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Welcome to List Self Storage Highland Lakes Alabama! Located in the beautiful Highland Lakes area, we offer convenient and secure options for self storage that are perfect for both residents and businesses alike. Our storage units come in a variety of sizes and they are all climate-controlled, making your items safe from temperature fluctuations throughout the year. We even provide lockers for smaller items, plus air-powered chutes for easy moving. With us, you can rest assured that your possessions will be secure every step of the way. We also have state-of-the-art security measures on our facility grounds like around the clock surveillance cameras and an onsite manager to make sure no one accesses any restricted areas without permission. So whether you’re looking for short term or long term solutions to store excess business inventory or important documents, List Self Storage has everything you need! Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our offerings here at List Self Storage Highland Lakes Alabama!In Highland Lakes, Alabama, there are many benefits to using a self-storage unit. Self-storage units provide secure storage for items that may be too large for a traditional home or business. Additionally, these units are very affordable and can easily accommodate any budget. With these units, you get the convenience of flexible access times as well as enhanced security features such as perimeter fencing and video monitoring. Furthermore, the temperature inside the facility is controlled which means your valuable items are safe from extreme temperatures. Finally, having a self-storage unit in Highland Lakes allows for easier delivery or pickup of your belongings if necessary.

Reasonable Rates

For those seeking long-term storage in Highland Lakes, Alabama, self-storage facilities offer an inexpensive option. Self-storage units tend to have much lower rental rates than traditional warehouse rentals due to the fact that space is rented by the month rather than by the year. Furthermore, most self-storage units are climate controlled which can help keep your items protected from extreme temperatures and humidity.

Convenient Locations

Most people appreciate easy access to their belongings when it comes to moving and storage. With a variety of convenient locations throughout Highland Lakes and the surrounding areas, finding a self storage unit near you should be no problem. Of course, opting for one of these facility’s online services might also be beneficial as they usually provide free pick up and delivery with larger purchases.

Secure Facilities

One of the main advantages of utilizing self-storage units in Highland Lakes is that they are highly secure locations; each facility offers 24/7 video surveillance so you can rest assured that your possessions are safe at all times. Moreover, customers are given individual passcodes upon signing up to gain access into their designated unit(s). On top of security measures such as these, many facilities will also provide locks for added protection.

Variety Of Unit Sizes

Many people loving about self storage options in Highland Lake is the variety of sizes available – ranging from 5x5ft all the way up to 20x20ft for really large loads. This allows you to choose a unit size based on your particular budget needs or how much space you need – great if you require additional room between properties or just want more breathing space within your own house When locked away safely inside these containers, even sensitive items like electronics remain quite safe from humidity during monsoon season.<

Advantages of Storing Valuables in Self Storage Units in Highland Lakes Alabama

Self storage units in Highland Lakes Alabama provide a safe and secure option to store valuable items. With 24-hour CCTV surveillance, keycard entry systems, and modern security measures such as intruder alarms, you can rest assured that your possessions are well protected. Moreover, the spacious interior design allows for flexibility making it easier to store large items such as furniture or business documents with ease.

The self storage facilities located in Highland Lakes are also highly affordable which makes them an ideal option for individuals on a budget. They offer short or long-term rentals at competitive rates enabling clients to take advantage of discounts for longer rental durations without having to worry about additional costs. Additionally, some sites even offer discounts if multiple units are rented out over a certain amount of time which further helps save money in the long run.

Another great benefit of renting a self storage unit is the convenience factor as customers can access their goods with relative ease at any time they wish without having to rearrange their plans due to particular opening hours like those found during traditional retail stores operating hours. Furthermore, clients have full control over when they want to move out from the facility meaning there won’t be any surprises down the line once tenancy ends.

Finally one last advantage that comes with storing valuables in self-store units is complete privacy and confidentiality between customers and personnel involved since there will be no unnecessary paperwork needed nor any nosy people wondering around near your belongings while you visit or retrieve your valuables from these facilities ensuring ultimate peace of mind throughout the process.

Highland Lakes, AL: Different Types of Self Storage Facilities

Self storage is a great solution for those looking to free up space in their homes or businesses without getting rid of important items. Highland Lakes, Alabama, offers various types of self storage facilities to meet the needs of any customer. From traditional indoor units to RV and boat storage options, you can find what you’re looking for right here in Highland Lakes. Here is a quick overview of the different types available.

Indoor Storage Units: Traditional self storage units are located in secure buildings that are accessible only by property owners and authorized personnel. These indoor units come in variety sizes and offer climate-controlled features to protect contents from extreme temperatures or moisture damage. Tenants have private access through individual locks and keys.

Outside Storage Units: Outside storage facilities provide ideal solutions for those wanting drive-up access with larger items such as boats or RVs – as well as for business owners needing easy entry on a regular basis. Pattillo’s Rentals & Mini Warehouse provides outdoor unit sizes ranging from 10×10 to 12×30 feet.

Mobile/Onsite Unit Rentals: For those not wanting long-term rental contracts or who don’t have easy access to a storage facility, mobile/onsite unit rentals could be an ideal option. This service will deliver one or more portable container unit s at your desired location so you can use it on your schedule while avoiding long-term commitments.

RV and Boat Storage Options: Dedicated RV parking spots provide 24/7 security and protection from bad weather conditions when you are unable to store your vehicle inside your garage – especially if space is limited . Other options like covered boat slips keep boats safe until they’re ready o hit the water again .

No matter what type of self-storage solution best fits your budget and needs , there is no need t o look further than Highland Lake s . With all these different storage options available , finding extra space has never been easier!

The Benefits of Choosing an Outdoor Facility for Your Portable and Mobile Items near Highland Lakes, AL

Finding the right storage for important items like portable and mobile devices can be a challenge. An outdoor facility near Highland Lakes, AL offers many benefits for those looking to store these types of items. From safety features to climate control options, outdoor facilities provide customers with an optimal solution for storing their valuable possessions. Here are some of the benefits of choosing an outdoor facility near Highland Lakes, AL:

Enhanced Security Features

Outdoor facilities provide additional security measures that indoor facilities do not have. As these facilities are located onsite or nearby home sites, they offer more protection from outside intrusions than indoor units do. Customers can also benefit from round-the-clock surveillance cameras and access controls that allow only authorized personnel to enter the premises. By investing in state-of-the-art security solutions, customers can rest assured that their valuable goods are properly protected during storage.

Climate Control Options

Highland Lakes’ temperatures vary throughout the year with summer months being especially oppressive and wet due to its close proximity to the gulf coast area so climate controlled units will help protect any items stored from both humidity and temperature fluctuations caused by summer heat waves or cold winter days. Climate controlled units can maintain moderate temperatures inside giving your possessions more stability instead of succumbing to wide swings in humidity levels.

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Tips for Keeping Your Items Safe When Renting a Unit for Long-term Storage

Renting a storage unit is the perfect solution if you need extra space to store items that won’t fit in your home or office. But, when it comes to long-term storage, it’s important to take measures to ensure your belongings stay safe and secure. Here are some tips for keeping your items safe in a rental storage unit near Highland Lakes AL:

One of the most important steps is choosing the right facility with excellent security features. Look for one with an on-site manager who can answer questions and oversee access 24/7, electronic gate access codes, high fences, security cameras, and motion detection lights. The more layers of security offered at the facility, the better.

Make sure you rent the correct size unit so there is enough space for all of your boxes and furniture but no wasted space where someone could hide out unseen. It may also be beneficial to carefully select which items you want stored side by side as large pieces such as an armoire or dresser could partially block visibility from both outside surveillance cameras and visitors passing through.

Document each item before placing it into storage by taking pictures or noting descriptions on paper – these records are essential if something happens down the line. Also consider installing monitoring equipment in order to keep tabs on what’s going inside your unit without needing to physically visit it frequently.

Keeping items locked away safely doesn’t have simply stop at padlocks either; insert sealant beneath door frames or install brackets around doors as well as windows – this will render them far harder to break open than using just a standard lock alone. Also make sure everything is covered up well from dust since storing certain valuables uncovered can cause damage over time.

In addition, regularly change out locks when needed especially upon move in’s & move outs – this not only helps prevent any former tenants from entering without permission but also prevents forgotten keys still floating out there somewhere being used by someone else again later down . Finally double check that all pads (both those underneath furniture legs) + units themselves are securely secured – nothing worse than coming back after months away only find everything strewn about across floor due misalignment during banging/shaking process!

Tips on Personal Protective Equipment Needed Before Moving into Any Self Storage Locations Around Highlakes Lake, AL

When planning the move to your self storage unit around Highlakes Lake, Alabama, there are a few important safety precautions that should be taken. It is essential to ensure you have the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on hand in order to protect yourself against any potential hazards during your move. This includes items such as gloves, face masks, protective eyewear or goggles, hard hats and steel-toed boots.

Gloves are an essential item when it comes to moving heavy items and packing fragile items as they provide protection for your hands from cuts and scrapes by keeping them clean and dry throughout the day. Similarly, face masks act as an extra layer of protection against dust particles which could irritate both eyes and noses while performing physical labor tasks in the storage unit.

Protective eyewear also plays an important role in providing greater visibility while packing up drawers or carrying large objects into tight spaces within the storage unit. And don’t forget about wearing hard hats when performing activities like drilling holes into wooden planks or working with materials that may cause flying objects or dangerous debris when being handled incorrectly – better safe than sorry! Lastly but not least, steel-toed boots give additional support against slipping while also safeguarding feet from falling objects rolling from shelves or improper placement of boxes onto one another during a hasty loading process into a truck’s trailer beds at end of the day.

By equipping yourself with these basic PPE pieces before beginning a DIY-move into any self storage locations around Highlakes Lake makes your new home away from home feel more secure –and all it takes is just some easy preparation beforehand!

Types of Insurance Coverage

When choosing a service provider for indoor and outdoor facilities in Highlakes, it is important to understand the types of insurance coverage they offer. The most common coverages include general liability, professional liability, workers’ compensation, automotive insurance (when applicable), property damage and personal injury protection. It is important to inquire about additional coverage that may be necessary for specialized services provided by the service provider.

Policy Limits

In addition to understanding what type of insurance covers a service provider offers, it is also important to inquire about policy limits. Policy limits refer to the maximum amount of money an insurer will pay out under certain conditions or given circumstances. Knowing the policy limits can help inform decision making when selecting a service provider as it can provide insight on how much risk might be assumed should an incident occur.

Certificates Of Insurances

Another key item to request from your desired service providers are certificates of insurances which verifies active coverage through an insurer or third-party administrator. Certificates typically show all relevant details such as the name(s) insured, type(s) of coverage offered and limit(s). Additionally, these documents will display other important information such as expiration dates so you can easily keep up with renewals and make sure they have adequate time as some certifications may require advance notice.

Claim Reporting and Resolution Requirements

It’s also important to discuss claim reporting procedures that are outlined in their policies prior to selecting a candidate. This allows you clarify exactly how incidents should be reported in case one occurs during course events at your event venue. Ensure you have an understanding on resolution protocol associated with any claims related issue arising due lambing sufficient certainty regarding who must take charge in dealing with any issues that arise connected with this aspect.


List Self Storage Highland Lakes Alabama is a well-established, reputable self storage facility in the heart of Montgomery County. With plenty of unit sizes, a friendly and experienced staff, and solid security measures in place guests are sure to be taken care of when storing with List Self Storage Highland Lakes Alabama. This facility features many cutting edge amenities such as climate controlled units to keep your valuables fresh and secure while being stored inside the state-of-the-art facility. List Self Storage isthere for all your needs whether you are looking for commercial stages or personal storage options within the area.

Ultimately, customers will not be disappointed when choosing List Self Storage Highland Lakes Alabama. It provides an ideal combination of convenience and security that enable you to keep your items safe and easily accessible on a daily basis or for longer periods of time at this quality facility that continues to improve itself each year.

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