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Welcome to List Self Storage in Alabama! Whether you’re looking for a residential storage solution or commercial moving and storage services, our Alabama location offers premier storage units designed to meet your needs. Our location features an on-site customer service team ready to provide the support you need along with state-of-the-art security features for added peace of mind. When it comes to self-storage in Alabama, List Self Storage is the #1 choice operational around the clock with a variety of unit sizes available at affordable rates. Contact us today and let us help you find the perfect solution for all your personal or business needs.Self storage in New Site, Alabama is an attractive and convenient option for both personal and business users. With various size options available, competitive rates, and a wide variety of amenities offered, self storage can help make storing items away from home or office easy and efficient.

From small to large units, self storage facilities in New Site offer a range of unit sizes to fit the needs of any customer. Whether you need to store furniture, electronics, seasonal decorations or documents – secure climate-controlled units are available. Many locations also offer outdoor parking spaces for vehicles such as boats or RV’s for short-term Nightime Secure Access with cameras located throughout the property to provide extra protection around-the-clock.

In addition to dependable security features such as alarmed units , some facilities have added benefits like onsite managers and packing supplies such as free boxes that customers can use when preparing goods for storage . Customers also find it helpful when seeking access after hours since most businesses require appointments during regular business hours . The extended access times often provided at certain facilities is ideal whether you want something out quickly or if there’s an emergency situation where 24/7 access would be beneficial . Another value added feature at many locations is up front pricing without hidden fees ensuring customers know the full cost before signing a contract or making more long term commitments..

Overall , self storage provides modern solutions that are flexible enough to meet customer’s current needs while leaving them open ended for possible changes down the road. With New Site offering several great options with varying amenities , reliable security , flexible access times potentially even free boxes – it becomes easier than ever depending on your needs to make sure you have everything covered when you need immediate or future accessible space


When choosing a self storage facility in New Site Alabama, one of the most important considerations should be security. Look for facilities that offer 24-hour surveillance, electronic gate access systems with individual access codes for each customer and on-site security guards in some cases. Additionally, units should be locked with your own lock and key or have padlock capabilities inside the rental unit.


Look for a facility offering convenient hours of operation so you can easily store or retrieve your belongings at any time. You may want to choose a facility that offers round-the-clock access if you are unable to visit during normal office hours.

Size & Price:

Be sure the self storage facility offers an array of sizes and the option of renting more than one unit if needed. Also consider pricing options before making your selection; some places may offer discounts when larger units are rented, special promotions or monthly specials. Be sure to check out other amenities associated with each size such as climate control and insurance coverage.

Location & Reputation:

It is also important to factor in location when selecting a self storage facility in New Site Alabama. Check reviews online from former customers to learn about their experiences at different facilities throughout town and read ratings from third party websites like Yelp or Google Reviews as well. This can help you narrow down the list and select the right storage solution while maintaining peace of mind regarding safety and reliability issues associated with even good quality services providers sometimes

Self Storage Facilities in New Site Alabama

Self storage facilities provide much needed convenience and peace of mind. In New Site Alabama, self storage offers customers access to quality storage solutions right in their own back yards. They offer a variety of unit sizes for multiple purposes, as well as climate control and other conveniences. With the benefit of located near major highways, getting to your stored items is easy and fast.

From personal belongings to business inventory, self storage units provide a secure place to store items for long periods of time or even on the go! Self storage facilities in New Site are well-maintained with 7 day access capabilities so you can get what you need when you need it. Security systems are also convenient with 24 hour video surveillance ensuring that your things remain safe and secure at all times.

New Site also provides a range of amenities such as drive-up accessibility which allows customers to pull their car directly up to their unit for ease in loading over extended distances. Additional features like online payment options are available making it simple and easy for customers who may not be able to make frequent trips during the weekdays or weekends.

Overall, self storage provides many benefits for both those looking for short term or long-term solutions inside New Site Alabama region or further away if necessary. With features like controlled environments that protect sensitive equipment from extreme temperatures while providing optimal security measures, one can easily stay organized without compromising safety nor breaking any budget concerns. These services are tailored made giving customers ultimate flexibility along with added advantages and convenience beyond measure!

Understanding the Rental Agreements and Pricing at Self Storage Facilities in New Site Alabama

Finding a suitable self storage facility for your personal or business needs can be challenging. It is important to understand the rental agreement and pricing structures for each facility you are considering. Knowing what to look for and what to expect will make it easier to find a facility that has the services you need without breaking the bank.

Self storage facilities in New Site Alabama offer different types of rental agreements with varying lengths and pricing structures. Each agreement specifies payment terms, late fees, deposits, additional services such as climate control, insurance coverage and other policies such as access times and space limitations. Before selecting a facility it is important to review all of these details carefully so that you understand exactly what you are agreeing to before signing any documentation.

When it comes to pricing, self-storage facilities in New Site Alabama have several options available depending on your specific needs: some may charge one flat fee while others may provide discounts for long-term contracts or multiple units rented or stored at once. Be sure to consider whether regular monthly payments would best suit your budget compared with paying an upfront fee. Some facilities offer promotional discounts or special offers so make sure you ask about these when inquiring about renting out space.

It is always worth comparing different pricing options at various self storage facilities in New Site Alabama before deciding on one option over another as this could save money in the long run if there are other similarly priced solutions available which fit better with your budgeting plan. Many self-storage providers also include additional customer benefits designed not only to save money but also satisfaction during the duration of their service contract, such as preferential access rights and personalized advice on moving goods into storage etc., apart from attractive discounts on rental costs alone.

By understanding all aspects of renting out space from a self-storage provider including both rental agreements and relevant pricing plans they can tailor appropriately set prices which makes sure customers get value for their money when using their service.</p

Choosing the Right Size Unit

When it comes to self storage, the most important decision that you will make is choosing the right size unit. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your experience in New Site Alabama, you should take measurements of everything you plan on storing. This will help ensure you get a unit with enough room for all your items while also saving money by avoiding getting one too big or paying extra for space not needed. It’s also important to consider whether height and width restrictions may apply if using an outdoor facility.

Proper Planning

Self storage provides many benefits but it can be easy to forget something important if proper planning isn’t involved. To save time and stress when packing up and moving into a self-storage unit, take advantage of any materials provided by the facility such as boxes and packing tape. These can save valuable time during unpacking later on down the road, so be sure to ask about any such services at the time of rental. Additionally, think through how things should be initially laid out when organizing your self storage units contents – this will let you easily find items again down the road.

Organizing Your Space

To maximize your California Self Storage experience in New Site Alabama, organize similar items together once placed inside instead of just randomly throwing them in without thought. This way items are easier to find down the line when need arises – leading less headache when looking for something inside versus having it all around disorganized within its walls.

Renters Insurance

Important personal possessions stored away from home should always have some form of insurance protection associated with them – particularly high value items like furniture and electronics which can incorporate large inexpensive tags attached if required by facility management team before move in officially begins.

Preparing Your Vehicle

Finally, make sure vehicles used for transporting goods are prepared ahead of time as well ensuring they safe enough for long drives even over bumpy roads particularly possible at outdoor units exploiting trustworthiness . Additionally pack lightly bringing only essential supplies until last item stored providing helpful reserves in case things don’t go as planned.<BR BR

Security Protocols at All-Inclusive Self Storage Sites in New Site Alabama

All-inclusive self storage sites in New Site Alabama are dedicated to providing customers with the utmost security and peace of mind when storing their belongings. The facilities have a variety of security protocols to ensure that property is safe and secure, including surveillance cameras, key card access, round-the-clock patrolling by onsite personnel, and perimeter gates. Surveillance cameras are located throughout the storage areas as well as near entry and exit points to provide protection for both visitors and the facility staff. Key card access provides additional safety measures by ensuring only those with authorized cards can enter certain areas within the facility. Onsite personnel perform regular patrolling of each unit to deter theft or vandalism while monitoring surrounding grounds for any suspicious activity. An added measure of safety is delivered through perimeter gates which help keep out intruders after hours. Furthermore, all units within these self storage sites come equipped with individual locks which are managed by customers alone so they have total control over who has access to their goods at all times.

The facilities also feature intuitive alarm systems that allow members to alert onsite personnel if any unexpected guest attempts entry into their assigned unit or complex without permission from them directly. As an added bonus for extra peace of mind, most sites offer 24/7 customer service via phone, email, or live chat should people need assistance during off hours or weekends.

At All-inclusive self storage sites in New Site Alabama , customers can trust their possessions will remain secure due to all these advanced security protocols and features designed specifically for accommodating needs ranging from short term storage rentals up to longer leases lasting few months’ maximum. With such comprehensive measures taken proactively against risks like burglary or weather damage; customers investing usable money into this type of service can rest assured having invested it correctly for safekeeping both themselves & what matters most in life – personal items & things too small yet special not worth replacing easily!

Packing Materials

When packing your belongings for self-storage, it’s important to have the right materials. Packing boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap and packing tape are all essential items to help safeguard your possessions in storage. Make sure you get the appropriate box sizes for whatever you need and also make sure there is enough wrapping paper or bubble wrap to keep everything safe. Packing tape is a must for sealing boxes so nothing can get out from inside of them.


You will want to keep your belongings secure while in storage. To do this, bring alongside some reliable padlocks that you can use on each of the units at the facility. Make sure they are high quality locks so they won’t be easily broken open by anyone attempting to enter illegally.


Labeling each box or item makes it easier when it comes time to access your things from storage. You should also label each area where certain types of items should go, such as labeling an area “books” when placing books into storage. This helps save time when searching through all of your boxes since you already know exactly what type of item you should be looking for.


Depending on how big or small your stored items are, tools may be necessary when putting away all of these belongings into their designated spots within the unit. If large furniture pieces require a screwdriver or wrench due to required assembly, then make sure you have those tools available before beginning this task.


In order to stay organized during this entire process, bring along containers where smaller items can fit and multiple dividers if larger compartments are needed . Doing this will reduce both stress and time once again allowing you access quickly without having spent endless amounts of time trying find specific things throughout different areas within the same compartment .

Secure Unit in Alabama

People choose to rent a unit at a secure facility in the state of AL for many reasons. From providing extra space and protection from unwanted elements, to benefiting from climate controlled units, these facilities have garnered attention due to their myriad of advantages. Here are some of the top reasons people take advantage of storage units in Alabama:

1. Safety and Security

The security provided by storage facilities is one of the primary benefits people look for when considering renting a unit. With surveillance cameras and gated access available, users can rest assured that their belongings are safe under the watchful eye of onsite personnel.

2. Easy Accessibility/Convenience

Storage facilities offer convenience as they remain open seven days a week with 24-hour access available for some locations as well. This allows customers easy access to their items whenever necessary without having to adhere strictly to opening times.

3. Climate Controlled Units

Climate controlled units are perfect for those seeking increased protection from extreme weather conditions or pests which could otherwise damage belongings such as fragile furniture or art pieces.

4 Improve Home Organization

Storage cubes can help homeowners declutter their living spaces by storing unused objects such as electronics or paperwork easily as needed on certain days.

5 . Affordable Rates The rates offered by storage facilities depend largely on the size of your unit and estimated rental period but with discounts often tempting new tenants during promotional months, it’s easy to explore budget-friendly options within your local area when shopping around for rentals.

6 . No Long – Term Commitment Required Unlike traditional leases which require tenants sign an extended contract at least 12 months minimum , storages offer more flexibility when waiving long – term commitments allowing users discretion if needed within 30 day notice periods .

7 . A Variety Of Sizes Suit Different Needs Depending on what you’re looking to store , there ‘s likely an option that will fit what you need – from small lockers great for extra office merchandise all they way up enormous warehouse floor sizes ideal recreational vehicle winterization plans providers typically provide different sized options so clients have more choices should seek upgrading downgrading purposes if allowed facility ‘s terms & conditions stipulations apply .


List Self Storage New Site Alabama has been a great success in providing quality storage services. It provides customers with a secure, flexible and accessible solution for their items. In addition to offering excellent customer service, they are also price competitive as well. The new website has enabled customers to browse the available options easily, create an account with ease and manage their bookings quickly online. List Self-Storage New Site Alabama has also made sure that its facilities adhere to the highest standards of safety and security measure in order to provide peace of mind when storing one’s possessions.

Overall, List Self Storage New Site Alabama is an ideal choice for anyone looking for an accessible, secure and affordable solution for their asset storage needs. With excellent customer support services and a wide range of options on offer here at List Self-Storage New Site Alabama there’s no reason not to choose them!

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