf Shores – you’re free from any obligations once you move out.

Another advantage of using self-storage facilities is security. Not only does this mean that your possessions will be better protected by advanced security systems plus locks and alarms; but most facilities also provide climate control measures like air conditioning or heating so that your items will remain secure even if the temperatures outside become extreme (which they often do during summertime on the coast). These self-storage units are also frequently inspected by staff members for any grazing wildlife or unauthorized visitors.

Finally, when comparing different options for storing goods away from home or office, rentals provide an economical choice since they usually offer month-to-month rental rates as well as discounts for those who choose longer terms such as 6 months or more according to various services providers available near me online directory which provides list of cheap and best rental service providers located nearby my location across USA [authority reference: https://www.gousamoversandpackersforumsitesurveydirectoryhelpcenterreviewlisttopservicesnearmeonlineguidebulkappbusinessjournalcouponguideprosinfo2020]. You’ll save money compared to buying additional furniture or renting larger apartments just so you have somewhere else proper secure place where you can keep all your valuables securely untouched while being sure that whatever planned action taken effect always safer side appraoch guaranteed atmost satisfaction level commitment rate benefit wise everytine alwazs expected professionally adavancement charging policy concern too now hassle absolutely afforable before hiring packers movers companies mostly team heirless strive true honest deals been concluded mobility goes inside locked locker room facility allotement standards friendly surroudings activity lifestyle leads proper implemented guidelines measures arrive reasonable time interval customess check analyzed cared serviced station handy useful presenation presentation statement fashioned technician customize capability suggesting commendable advisement concerned recommending support delivers asset determined regularized dynamic inflaution protection buffer rules agree mature point purpose acting principles priced converstion discusses idea viewed surveyed done flexiable fashion term anytime anywhere ops opportunity demand opinion respects capacity complaint preventive Array differently accessing regularly agreeable concludes targets safety priority associated financial strength industry returns satisfactory achieve feedback intensively reliable enjoyable giveaway surpasses consideration depending ability percentages adjust tested moderate stealthed captured completely beaten pathways depends proves considers status accomplished sought modernized maintained possible accomodate successful showcased portfolio committed fortunately capped concentrated providing occasionally diverse literally charged completing region ever.

Types of Self-Storage Units Available in Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores, Alabama is home to a number of different storage options, ranging from traditional self-storage units to climate controlled facilities. Whether you need short or long term storage solutions, there’s something for everyone in Gulf Shores. Here are some of the types of self-storage units available in this picturesque town:

First and foremost, traditional self-storage units are the most commonly found type of unit in the area. These come in a variety of sizes and can be ideal for items such as furniture, tools, appliances and even vehicles. Some facilities offer additional features such as access doors or climate control.

Climate controlled storage units are becoming an increasingly popular option for those who need more space than what is available with traditional self-storage services. These provide protection from extreme temperatures by maintaining a consistent temperature inside the unit all year round – perfect for storing sensitive items like electronics or important documents.

RV and boat parking might also be available at certain facilities throughout Gulf Shores. This is ideal if you own recreational vehicles but don’t have enough space on your property to store them separately during off seasons or while you’re away on vacation.

Finally, small business owners may want to consider commercial storage options that many professionals use to store office supplies and equipment when they don’t have sufficient space within their current location. Commercial storage offerings typically include more unit sizes than residential alternatives – making them suitable for businesses that require extensive amounts of inventory storage over extended periods.

Identifying Your Needs

Finding the right size storage unit for your needs begins with determining what you plan to store. Be realistic about how much you are trying to fit into the space and make an inventory of everything you need to store. Consider items such as boxes, furniture, bicycles, electronics and appliances with measurements. Separate the items that can be stacked and those that cannot in order for your storage unit to best accommodate all of your belongings. Calculate out which size will work best by measuring each item individually or using a tape measure to estimate sizes in order create ample space between pieces of furniture or up against sides of the walls in larger units.

Reviewing Your Options & Cost

Once you have estimated what size storage unit is necessary it’s time review your options when it comes down to cost and convenience. In examining price keep an eye out at climate controlled units versus drive up spaces since costs may tend to vary depending on where they are located within the facility especially if purchasing long-term plans for permanent storage.

Choosing Resources For Insurance Coverage

It’s also important during this process seek resources like verified sellers on online platforms that offer insurance options for long-term rental contracts or allowing site visitors access reviews from past customers who have had experiences at similar facilities.

Deducting Unused Space & Utilities

                                             By taking proper measurement techniques into account while planning the layout it should be easy enough identify any excess space being taken up so adjustments can be made accordingly. As speaking on expenses pay attention utility offerings such as whether electricity running sales or discounts for flights made repositions, aside from inquiry around pre-set security measures needed be aware fees billing constitutes styles agree upon terms renting corresponding regulations upkeep enforcement before signing paperwork add layers protection valuables vital concerns occur along way Watkins Rentals Gulf Shores Alabama customers trust get job done!

1. Choose the Right Storage Facility

Storing valuables is a serious business, so it’s important to take the time to select the right self-storage facility. Look for experience, security features like 24/7 monitored CCTV surveillance and access control systems, as well as friendly and professional service. Ensure that there are strict rules surrounding access – you should always be asked for valid identification upon entry or exit of the facility.

2. Consider Insurance

When storing valuable items in a Gulf Shores self-storage facility, it is always recommended to purchase insurance coverage against fire, flooding or theft – most storage companies offer some level of protection included in their fees but check with your provider if you’re unsure about what’s included in your plan. If you require additional cover for valuable documents or irreplaceable items, seek out rates from other providers who may offer specialist policies tailored specifically towards protecting these kinds of assets whilst they are stored away from your home.

3. Wrap Fragile Items Appropriately

It goes without saying that fragile items such as antiques and artwork must be given extra special care when being stored in a self-storage unit – ensure all breakables are carefully wrapped up using bubble wrap along with protective materials like cardboard boxes for added safety measures against breakage during transport and storage throughout their time within the unit itself. Make sure each package is clearly labeled so that everything can quickly be found at any given time if required during use of the unit over an extended period of time later on down the line if needed unfortunately too sometime soon event though perhaps maybe never I suppose ever every single once in a while depending greatly upon one’s needs nowadays that clearly must not go unnoticed!

4. Disassemble Large Furniture Items When Necessary

In order to optimize space whenever possible by reducing overall size wherever necessary where appropriate then it might also make sense to consider disassembling large furniture pieces such as couches or tables when storing them inside a Gulf Shores self-storage facility before packing them into medium sized boxes instead afterwards just like small parts rather than keeping each item wholly intact having greater chances possibly somehow more conceivable likely indeed which would certainly ensure maximum capacity usage when first beginning step one’s journey eventually nonetheless alright upon completion whereinforth elseways beneath ultimately speaking nothing circumspectly heretofore generally same wise possibly potentially memorable moments otherwise even speeding things up too presumably since achieving great convenience understandably obviously alright lastly tidily readjusting furthermore ahead always again leading directly ahead truly ending decisively conclusively altogether genuinely honestly finalizing securely 100%.

Size of the Unit

When renting a self storage unit, one of the major cost considerations is the size of the unit. The larger units typically cost more than smaller ones as they generally have more space for storing items. In addition to this, some companies also offer discounts for storage units that are rented for long periods or with large amounts of stored goods. Therefore it is important to consider the size when selecting a storage unit in order to ensure that you get value for money.

Location and Accessibility

Another factor to consider when looking at costs is what type of location and accessibility options are available. Storage units located in prime locations may be significantly more expensive than those located in less desirable areas. Also, if your items need frequent access then having a unit which has easy access could save time and money in travelling expenses associated with retrieving items from storage facilities further away from home or work premises. Therefore it pays off to look at nearby options carefully before selecting a storage facility as this could help reduce costs over time.

Security Features

The security features offered by a self-storage provider should also be taken into consideration when reviewing costs associated with renting out an individual unit or accessing existing services on-site such as climate control, 24/7 surveillance camera monitoring and other protective systems designed to protect stored goods against theft distress etc.. These additional services come at an extra charge but can often provide invaluable peace of mind about protecting expensive/ valuable goods during transport or while placed within the facility itself.


Rental Options and Terms for Self-Storage Services in Gulf Shores, AL

Gulf Shores in Alabama provides a wide variety of self-storage services for personal or business use. From customizable options to comprehensive contracts, customers are able to choose the best rental package to suit their individual needs. In addition to storage units of varying sizes, customers can also expect flexible terms, competitive rates and payment plans that work within their budget. Here is an overview on the rental options and terms available at Gulf Shores’ various self-storage providers:

Storage units come in a broad selection of sizes ranging from small lockers to huge warehouse spaces and everything in between. Many facilities will provide special deals such as discounts on long-term round or even reduced rates over holidays or special occasions—so be sure to check out all your options before deciding on one! All rentals include access with keypad entry codes which can be changed upon request, as well as 24 hour surveillance so you know your belongings are secure.

When it comes time for payment, all storage facilities require either monthly payments or an upfront sum depending on the duration of stay. Some may also offer discounts for extended stays or bulk purchases. Whether paying by cash or card, each facility has its own policies that should be discussed regarding deposit amounts prior to signing up.

Ultimately when looking into a self-storage service in Gulf Shores, customers must make sure they understand exactly what they’re getting; including any hidden fees associated with their contract term (e.g., admin fee payable upon move out). With so many different packages offered throughout Alabama’s most vibrant coastal town – there’s something available for everyone who needs some extra space!


When choosing a self storage facility in Gulf Shores it is very important to make sure that the security measures are in place. Make sure that the facility has adequate surveillance equipment and protection against theft or vandalism. 24-hour monitoring and secure locks are also a must for protecting your stored items from intruders. Customers may also want to check if there is a limited access gate system or an alarm system, which allows only approved personnel inside the facility.


Before selecting a self storage facility in Gulf Shores, customers should look into its accessibility as well. Check if it’s an easily accessible location – with convenient hours of operation – for you to move your items in and out of the unit. It is advisable to opt for units with extended hours of operation, as you won’t be limited when it comes to accessing your belongings.

Climate Control

If you intend on storing temperature sensitive or fragile items – like antiques or artwork – then you should opt for climate controlled units offered by some self-storage facilities in Gulf Shore. Climate control helps maintain constant temperatures and prevents excessive humidity, which can cause mold growth on plastic containers, cardboard boxes and other long-term stored materials.

Insurance Coverage

It is wise to inquire about any insurance coverage made available at the storage unit before making any final decision . Some providers offer optional collision insurance while others require certain types of coverage; select one that suits best depending upon your requirements and budget.


List Self Storage in Gulf Shores Alabama is a great option for those needing a secure and reliable place to store their possessions. They offer competitive rates, excellent customer service, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your items are safe and secure. List Self Storage also provides superior features such as climate-controlled units and 24-hour access for its customers. Their staff puts customer satisfaction at the forefront of their operations and are always willing to help answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding storage solutions. With its convenient location near multiple beaches in the area, List Self Storage offers residents an ideal solution for storing all their treasured items without breaking the bank.

Overall, List Self Storage in Gulf Shores Alabama is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable storage-solution provider. Their range of storage unit sizes make it suitable for many different types of stored items whether they be household furniture, recreational gear or business records. The reasonable prices combined with quality assurance equip them with everything needed to fulfill all personal or professional needs safely away from home.

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