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Welcome to List Self Storage Jasper Alabama! Our facility offers a secure, reliable and cost effective solution for all your storage needs. From small business owners looking to store some extra inventory, to families needing more space in their home; List Self Storage has the perfect storage solutions for you.

Whether it’s furniture, appliances, tools or other items that need to be kept safe and out of sight; let us help you find the right solution. We offer both climate controlled indoor units as well as outdoor drive-up cubes for convenience and ease; whatever your storage requirements or budget may be. Our staff will provide personalized attention coupled with superior customer service in order to create the best experience possible.

We are located conveniently on the outskirts of Jasper offering easy access from just about anywhere in town! Come by and get started today – we look forward to providing an efficient and professional self-storage experience for all our customers!Jasper, Alabama is home to numerous self storage options for both residential and commercial customers. There are several choices of secure on-site storage that offer 24-hour access and control with unique gate codes. There are also outdoor parking lots that allow individuals to park their vehicles, boats or recreational vehicles safely and conveniently. For large items, shipping containers may be an option as well as the use of enclosed trailers with flexible pick up and delivery times available when needed. Climate controlled self storage is becoming a popular option due to its convenience, allowing those storing sensitive items such as electronics or furniture the assurance that they will remain in optimal conditions throughout the duration of their stay. Additionally, there are many portable storage companies in Jasper that offer convenient mobile moving solutions right from your door step!


When selecting a self storage facility in Jasper, Alabama it’s important to consider the location. Consider how accessible the facility is, whether there are security features such as CCTV cameras or fencing to provide added protection, and whether any climate control systems are included for additional protection of your items. It’s also important to check if the facility is close enough to home or work so that you can access it easily when needed.

Unit Size and Type

The size and type of unit you select will depend on what type of items you want to store. For example if you plan on storing large pieces of furniture then having a larger sized space would be more beneficial than choosing a small unit designed for just storing boxes full of documents. Also consider amenities such as drive-up access that can make getting your items in and out easier.


Once you have identified what size/type of units are available at your chosen self storage facility, researching prices should be one of your top considerations when looking for perfect self storage facility in Jasper, Alabama. Compare between local providers and look into promotional discounts that may be offered for long term contracts or other agreements with multiple units—the cost savings could add up quickly! Finally, make sure any fees associated with closing out the contract have been made clear up front before signing anything.

Safety Features/Insurance Options

Make sure safety features such as individual door alarms and smoke detectors are part of the system at each individual unit – these provide an added layer of protection against theft or fire damage occurrences while at Storage Facility. And remember: always use weatherproof lockers when possible (especially outdoors) since they offer better rain/snow protection than their traditional counterparts (such as metal locks). Additionally research insurance options that cover loss due to flooding – some facilities may have them available but do ask so proper measures can be taken soon after signing up.

The Benefits of Utilizing Self Storage Near Jasper, Alabama

Finding a reliable and secure self storage facility near Jasper, Alabama can provide many benefits for both local businesses and individuals. Whether you need extra space for your business, are looking to downsize your home, or even if you are simply trying to de-clutter your living space, utilizing one of these facilities can significantly help. Not only is it convenient but also reasonably priced too. Here are some advantages of considering a self storage facility near Jasper:

Security and Protection

Using a self storage facility provides peace of mind and security from its 24/7 monitoring surveillance system that ensures the safety and security of whatever you may be storing. All items kept in theStorageUnit will be secured with locks on units so no other person has access unless permitted by you. Additionally the site employs emergency lighting when there’s power interruptions as well as water removed soaking which helps protect any valuable item stored against potential flooding incidents.

Flexible Access

Utilizing this type of facility not only gives customers peace-of-mind in terms of security measures but flexibility in accessing their items when they choose to do so. Most facilities allow twenty four hour access offer deposits bonuses alongside online billing depending on the agreement used per customer.

Adaptable Payment Options

Storing your property away from home is made simpler due to payment options available through most StorageFacilities such as allowing payment using various methods like monthly installment plans for long term agreements or discounted rates reduce overall costs by covering longer commitment periods.


At the end of the day with many options available people living around Jasper now have an easier time finding secure solution when it comes to taking care all kinds possessions whether its documents or everyday household objects which require preservation without been exposed danger outside at home or workplace environment.

Relying on the Best Self Storage Providers

Self-storage providers are essential for anyone who needs extra space to store their belongings securely, whether for the short or long-term. Having dependable and reliable self-storage is important in making sure that all of a person’s items will remain safe throughout its stay. When it comes to selecting the right provider, it is important to take into consideration not just the storage features and cost, but also security measures put in place by each facility.

Relying on a professional and experienced self-storage provider ensures that customers’ items will be kept safe from any external threats such as theft or damage due to natural disasters like floods or fires. Taking time to find out what kinds of safety features are available with each provider can go a long way in ensuring peace of mind when it comes to storing valuable personal items away from home.

It is also vital to make sure that the chosen storage facility has adequate insurance coverage for all stored possessions in case something were ever to happen while an item was being kept there. Insurance policies should cover both physical damage and liability claims related to unauthorized entry so customers know they are protected against any misfortune which may occur at no fault of their own. In some cases, some facilities even offer additional levels of protection where needed – these can include motion sensors and video surveillance capabilities – depending on one’s specific needs for extra security measures beyond basic safeguards already established by most quality providers.

In addition, working with experienced self-storage providers often ensure that customers receive top notch customer service throughout their entire experience. Quality self-storage firms take great care in understanding their client’s needs so they can provide assistance through every step of the renting process including pick up services if required since not everyone may have accessesible transportation resources available easily enough in order move large furniture pieces or other cumbersome items without having difficulty doing so themselves . These customer support teams help alleviate much stress off owners who don’t necessarily have express knowledge when looking how choose the best sized unit for selected goods beforehand online; this invaluable feature too can help them reduce overall costs associated greatly from moving bigger units when more likely smaller ones could suite better depending upon exact quantity belogings needing storing at one given time.. Ultimately , choosing carefully providers help consumers save quite amount both money accessability methods availability otherwise not included direct costs added end rental fees those found cheaper contractor counterpart companies competitors locations area seeking rent .

Safe and Clean Environment

When it comes to choosing a self-storage unit, safety and cleanliness are key. You want to make sure the environment is secure for your items, as well as free from any type of contaminant that can cause damage. Look for a facility that has clear signage posted about their safety policies and procedures. Ask the facility manager if there’s an on-site security guard or monitoring system in place. You should also look for units that have easy access routes with good lighting at night. This will help ensure your items stay safe while in storage.

Ensure the facility is well maintained and regularly inspected by management or staff members so you can rest assured it’s free from dust, mold or moisture buildup. If possible, view the unit in person to see if it meets your sanitation requirements – check for insect infestations, musty odors, signs of water damage and other potential contaminants that could cause harm to your stored goods.

It’s important to know what kind of cleaning products are being used inside the units as some products may contain prohibited chemicals or irritants which could potentially affect the contents inside, particularly fabrics or electronics . Check with management about what type of cleaning service they provide and ask them to give you copies of their certifications showing they are compliant with safety protocols.

By taking these extra steps when researching self-storage facilities you can avoid unpleasant risks like contamination and guarantee peak satisfaction once moving day rolls around!

Securing Your Valuables in a Secure and Reliable Manner While at A Jasper, Alabama Self-Storage Unit

Having extra space to store your valuables while in Jasper, Alabama doesn’t have to be a cumbersome or expensive experience. With the right self-storage unit, you can have reliable and secure storage that makes all of your valuable safe and sound. Here are some tips for security when storing items in a self-storage unit near Jasper, AL:

Secure All Padlocks: Whether you use one padlock or two is up to you; just make sure that your locks are of high quality and securely fastened. There should be no give when pulling on either end of the lock so it won’t easily be opened by anyone without the key. Regularly inspect all locks for signs of tampering or damage if possible.

Utilize Motion Sensors & Cameras: Many facilities offer motion sensors and cameras as an added layer of protection against theft. Before renting a unit, check with the facility to see what sorts of options they offer regarding this service and make sure to take advantage if it is available.

Protect Contents from Rising Temperatures: If you plan on storing delicate items such as artwork or electronics inside your self-storage unit, it’s important to ensure that both rising temperatures during hot summer months don’t cause any damages. Investing in climate control units can help protect valuable items from excessive heat during hotter months within your rental space where applicable.

Use Heavy Duty Containers & Shelves: Storing items properly inside heavier duty containers helps improve safety levels by making them more difficult for potential thieves to get away with quickly without being noticed Uneven surfaces can also pose stability risks when handling heavier objects too quickly such as furniture pieces which might topple – taking extra care with how items are set down goes a long way into keeping everyone safe within shared spaces like self storage units too!
By following these simple tips, you can keep expensive belongings safe while using an affordable self-storage facility near Jasper, Alabama!

Inventory List When Moving Into or Out of a Jasper, Alabama Self-Storage Unit

When it comes to storing items in a self-storage unit in Jasper, Alabama, it is important to keep an inventory list of the items that you have stored. A detailed inventory list will help you quickly find what you are looking for when moving into or out of your storage unit. It is also a good way to document any existing damage on furniture and other items so that they can be protected for future use.

An inventory list should include all the items stored in the self-storage unit as well as each item’s condition when put in storage. This information may also be used if insurance claims are necessary during or after the rental period. Items such as furniture, appliances, clothing, toys, artwork and electronics should all be included on an inventory list before being placed in storage.

The finished inventory list should also include photographs of each item to ensure accuracy when returning from storage and any notes regarding current damages or missing parts to prevent further loss while inside the storage unit. Additional information such as date placed into storage and expected return date will also help with organization for future visits.

In Jasper, Alabama self-storage units are secure and convenient means of organizing household until needed again later. By taking proper precautions such as creating detailed inventories before loading up your leasing unit will allow stress free transitions between moving locations over time.

Prepping Your Items for Long-Term Protection Within The Walls Of A Jasper, Alabama self storage Facility

When prepping your items in a Jasper, Alabama self storage facility, you should take special precautions to ensure they are not only safe but also protected from the elements. Investing time and money into proper care for your items will save you down the road. The best way to start is by using quality materials that will stand up against the elements, such as sturdy boxes or bins with lids. When packing your items away in these safestorage containers, make sure everything is properly labeled for easy identification. You can also add additional protection with bubblewrap and foam padding when needed. Fragile items such as dishes or glassware should be packed away carefully with extra padding so they won’t break—this is especially important if you’ll be storing it in a humid area of the facility.

In addition to protecting fragileitems fromdamages,you’ll also needtopay attentiontothe typeofunitsyou chooseandtheir sizerestrictionswhenstoringyourbelongingsin aselfstoragelocationinJasperAlabama Asmallunitwillworkwellforpersonalitemsandclothingwhereaslargerunitssuchasmid-sizeornavylargearebetteroptionsformovingboxesormattresses Ifyouhaveavaluableitemthatneedsaddedprotectionitwouldbeanideatopickaunitthatcamewithlocksandyoudonautilizesecurityfeatureslikealarmssurveillancecamerasandsentrydetection

Finally just beforepackingawayyourbelongingsinthefacilitymakesuretodoublecheckweatherconditionsintermsoftemperaturehumiditydroughtetc Allthesefactorscanimpacttheconditionofyourstoragegoods OtherthingsyoutakeintoaccountarethespaceavailableforparkingdifferententriesexitsaspacesizeetcThesearedetailedyoumustpayattentiontoavoidaccidentsothatalltheitemsremainintackwhiledoinglongtermstorageinJasperAlabama SelfStorageUnit


List Self Storage is a great company that provides top-notch storage solutions in Jasper, Alabama. The professionalism and customer service of the staff make it a pleasure to do business with and they have options for any budget. For businesses, families, or individuals that are looking for a secure and comfortable place to store their possessions or need access to temporary storage services while moving, List Self Storage is an excellent choice. With 24/7 access and security system coverage, customers can feel confident knowing their belongings are safe with List Self Storage.

The wide variety of services offered by List Self Storage makes them stand out as the leading self-storage provider in the area. They strive to provide quality service at competitive prices so customers can be assured there will be no hidden fees or surprises when renting from List Self Storage. The knowledgeable and friendly staff ensure that all customer requests are handled quickly and efficiently making List Self Storage one of the preferred companies for all types of storage needs around Jasper, Alabama.

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