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Lexington Alabama is home to List Self Storage, one of the top storage services in the region. Since 1985, this family-owned and operated business has been providing excellent service for residential and commercial customers alike. Whether you need a place to store furniture or documents, List Self Storage offers an ideal solution with their convenient location and temperature-controlled units. All units are completely secure with 24/7 onsite security monitoring and access control. The team at List Self Storage makes customer satisfaction a priority as they strive to provide efficient, clean, and friendly service every single time your visit them. Moving can be tough but with List Self Storage you’ll have the convenience of quick drive up access and extended gate hours that maximize your own schedule making your transition as smooth as possible!If you’re looking for a way to store your important items in Lexington, Alabama, self storage could be a great option. Self storage is available in many different sizes and shapes and can provide you with the extra space you need for items such as furniture, clothing, or seasonal decorations. It’s important to note that while the majority of self-storage facilities offer secure units that are climate-controlled so your belongings don’t suffer damage from humidity or extreme temperatures, factors such as location may change the amount of security present in these units. Here’s some other things to keep in mind before renting a self-storage unit in Lexington:

1) The Cost of Your Unit: The size and duration of your rental period will influence how much your unit costs. If you need access to your stored items on a regular basis, month-to-month agreements may be more economical than longer contracts due to additional charges for long-term rentals.

2) What Kind Of Access Level Do You Have: Many self storage facilities allow tenants 24/7 access while others limit when they can enter their unit during business hours or by appointment only. Find out if the facility offers multi-level access control i.e., keypad entry system or keycard entry options which adds an extra layer of safety and privacy should someone else need access apart from yourself.

3) Insurance Coverage: Check with individual companies about their insurance policies since every facility has its own requirements regarding renters’ insurance coverage on stored possessions bedrock it’s strongly recommended you get it if something were to happen while stored away at their facility team needs included transport coverage for any injuries resulting from moving objects around inside the facility too!

4) Professional Move Assistance: Some facilities will supply tenants with professional movers who help them get settled into their new homes or even assist unloading heavy objects into self-storage units! Plus if needed they’ll even drive right up next door pick up goods safely deposit directly onto premises just like that – no hassle at all!.

Types of Self-Storage Facilities Available in Lexington

Lexington has a variety of self-storage solutions for all types of needs. From short term storage options to larger permanent facilities, there is something for everyone. Some popular types of self-storage that can be found in the city include:

Indoor Storage Units: These units are located indoors and typically have climate control features, making them ideal for storing items like sensitive documents and other precious items. They also come with access control technology such as code or keypad locks to ensure security and give customers peace of mind when using these facilities.

Outdoor Storage Units: Outdoor storage units provide additional space where you can easily store items that don’t fit inside the house or large bulky items like boats, vehicles, furniture, household goods, and more. Many outdoor units are equipped with perimeter fencing, surveillance cameras, floodlights and other security features to keep stored items safe from theft or damage due to weather elements.

Drive Up Accessibility Units: These storage spaces are designed for easy access as customers can drive right up to their unit front door rather than unloading at a loading dock first. Drive up accessibilty spaces make it fast and convenient for customers who need quick transport services to move their belongings quickly.

Climate Controlled Units: Climate controlled units are perfect if you plan on storing delicate objects such as jewelry, electronics or antiques over long periods of time. By controlling the temperature within these storage areas your precious belongings will remain safe from extreme weather temperatures which could cause them harm over an extended period in time. There is usually an additional fee associated with climate controlled units but this generally guarantees that your delicate possessions stays secure inside its designated Halloween space.<

Comparing Prices and Services Offered by Different Self-Storage Companies

Finding the right self-storage company can be a daunting task, especially when there are many companies to choose from. With so many options, it can be difficult to know what services each company offers and how their prices compare. To make it easier for you, here is a guide on how to compare prices and services offered by different self-storage companies.

The first thing to consider is price. When looking at different self-storage companies, make sure you look at their prices for the type of unit you need. It’s important to look beyond just the advertised “cheapest rate” as there may be hidden costs or extra fees that come with that option. Make sure to comparison shop between various providers in order to get an accurate sense of which provider has the best overall pricing package.

In addition to price, you should also consider additional services offered by each storage facility as these will play a large role in deciding which storage provider is right for you. Some facilities offer climate controlled units while others provide 24/7 access or other perks such as discounts or rewards programs. Knowing what services are available will help narrow down your options and ensure that you find a storage provider who meets all of your needs.

Finally, once you’ve narrowed down your search based on price and services offered, consider customer feedback regarding each facility’s customer service levels – this can be one of the most telling factors when selecting a storage provider as good customer service often means better experiences overall.

While comparing prices and services offered by different self-storage companies might seem overwhelming at times, following this guide should help make finding the right storage service much easier. Be sure do your research thoroughly before signing on with any particular provider – after all, great deals don’t always mean great service!

Check Online for Special Offers and Discounts

Self-storage units in Lexington often offer special offers and discounts to customers both online and offline. By searching the internet, you can easily find information about current deals, promotions, and savings available with local storage rental companies. Additionally, online customer reviews may provide insight into which storage rental companies provide the best rates and services. Reading reviews will also help you identify any potential issues or problems that other consumers have had when using a company’s services.

Research Your Options Carefully

When choosing a self-storage unit in Lexington, it’s important to do your research carefully so as to find the best rate possible. Before making your decision, compare prices from different companies side by side. Ask questions about additional costs such as insurance fees or taxes that may be added on top of your rate. Read over contracts carefully before signing them so you know exactly what is included in your agreement.

Shop Around

It’s always wise to shop around when looking for a good deal on a self-storage unit in Lexington. Prices can vary greatly from one facility to another so take some time to compare quotes from various providers before deciding which one is right for you. Keep an eye out for hidden fees such as late payment charges or security deposits.

Look Into Long-Term Rental Contracts

If you need long term storage space then consider signing up for a long-term contract with one of Lexington’s self-storage facilities instead of opting for monthly rentals or short term agreements which are generally more expensive over time than longer contracts that can span years at once but cost less on average each month.

Maximizing Security Levels

Renting a self-storage unit in Lexington is an effective way to store important items. However, as with any form of storage, maximizing security levels should be the utmost priority. There are several simple ways to make sure your belongings remain safe while stored:

1) Research the facility you plan on renting from – Make sure they offer secure and reliable solutions such as motion sensors, video cameras and locked gates. Ask how often these safety features are maintained and who is responsible for overseeing operations. Check online reviews as well.

2) Choose a unit that has been professionally installed – Professional installers will have experience with security protocols like padlocks, alarm systems and access codes that make it harder for criminals to gain access to your belongings.

3) Protect valuable items – If your storage unit contains high-value items like jewelry or electronics, place them in sealed bags or boxes before storing them to minimize their visibility.

4) Install anti-theft signs at the entrance – This serves two purposes: it acts as a deterrent for potential thieves and also notifies authorities that you take storage security seriously.

5) Use tamper-proof locks where possible – Tamper proof locks can significantly reduce the risk of theft by preventing criminals from accessing your property without force or specialized tools.
<b5) Change up access codes regularly– To ensure maximum security levels within a facility, change up your access codes each month or so.. Keeping track of when these changes occur will also help you keep tabs on who has been accessing the unit over time.

By taking proactive steps such as these, you can rest assured that all possessions stored within these premises are given an added layer of protection against theft or unauthorized use.

Location and Accessibility

When choosing a self storage unit in Lexington, Alabama, one of the primary concerns should be its location and degree of accessibility. Ask about the unit’s proximity to your home or business, as well as how easy it is to access. Does the facility have gated access with security codes? Are there specific contactless service protocols you must follow before accessing your unit? Knowing this information beforehand can make renting a self storage unit easier.

Unit Size and Features

Another important consideration when renting a self storage unit in Lexington is finding out what size units are available. Some facilities offer sizes ranging from small 5′ x 5′ units for small items all the way up to large 10′ x 30′ units that can hold furniture or even vehicles. Make sure to determine which sizes fit your needs best before signing any contracts; investing in too much space is just as bad as not having enough! In addition, inquire about certain features offered such as climate control for temperature sensitive items like records or documents.

Rates and Payment Options

When comparing different facilities, make sure you understand their associated rates and payment options. A reputable facility will provide flexible options when it comes to monthly payments so find out what they offer ahead of time earn discounts on long-term rentals. It’s also important to inquire about additional fees for late payments or special services.

Security Aspects

Your safety should be treated with utmost importance when storing items away in Lexingtonself storage units. Confirm if the facility hires trained personnel who handle monitoring systems such as CCTV cameras around the premises so that only authorized individuals can gain access inside designated areas within the facility 24/7. Finally, discover whether locks are provided free of charge by management staff upon signing

Benefits of Using 24/7 Accessible Units When Storing Items

Storing items in a 24/7 accessible unit comes with several advantages. One of the major benefits is convenience. Customers can access their storage units whenever they need to, which saves them the headache and time associated with having to wait for business hours when accessing their storage units.

Another benefit of using a 24/7 accessible unit is that customers can be sure of their safety as security personnel are usually present at all times to ensure that all customers’ belongings are secure at all times. This provides great peace of mind for those storing valuable items or those who simply want extra assurance that their valuables will remain safe while in storage.

Also, many providers of these 24/7 accessible self-storage facilities allow customers to choose from either short-term or long-term renting contracts depending on quantity and type of items being stored. This way, customers can choose what best suits their needs without fear or worry about overspending on the storage costs; they can opt for a short term rental if only needing self-storage space temporarily or very infrequently and likewise opt for longer rental contracts when expecting frequent use within an extended period of time.

Insurance Protection Options for Valuables in Your Storage Unit

Storing your valuables in a storage unit can be an effective way to keep them safe and secure. To protect your items further, you should consider buying insurance. With insurance, both you and the storage facility will have peace of mind knowing that if anything should happen to your valuables while they are stored, you will be compensated for any losses or damages.

When selecting an insurance policy for protecting valuables stored in a storage unit, there are typically two primary options — off-premise coverage or on-premise coverage. Off-premise coverage insures your items anywhere away from the location where they were originally placed. This type of policy is ideal when storing items that may also be used at home such as furniture or electronics accessories like laptops and tablets. It also covers theft outside of the storage unit. On-premise policies cover damage and burglary inside the actual storage units themselves plus basic liability provided by some policies as well as vandalism protection which is often included in higher premiums .

In addition to these two main types of storage protection, there are several other professional programs available on different levels depending on individual needs or budget limitations such as tenant assurance programs or company specific plans like Insurance Management Corporation (IMC) Platinum Coverage . In order for a tenent assurance policy to cover theft within the facility, it must meet certain specific criteria laid out by IMC – including dimly lit areas free from prying eyes, 24/7 security guards with patrol duties & video surveillance systems constantly monitored by trained staff . And regardless of which option you choose remember that having multiple layers of protection brings even greater peace of mind especially when valuable goods are kept safely stored away from home .


List Self Storage offers comprehensive storage solutions for Lexington, Alabama’s residents and businesses. They offer a variety of unit sizes to accommodate items large and small. Their units are climate controlled which helps to protect stored items from shifts in temperature and humidity. They also provide secure locks for each individual storage room to keep belongings safe. In terms of convenience, customers can take advantage of online reservations at any time which makes the rental process quick and easy.

List Self Storage takes customer care seriously, providing helpful facilities managers on staff that can answer any questions customers may have regarding their services or units in general. Furthermore, List Self Storage offers competitive rates so that their services remain affordable without sacrificing quality.

Overall, List Self Storage Lexington Alabama is an excellent choice for reliable storage solutions with convenient access hours and helpful staff onsite if needed. They offer the latest technology to assist customers in getting set-up quickly and easily while ensuring all items are kept safe while stored.

Their commitment to excellent customer service along with afforable unit prices make them the perfect choice for individuals or companies requiring secure long-term or short-term leasing options

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