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Welcome to List Self Storage, Notasulga Alabama! We are your go-to source for all of your self storage needs in the Notasulga area. Our facility features a wide variety of both traditional and climate controlled storage spaces while offering the most competitive rates in town, giving you a convenient and affordable solution to all of your long-term or short-term storage needs. With our 24/7 access available at no extra cost, you can come by day or night to pick up or drop off whatever items you require to be stored. We offer flexible leasing options with zero deposits necessary so that there are never any unexpected costs. Enjoy the convenience and safety of our secure gated community enhanced by video surveillance for an optimal safekeeping experience. Stop by today & let List Self Storage make room for whatever tomorrow holds!The top self-storage facilities in Notasulga, Alabama are Bush Boxes Storage Solutions, Prattville Self Storage, Allstate Mini Warehouses, Tallassee Mini Storage and Stor-N-More Self Storage. These storage facilities all offer secure storage units that vary in size and numerous additional features such as gated access, perimeter fencing, onsite management and 24/7 surveillance cameras. Customers can also take advantage of added benefits such as truck rentals for easier transportation of items to their new facility.


Notasulga is located in the east-central part of Alabama, approximately 30 miles east of Montgomery. It’s an easy drive to nearby cities such as Auburn and Birmingham. Notasulga is close to several shopping malls and other outdoor activities so you can enjoy yourself without having to travel far from home.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Notasulga is quite affordable compared to larger cities in its vicinity. Utilities, transportation costs, and food costs are typically lower than elsewhere making it a great place for those looking for an affordable place to live.


Notasulga enjoys all four seasons throughout the year so weather will vary depending on when you choose to rent out a property here. During the summer months, days are long and hot while winters often bring colder temperatures and short days requiring heavier clothing at night.



Transportation around Notasulga can be done via private vehicles or public transit services offered by the city government or businesses. The city also has a few bike lanes so cycling is another option if you need conservative transport methods during your stay here.

.Crime Rate

The crime rate in Notasulga is relatively low compared to other locations across Alabama which makes renting here even more attractive for those looking for properties with lower risk of theft or vandalism occurrences.


There are several educational institutions providing quality education options from elementary schools up through universities located within reach from Notasulga making it suitable housing options for families looking for stable emliuction systems near residence .

Advantages of Self Storage Units in Notasulga

Self storage units provide an excellent solution for those seeking to store items for the long or short term. Notasulga residents can benefit from using self storage units due to their flexibility, affordability, and protection from weather and theft. These benefits make self storage perfect for a wide range of situations, whether it’s storing seasonal decorations or business files.

One advantage of self-storage units in Notasulga is their flexibility. Customers have the ability to choose from a variety of sizes to fit all sorts of different needs. Whether you’re looking for something small enough to fit just a few boxes or large enough to store an entire apartment worth of belongings, there’s sure to be a unit that fits your needs perfectly! Additionally, most facilities offer climate-controlled spaces that provide extra protection against heat and humidity while preserving any sensitive items such as photographs.

The affordability aspect has been more important than ever now with rising costs associated with residential living space amongst other accommodation options. For this reason, many people are investing in self-storage solutions as they are generally far cheaper than moving home or renting additional space out with other establishments. Aside from competitive rental rates you may also be able to benefit from special deals such as discounted rates when pre-paying rental periods up front.

The potential damage caused by extreme temperatures can be especially concerning when it comes protecting items like furniture and clothing over extended periods of time within Notasulga’s humid climate. Good quality facilities will typically feature individual temperature controlled rooms that allow customers peace of mind knowing their belongings aren’t at risk of being damaged by extreme temperatures and humidity levels.

Finally, security features also play an important role when it comes choosing the right facility for your requirements with most places offering CCTV camera surveillance alongside 24/7 monitored alarm systems designed around the premises perimeter walls providing both safety and peace of mind whether you’re keeping things there on a monthy basis or if you pick up infrequently throughout the year..

Pricing Guide for Self Storage in Notasulga

Finding the right self storage solution in Notasulga requires knowledge of local pricing and available options. Prices vary significantly, depending on your particular requirements and the provider you choose. Below is a guide to self storage pricing in Notasulga to help you find the right solution at a price that’s right for you.

Most self storage facilities in Notasulga have unit sizes listed so it’s easy to compare providers and get an idea of costs. Generally speaking, smaller units are cheaper than larger ones, although some providers may offer discounts if you require more space.

The location of the self-storage facility can also affect pricing. Facilities that are close to urban areas typically cost more than those located further away from city centers. Additionally, different types of storage solutions will come with different rental rates. For example climate-controlled units tend to be more expensive than non-climate controlled ones.

Finally, it’s always worth asking for special offers or discounts before booking a unit as some suppliers may be able to give you deals or extra features such as free moving services when signing up for long term rental agreements .

Comparing Different Size Options for Self-Storage Units in Notasulga

When searching for self-storage units in Notasulga, it’s important to consider a variety of options. Depending upon storage needs, rent should be based on the size of the unit and how long it will be used. Here we discuss the various size options available, as well as their benefits and drawbacks.

The first option is a small-sized unit. These typically include 5′ by 10′ spaces with up to two walls separating your belongings from other stored items. Small units generally provide access to your belongings at all times and have minimal restrictions on what can be stored. The main drawback is that they are not suited for large amounts of possessions; there may not be enough room for furniture or large boxes requiring extra space if more than one person’s belongings are being stored together.

Medium sized units (10′ by 15′) offer considerably more capacity than small units but may require you to carefully plan out what you can store due to their limited height of 8′. The benefits include added security through metal roofing and gate systems as well as additional access hours when compared with smaller spaces. As long as you don’t have too many bulky items or need high ceilings, this could be a great option depending upon how long you plan to use the storage facility.

For those seeking longer term stays or those needing more volume, large-sized units (15′ by 20′) offer plenty of room both lengthwise and widthwise with higher ceilings reaching roughly 10 feet high allowing larger pieces such as wardrobes, pianos and refrigerator boxes ease of entry into even small spaces within each location – making it great for storing multiple items over extended periods of time. Also since there are fewer walls between tenants in comparison with smaller facilities security is now ramped up exponentially increasing safety measures.

Ultimately, selecting an appropriate storage unit depends heavily upon individual needs regarding size constraints, budget considerations & accessibility—the various alternatives described here provide prospective tenants multiple solutions that present different levels convenience & protection – providing freedom when having things packed away becomes necessary!

Saving Money On Your Storage Unit Rental In Notasulga

When it comes to renting a storage unit, there are plenty of options in Notasulga. However, if you’re looking to save some money on your rental costs, there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. By taking advantage of discounts and promotions, shopping around for the lowest rates, and opting for a smaller storage unit than necessary can all help you reduce your storage costs.

Many storage facilities offer discounts or other incentives such as one month free when signing up for longer periods of time. Be sure to ask about any special offers or deals that may be available at the time of signing up so that you don’t miss out on any potential savings opportunities. Additionally, if it is possible for you to shop around among different facilities in order to compare rates, this may also help ensure that you get the best overall price on your rental unit.

It is also important not to rent a larger unit than is absolutely necessary for your current items since larger units come with higher monthly fees associated with them. Many people find themselves upgrading their rental units as they acquire more things throughout their time using the facility but be sure only upgrade if necessary and evaluate other ways of organizing before deciding upon an upgrade option.

At the end of the day by keeping these few tips in mind while searching for an appropriate self-storage facility and taking full advantage of all applicable discounts and bonuses available at any given time could potentially save quite a bit off your total expenses over time.<

Organize Before Renting the Unit

Before jumping into renting a self storage unit in Notasulga, it’s important to take some time to plan and organize what items you’ll be putting in the unit. Taking a few extra minutes initially will pay off greatly later by making finding and utilizing your stored items much easier. Take an inventory of all the items you need to store, identify categories for each item type, and organize them accordingly so that they can be located quickly when needed. Spending this bit of time upfront can save future headaches down the road!

Choose The Right Size Unit For Your Needs

When selecting a self storage rental in Notasulga, make certain to choose one that is sized appropriately for your needs. Many people are often tempted to choose smaller units as they tend to be more affordable but this can often result in wasted space or even needing an additional unit down the line when more items must be stored. Investing a little extra money now into a larger size-appropriate unit could save lots of frustration on having too little capacity once it’s filled later on!

Protect Your Stored Items From Damage

When moving any sensitive or fragile items into your self storage rental in Notasulga consider protecting them from damage first by taking great care during transport and then by insulating them upon arrival at their destination within the unit itself. Investing time & effort upfront for proper packing materials such as boxes with dividers specifically designed for individual item types such as dishes or even bubble wrap & other protective gear will go a long way towards avoiding damage & ensuring long-term safekeeping of any vulnerable pieces needing special attention while being stored away safely!


It is essential to find a climate controlled storage unit in Notasula, Alabama that is conveniently located. You want to make sure it’s close enough so you can access your belongings easily, but not too close where environmental factors like foot traffic could affect the security of the facility. Additionally, check for features like extended hours and availability on weekends and/or holidays if needed.


Depending on what type of items you plan to store in the unit, size will be an important factor in deciding where to rent from. Consider how much space you need both while accessing your items as well as when packing them away. Make sure the size of unit meets your needs along with any extra features that may come with larger units such as temperature control.

Security Features

When searching for climate controlled storage units in Notasula, Alabama look for security features offered by each facility. Security cameras are extremely important for keeping track of who has accessed the storage area within given time periods. It’s also important to ask what other measures are taken—such as electronic keypad access or pin pad entry—to ensure only those authorized are entering the premises.


List Self Storage Notasulga Alabama is an excellent storage facility that provides a wide variety of features and services for its customers. It comes with secure access to your stored items, free online account management tools, and more. For those who need extra storage space, List Self Storage offers great value packages and competitive long-term rental plans. The company’s customer service team is highly professional and helpful when it comes to addressing any queries or concerns about their services. Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term storage solutions, List Self Storage Notasulga Alabama is the perfect choice for all your personal storage needs.

With all the benefits that this top self-storage facility has to offer, it’s no wonder why so many people have chosen List Self Storage in Notasulga as their go-to solution for personal storage needs. Whether you need just a few items put away temporarily or are in search of more permanent offsite solutions, List Self Storage can provide exactly what you require – security, convenience and cost effectiveness every step of the way!

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