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Introducing List Self Storage in Leroy, Alabama! Located just off of Highway 31 on County Road 2, List Self Storage offers convenient storage solutions for both residential and commercial clients. With 24-hour gate access, climate control options, keypad entry systems, and all the security features you’d expect from a modern self-storage facility – like video surveillance and individually alarmed units – List Self Storage provides an ideal solution for those in need of updated and reliable storage solutions. Whether you’re looking to store some business documents while traveling to the Construction Zone or simply wanting to free up space in your home by removing old furniture, bookshelves or appliances – List Self Storage can help! With friendly customer service representatives ready to assist you with any questions you may have along the way, choosing to store at with us is easy!Leroy, Alabama is home to a wide range of self-storage units to cover all of your storage needs. From temperature controlled facilities and outside units to vehicle, boat, and RV parking spaces in a secure environment – Leroy offers residents premium options for their storage needs. All unit sizes are available: from 5×5 up to 10×30 with some larger items being accepted on an individual basis. Monthly lease is available year-round with the option for payment plans through the leasing office. Security is a top priority at each facility with camera surveillance featured throughout the premises as well as fully secured gates at all locations rental access around the clock. With such diverse features within every location it’s no surprise that renters have peace of mind when entrusting their belongings in these quality facilities located right in Leroy, Alabama.

Types of Self Storage Available in Leroy

Leroy is a very popular city for people who need storage solutions, and there are a range of self-storage options available. There are traditional storage facilities that offer large, climate-controlled spaces to store your items at an affordable rate. These storage units can come with locks, and they’re generally equipped with basic security measures such as CCTV coverage. For those who prefer more secure solutions, there are also high-security enclosed units that have enhanced features including access control systems and monitored alarm systems for added protection.  

For those looking for a more portable solution, there are also mobile self-storage options available in Leroy. Mobile self-storage works by providing specifically designed containers that can be delivered directly to your home or business. You will then be able to fill the container as needed before it is collected by the mobile self-storage provider at an agreed time. These containers typically come with trolleys to make it easier for you to move and transport heavy items.

Another type of self-storage facility available in Leroy is mini warehouse units which provide larger spaces than traditional storage but without having to commit long term contracts or leases.. The benefit of these types of facility is that you can easily adjust the size as required while still enjoying good value rates compared other forms of services annex storage providers. This type of unit usually includes extra features such as lighting within each space making them ideal for businesses storing office equipment or seasonal goods.

Finally, if you’re looking for something even more convenient than conventional methods then try out one of the new locker rental solutions popping up around the city which allow customers access their luggage 24/7 from anywhere using their smart phone devices Smartphone apps make this especially easy way managing used locked space without needing travel from point A and B respectively

Businesses that Utilize Self Storage in Leroy

Self storage is a great resource for businesses to use, especially in Leroy. By utilizing self storage units, businesses can easily store products and materials without taking up valuable office or storefront space. These units also offer flexibility when it comes to expansion or relocation of the business. There are many different types of businesses that utilize self storage facilities in Leroy such as retailers, manufacturers, contractors, and service providers.

Retailers often need additional space to store inventory between seasons or cycles. Many times these items may not fit inside the existing store space. Self storage offers an inexpensive way to hold these goods until they are needed again for sale. Manufacturers may also need extra space for their supplies and equipment when they face a production surge or for special projects.

Contractors commonly use self storage when starting out their business; it takes them out of the home office stage and allows them to safely keep their equipment close by yet stored away offsite while still being accessible at any time if needed. Service providers can benefit from having multiple options available near where their customer base is located; this gives them more convenience than having everything centralized from a single location.

In addition to standard retail outlets using self-storage units in Leroy there are also many other entrepreneurs that utilize it such as catering services who need somewhere close by to keep their supplies or product inventories like party planners who need to have extra decorations on hand on short notice etc.. Whether you’re looking for a just-in-time solution for storage needs or something larger scale, self-storage companies provide numerous solutions suitable for all kinds of businesses located within Leroy.

Benefits of Self Storage Solutions in Leroy

Self storage solutions in Leroy can offer a variety of benefits to both businesses and individuals. By taking advantage of the space offered, these services allow for more efficient use of resources and additional storage capacity. This allows for greater flexibility when it comes to storing items not used on a regular basis or for longer periods of time. Here are some of the key benefits that self storage offers:

1) Cost-effectiveness – Self storage solutions provide an affordable way to store goods without having to invest in extra facilities or properties. While renting traditional warehouses may seem like the only option, many self-storage providers will enable customers to pay month-by-month without any long-term commitments associated with leases.

2) Convenience –Another great benefit is the convenience provided by self storage solutions. Most companies operate on a 24/7 basis making it possible for customers to drop off their items and collect them as needed. This eliminates the need for repeated trips back and forth which impacts other operations.

3) Security –With modernized security systems installed at each facility, many customers find peace of mind when storing their valuable items with self storage providers in Leroy. This includes climate controls that help ensure belongings stay safe from extreme temperatures, moisture sensors that detect changes in humidity levels, as well as monitored entry points controlled via access codes or keyless locks.

4) Variety –One great thing about modern day storage is the wide range selection available from different providers around Leroy; including container units made from stackable plastic boxes through to shipping containers measuring several feet across.

5) Indoor Space –Many self-storage facilities also include areas dedicated solely for inside usage; such as computer server rooms often used by IT professionals who require locked down environments away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

Overall, incorporating solutions offered by local service providers can be very beneficial when it comes to creating more organized working spaces or keeping personal items stored away safely at home. With so many innovative options available these days, customers have plenty of choice when investing into suitable storage services around Leroy!

Leasing Options for Self Storage Units in Leroy

Living in Leroy comes with a lot of benefits, including access to convenient self storage units. Whether you are looking for extra space to store furniture, have recently downsized and need additional storage options, or simply need to keep items safe from the elements – there are plenty of rental options available.

When it comes to selecting a lease agreement that fits your needs and budget, understanding the different types of leases can help you make an informed decision. Popular leasing options in and around Leroy include:

1) Month-to-Month Leases: These short-term rentals provide flexibility without any long-term commitments – making them ideal for tenants who may not be sure how long they’ll require a unit. This type of lease also provides quick turnover rates if the tenant decides they no longer need or want their unit.

2) Six or Twelve Month Leases: For those who know they will be needing a unit for an extended period of time – such as when transitioning between homes – this type of leasing option is often preferred. Benefits include lower monthly rates versus month-to-month payments and discounts on supplies at some facility locations.

3) Annual or Longer Term Lease Agreements: If renting a storage unit is more permanent situation for extended use, signing up for an annual agreement could save money over time versus renewing shorter contracts each month/year. Longer term leases may also come with complimentary features such as climate control and insurance coverage at certain locations – ask your local provider for details regarding availability and cost savings!
With so many leasing options available in Leroy, choose one that works best with your needs – whether short term or long term – all while having peace of mind when storing your belongings safely away from home!


When searching for a self storage facility in Leroy, it is important to consider the location. Make sure that the facility is close enough to be easily accessible, but not too close to areas that are likely to have significant amounts of traffic or noise that might interrupt your storage experience. In addition, consider the neighborhood and any safety concerns when deciding on a location.


Security should always be at the top of your list when selecting a self storage facility in Leroy. Look for facilities with surveillance cameras and strong locks for all entrance points and units. Ask questions about alarm systems, gate codes, security guards, and other security measures they may offer. Most importantly make sure you understand their policy on what happens if someone breaks into your unit.

Unit Size

Choosing an appropriate size unit is also an important consideration when selecting a self storage facility in Leroy. The size should depend upon what types of items you plan on storing as well as how long you plan on storing them. Larger units can often be slightly more expensive so it’s best to think ahead about how much space you need before renting out a unit.


With many self storage facilities today offering extra amenities such as climate control options or drive-up access it makes sense to shop around for these features if they are important to you as some may come at an additional cost depending upon the provider . Consider things like vehicle parking spaces or trolleys available within the facility which may also depend upon where in Leroy itself each particular provider operates from.

Finding the Right Unit Size in Leroy

When considering heating and cooling units for your home, size matters. The right-sized unit can help control humidity and provide more comfort at lower energy costs. But how do you know which size is best? Leroy’s experts can help guide you through the process of finding the ideal unit for your home or business.

The first step is determining what size air conditioner or heater you need to effectively maintain comfort levels in each room of your residence or commercial space. Ideally, this means roughly 20 BTUs per square foot in larger areas such as living rooms, and around 10 to 12 BTUs per square foot in smaller spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms. Calculating an overall BTU requirement will give you a better indication of whether a small, medium or large sized unit is necessary.

Once you have figured out what type of system would be best suited for your needs, take note of additional factors like window configuration, rates of insulation and square footage that might influence performance. This data should be taken into consideration when searching for a suitable heater/air conditioner as it will allow us to better match units based on their capabilities.

At Leroy we provide a comprehensive selection that covers both residential and commercial requirements; with options ranging from single-room models to those designed specifically for industrial facilities—we’re sure there’s something perfect waiting just for you! We also offer an InstaInstall guarantee with some products so that experienced technicians will complete the setup quickly and efficenetly at no extra cost—just one more way we are here to make sure everything runs smoothly!

What to Store In a Self-Storage Unit in Leroy?

Whether you’re remodeling, moving offices, or simply need some extra space to store items temporarily, self storage units are an easy and convenient option. Located in Leroy, this self storage facility offers secure 24/7 access as well as options for both long and short-term rental. Here is a list of items which can be safely stored in the self storage unit:

  • Furniture: Whether it’s tables, chairs, couches, or dressers — if you need a place to store furniture while it’s not being used at home or the office.
  • Sports Equipment: Time to get out your skis, snowboards and other sports equipment ready for outdoor activities? Make sure your equipment is safe from environmental elements when they’re not being used by storing them securely at our self-storage facilities.
  • seasonal decorations: Keep Christmas trees and wreaths fresh until next ever after by stowing them away when its off season.

Other potential items include clothes that aren’t needed right now; books; old toys; business supplies; artwork; electronics like laptops and TVs; tools for home improvement projects. Our modern climate controlled units come with easy online account access along with an inventory manager where you can easily check what each unit contains at any time of day – providing peace of mind that everything is kept safe until its needed again.


List Self Storage in Leroy Alabama offers an ideal option for self storage. With its hassle-free access and 24/7 security on site, anybody needing additional storage space can find a secure home away from their own home here. List Self Storage’s commitment to customer service provides a sense of comfort and assurance for all users. Likewise, there are great options entrance, drive up units, climate controlled rooms premium courtyard units with outdoor parking area available to meet the individual needs of each customer. All these and more make List Self Storage an excellent choice for anyone in need of extra space in Leroy Alabama.

The combination of convenience, affordability and quality offered by this particular self-storage facility makes List Self Storage as one of the most reliable solutions to any storage needs any person has in mind or heart when it comes to personal property operation like storing or retrieving possessions they may not have room at their residence anymore due to seasonal changes or other circumstances.

When considering cost efficiency as well as the reliability factor that goes along with selecting the right place for safekeeping personal important items whether indoor or outdoor pleasures we know this facility is top notch among majors who also offer these services within Leroy Alabama area from basic protection such booked spaces designed based on short but long terms plans chosen according our budget requirements so everyone wins at last before Malaysia goodbye day arrives!

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