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Welcome to List Self Storage Loxley Alabama! As the premier self-storage provider in the area, we foster an exceptional service ethos and have a passion for providing our customers with secure and convenient storage solutions. Whether you’re looking for short or long-term storage space, our state of the art facility is here to accommodate all your needs.

We are proud to offer top of the line security systems, temperature-regulated units, and a wide range of complimentary services that make storing with us easy and fuss-free. Our team is also dedicated to ensuring a friendly customer service experience at every stage – from move in day through to storing with us more long term. Our convenient location along with unbeatable rates makes storage simple and affordable for anyone who needs it!Self storage is a service that allows individuals and businesses to store their possessions in secure facilities known as storage units. Self-storage units come in various sizes and offer customers the ability to access their belongings whenever they need to. These self-storage facilities are secure and accessed with a key, code or other security measures. Renters are able to store items such as furniture, clothing, electronics, and documents at the facility for as long or short of time they choose.

Features to Look for When Choosing a Self Storage Facility in Loxley, Alabama

Choosing the right self storage facility is an important decision for those who need extra storage space. In Loxley, Alabama there are a number of self-storage facilities to choose from. Here are some features you should look for when choosing a self-storage facility:

Security and Location of the Facility – It’s important to consider the security measures in place at any given self-storage facility. You want to be sure that your belongings will be safe and secure while they’re stored there. Also consider the location of the facility – is it close enough for easy access? Are there any nearby amenities or services that could be handy while using your self-storage unit?

Size and Type of Storage Unit – Depending on what type and size of items you need to store, one size may fit all or you may require a much larger unit than previously assumed. Take into consideration how much storage space you’ll actually need – occasionally facilities offer discounts if extra unused space has been reserved. Also make sure they have climate controlled units so your stuff won’t get damaged by extreme weather conditions if needed.

Cost and Amenities Provided – Costs can vary depending on whether you’re looking into long term or short term rental contracts, as well as based on the size/type/amenities provided with each individual unit at each respective facility (e.g., 24 hour access). Make sure to compare prices across multiple facilities before committing yourself to one option – it pays off great dividends in most cases! Plus, keep an eye out for added incentives such as package deals that include discounted fees over longer periods due upfront payment options available throughout many sites nowadays!

Online Reviews & Customer Service – Check online reviews about different facilities before making any decisions – sometimes customers leave feedback which might give insights about certain places’ track records concerning shapes and sizes offered out, customer service quality among several other considerations checked up by frugal people around town; always keen on getting value for their buck dies hard! For best experience make sure Quality Control Manager offering gratuitous profile consultations exactly tailored upon client’s needs prior renting; choose defined protocols against regular visits aiming safeguarding committing owners’ concernments are set properly since lacking such procedures may eventually results having ignoring potential particular issues among several other costumers know-how proved appreciate policies downgrading future frustrations guaranteed on both parts satisfactorily

Benefits of Investing In Self Storage in Loxley, Alabama

For those looking for an affordable and convenient way to store their possessions, investing in self storage units in Loxley, Alabama is a great option. With the availability of reliable professional rental companies like Space Shop Self Storage, there are many benefits to investing in self storage that can help you get the most out of your investment. Here are some key advantages when using self storage units in Loxley, Alabama:

Convenience and Flexibility

One of the major advantages of using a self-storage unit is convenience. You can access your storage unit anytime during business hours without needing an appointment or having to wait for service when you need something stored away quickly. You also have the flexibility to add on more space as needed and adjust your rental rate accordingly.

Additional Security Features

Storage units provide additional security features such as video surveillance and motion detection sensors which help protect both your belongings and your privacy from potential intruders or unauthorized personnel. Furthermore, all staff employed at locating facilities undergo detailed background checks ensuring only those with appropriate transitions are allowed access.

Climate Control Facilities

<BrolasSome locations offer climate-controlled options allowing customers to whom their items need protection against changes in temperature or humidity levels throughout different times of year These controlled conditions stabilize items so they don't suffer damages due to fluctuations caused by extreme weather conditions.

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Storing Valuables with Self Storage Facilities

Choosing the right self storage facility to store your valuables can be a difficult decision. It is important to ensure that your items are kept safe and secure when they’re not in use. Fortunately, by following some basic best practices you can rest assured you’re taking the necessary steps to store your items securely and protect them from potential damage or theft. Here are a few self storage tips and tricks for storing valuables such as jewelry, electronics, furniture, artwork, documents and more.

Check Security Features

When renting a self storage unit it is important to ensure that the facility has proper security measures in place. This includes features such as electronic keypad entries on all units, motion-sensitive lighting throughout the property and video surveillance cameras that monitor the premises 24 hours a day. It is also helpful if there are multiple people onsite during business hours who can assist renters with any questions or concerns they may have about their stored belongings.

Pack Items Properly

Make sure that fragile items are properly wrapped in newspaper or bubble wrap before storing them away – especially if they will be stored off-site for an extended period of time. Care should also be taken to make sure boxes do not become too heavy so as to avoid putting unnecessary strain on walls or door frames when closing them afterwards.


Arrange Your Unit Properly

It is important to arrange items within your unit properly so as not all belongings become jumbled together and/or damaged over time due excessive movement (elevator rides etc.). To help maintain organization start by placing larger items against wall followed by smaller ones; leave pathways between shelves or other structures for easier access; use shelving units for better organization; label everything clearly when packing up boxes – making it quicker and simpler upon retrieval later downline.


Look For Climate Control Options

            Primarily look out for climate control options during rainy season – this helps reduce moisture content build up which could lead mold growth inside unit overtime while also keeping temperatures comfortably cool/ warm depending individual preference thus helping extend life on delicate items such paper documents clothing etc.


                                   Last but not least make sure proper insurance coverage exists prior signing any rental agreement – this should provide additional peace mind know most valuable possessions covered even occasions beyond our control i.e., natural disasters fire explosion etc..

Self-Storage Facilities in Loxley, AL

If you are looking for a secure and convenient solution for your short-term or long-term storage needs, then Loxley, AL has numerous self-storage facilities to fit your requirements. There are many different types of units available at these facilities and they vary in size, features, and price. Depending on what you need to store and how much space you have, there is likely the perfect unit to meet your needs.

For example, if you need space for longer term storage of furniture or seasonal decorations or items that require protection from the elements like electronics or tools – then climate controlled units are a great way to go. These units maintain a consistent temperature throughout so that all of the items stored inside stay protected from extreme temperatures as well as some humidity levels. They also typically have added security features such as electronic locks so that only approved personnel can access them.

In addition to climate controlled units there are also self-storage units that come with more traditional amenities such as drive up access for easy loading/unloading of heavier items or covered parking areas with surveillance cameras and automated gates providing additional security even when no one is present on site at night. If you only need to store boxes full of books or small items you may also consider smaller non-climate controlled options which range from small lockers all the way up to 10×30’ heated spaces with lighting fixtures included!  Finally there may be specialty solutions available such as covered RV parking spots for boats/trailers/travel trailers etc., garages designed specifically to restore antique cars in addition to traditional monthly rentals – just confirm ahead of time whether these rentals are permitted on site prior signing any contracts!

Pricing Options Offered by Local Self-Storage Companies in Loxley, AL

Finding a reliable self-storage facility can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to find the best pricing options. Luckily for those in the Loxley and Fairhope area of Alabama, many local self-storage companies offer competitive pricing and flexible rental terms. Some even have special discounts available for customers who are new to their services or who commit to long-term contracts.

Rates on self storage units vary depending on size, location and accessibility but most facilities will be able to provide budgets over the phone as well as online through their websites with real time inventory information. Monthly leases are typically available for most types of units from document storage bins up to vehicle parking spots or even full locker rooms – some businesses may also offer discounts if you need multiple types of spaces or want your units rented for longer than one month.

For those needing a budget friendly option there are several portable storage solutions that allow you to take your items with you wherever you go – these tend to cost less than traditional rentals since they don’t require additional transport fees and can be setup easily indoors or outdoors depending on availability. Customers looking for longer term agreements may also benefit from discounted rates by signing up annually instead of monthly which gives added peace of mind knowing their items will remain safe and secure with no additional hassle during rental contract renewals.

By doing research into different providers before committing any money it’s possible to get the best deal possible on your space needs while still remaining mindful of quality assurance expectations such as climate control conditions, security features like locks/key systems, camera surveillance systems/monitoring stations etc… By looking into customer reviews online ahead of time it’s also possible to get an idea about specific companies style of service before making an investment decision that could save both time and money before entering into any leasing agreement.

Security Measures Taken by Local Self-Storage Companies In Loxley, AL.

Local self-storage companies in Loxley, AL have implemented a variety of security measures to ensure the safety and protection of customers’ valuable possessions. Most facilities employ perimeter fencing, motion sensing lights and CCTV surveillance cameras to deter theft. All storage units are individually locked with only the customer having the access code or key to enter their unit. Additionally, access control systems limit who can gain entry into the premises at any time.

Access cards and/or key fobs are issued to tenants that must be scanned upon entering or leaving the facility. This allows owners to track tenants’ movements while keeping out poorly intended individuals. Many storage companies also offer insurance coverage for items stored on their premises as an additional layer of protection for customers should something be stolen from their unit under certain circumstances.

Some facilities are now offering 24 hour live video monitoring services that allow remote viewing via smartphone for added peace of mind that your possessions remain safe while you’re away from them. Fire alarms coupled with smoke detectors have been put in place in all storage buildings so staff are quickly notified if an incident occurs at any time day or night. Finally, many self-storage firms provide free locks when tenancies commence which adds extra security against forced entry.

By taking these different precautions very seriously local self-storage companies in Loxley, AL strongly discourage burglary attempts meaning customers can trust they’ve taken all necessary measures when it comes to protecting visitors’ valuable belongings while inside their facilities!

Regular Maintenance

Good long-term use of any unit from a local facility in Loxley requires regular maintenance and inspection. Proper maintenance will help keep the unit running at peak efficiency for many years to come, and can save a lot of money by avoiding expensive repairs or replacement down the line.

Regularly check for potential leaks, frayed wiring, and other related problems that can wear down your unit with time. Check if all nuts and bolts are tight and firmly in place. If anything is worn out or broken, replace it as soon as possible to avoid any major repairs down the road. To ensure your safety during inspections always turn off power sources before working on any exposed wires.


Regular cleaning of a unit from a local facility in Loxley is also important for maintaining its functionality. Dust accumulates over time which can cause blockages and reduce air circulation- leading to reduced efficiency of the system or complete failure if overlooked. Make sure you clear away clutter regularly to prevent clogging up filters which can drastically reduce energy efficiency.

Keep nearby surfaces clean as well including the grills where debris accumulates over time due to poor air circulation from surrounding areas such as other units around it or closed spaces where airflow cannot move freely within them thus disrupting cooling performance.

Temperature Regulations

Ensure proper temperature regulation of the unit especially if located within an enclosed space such as an attic – where heat can stagnate quickly leading to decreased performance levels due temperatures exceeding pre-programmed settings included by manufacturers. Make sure all doors, windows etc are correctly sealed when needed to achieve optimal energy saving results so that you have control over air exchange rates going through each room.



List Self Storage Loxley Alabama is a great option for anyone looking to store their valuables. With plenty of space for all your storage needs, affordable rent rates, secure facilities and dedicated customer service staff on site, List Self Storage has become a go-to resource when it comes to handling all your storage requirements. List Self Storage prides itself on delivering quality service and making sure our customers’ belongings are taken care of with the utmost care and respect. Whether you’re storing personal items or commercial goods, List Self Storage Loxley Alabama crossy is here to provide the security and convenience you deserve.

Few locations can match the excellence in customer service that List Self Storage Loxley Alabama provides. Our entire team strives every day to meet our highest standards when it comes to helping our customers feel welcome and comfortable. We take pride in going above and beyond what it takes to make sure each visitor has a pleasant experience while using one of our storage spaces. No matter what brought you into the facility today – be it needing extra room at home or storing business inventory – rest assured knowing we have effective solutions without breaking the bank.

List Self Storage Loxley Alabama stands out as one of North America’s leading self-storage centers that offers an array of beneficial amenities that make storage simple for everyone involved. With professionally managed units available 24/7 plus repair services, competitive pricing options available long term rentals with discounts – there’s nothing else like List Self Your storage when considering quality services with sincere dedication towards meeting each customer’s unique needs listed here in beautiful Loley ,Alabama!

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