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Welcome to List Self Storage Alabama! We are the ultimate provider of self-storage solutions for businesses and individuals in Our Town, Alabama. Our facility is conveniently located near I-65, providing easy access for our customers. We provide a wide variety of storage options, ranging from self-storage lockers to large business storage units. Our top-notch security ensures that whatever you choose to store with us is safe and secure.

At List Self Storage Alabama, we understand the importance of convenience when it comes to storing your most valuable possessions. That’s why we offer a range of flexible options including short and long term leases as well as special discounts for long term contracts or bulk purchases. We’re also open seven days a week with extended hours during the summer months, so you can always access our facility when you need it most!

On top of that, the knowledgeable staff at List Self Storage Alabama take customer service seriously –you can count on us for personalised advice tailored specifically to your needs as well as friendly assistance with everything from setting up your account to loading your items onto our premises. Whether you’re looking for extra space during a home renovation project or wanting reliable solutions for ongoing office storage needs; come down to List Self Storage Alabama–we’ve got what you need!The top self-storage facilities in Our Town, Alabama are Apex Self Storage, Publix Self Storage, and CubeSmart Self Storage. Each of these provide a variety of storage solutions tailored to their customers’ needs. Apex Self Storage is family owned and operated and offers affordable rates on drive up units. They also offer air conditioned units with climate control. Publix Self Storage provides 24/7 access for their customers as well as online reservations for added convenience. Furthermore, they provide month-to-month leases and competitive discounts that make them stand out from the competition. Lastly, Cube Smart has several locations throughout the area offering flexible payment plans including weekly or monthly payments along with a variety of unit sizes to fit any need. All three options have quality service paired with safe security measures such as keypad entry systems and surveillance cameras making them excellent choices for storing your belongings in Our Town Alabama .

How to Choose the Best Self Storage Facility in Our Town Alabama

Finding the best self storage facility in Our Town Alabama can be difficult. Before choosing a self storage facility, there are certain things that need to be considered. The first thing to consider is what type of items you plan on storing and for how long. If you’re storing items for a short term, then it is important that you look for a more convenient and affordable option. Otherwise, if you’re looking for long-term storage, then there are other factors such as security and climate control that should be taken into account.

The second thing to consider when choosing a self-storage facility is the level of security offered by the company. Many companies offer 24/7 surveillance with alarm systems, motion activated lights and even video monitoring systems installed at their facilities. It’s important to find out what type of security measures are in place so that your belongings will remain safe while they are stored away from home or office. Additionally, some companies also provide insurance coverage just in case something happened while your possessions were being stored at their facility.

Thirdly, if you plan on storing any items sensitive to temperature variations such as photos or furniture; climate control should also be a factor when selecting a self-storage facility in Our Town Alabama . Look out for facilities that offer temperature controlled units where your items can be kept safe from extreme weather changes during hot summers or cold winters – ensuring additional safety and preventing potential damage due to humidity levels or condensation build up within the unit walls.

It would also beneficial if the company offers extended access hours outside regular business hours which makes moving large volumes of stuff quick and easy without having wait around all day – this could save money on both time an energy costs involved with transportation.

Ultimately, it’s always wise do some research before signing up for any contract with any Storage Unit Facility into ensure all aspects have been taken into consideration before making an informed decision about which one will suit best all your needs .

Wide Variety of Storage Units

Our Town Alabama provides a wide variety of self-storage options for individuals and businesses. We offer a range of unit sizes to fit all types of needs, from small personal closets to extra-large storage containers. Whether you’re looking for an affordable place to store your belongings or a secure location for business inventory and equipment, we have the perfect solution.

Options To Suit Every Budget

With self-storage facilities located all around town, it’s easy to find the right option that fits your budget. Our flexible month-to-month leases and competitive pricing makes stay comfortable without committing longterm contracts. Plus, additional discounts are available on select units year round.

Secure & Clean Facilities

Keeping your items safe and clean is our top priority at Our Town Self Storage facilities. That’s why every location has 24/7 video surveillance, individually alarmed units and access hours that match yours – we’ll make sure only authorized people are ever in our buildings with keypad access codes. The property grounds are routinely cleaned and maintained as well as indoor climate controlled options so moisture won’t ruin delicate items.

Onsite Services & Helpful Staff

At Our Town Self Storage locations throughout Alabama we want you to have peace of mind during each visit or while away from your stored belongings; so every site offers onsite assistance services plus knowledgeable staff members ready help with any problem that arises throughout your rental period – just contact us by email or call!

Benefits of Renting a Self Storage Unit in Our Town Alabama

Renting a self storage unit in Our Town Alabama is an excellent way to store your belongings and have access to them whenever you need them. Not only does renting a self storage unit provide you access to items, but it also allows you to reap other benefits such as cost savings and improved security of your items.

When renting a self storage unit from a facility in Our Town, the cost will be much lower compared to rates when renting from other locations. Over time, this can be very beneficial for folks who require extra space since they won’t need to pay expensive amounts for long periods of time.

The safety features associated with our town’s self-storage facilities are another benefit when considering this type of service. Many facilities have surveillance systems that monitor the area 24 hours per day as well as limited key access areas which restricts entry beyond what is allowed by laws and regulations. This secure storage helps protect the contents at all times while letting renters enjoy knowing their possessions are safe while away from home.

Also, most facilities offer “drive up” self-storage units which allow people easy entry into the stable and efficient environment provided by these units against any kinds of elements or weather conditions that could cause harm or damage upon items stored inside.

In short, there are many potential benefits when considering renting from one of the many reputable facilities offered across Our Town. Whether needing additional security for valuable possessions or some extra space at an affordable rate – renting from local professionals ensures peace-of-mind that one’s belongings are well taken care off and always accessible should they ever be needed again down the road.<

Rules and Regulations for Self Storage in Our Town Alabama

When renting a self storage unit in Our Town Alabama, there are several rules and regulations that must be followed. All renters must obey the rules laid out by the self storage facility, which may include no smoking on the premises; no flammable materials or hazardous chemicals stored in the units; and no unauthorized persons allowed on the premises. Only those rental contracts from years 2019 onwards are recognized by the facility. Renters also must provide their own locks for their units, which can be purchased from any local hardware store. It is also important to ensure that all units are kept clean with regular maintenance checks so as to avoid damage or harmful pests being brought into any of the facilities. There is strictly no loitering within 15 feet of any individual unit or building surrounding an area where a unit may be rented out; this also includes limiting noise levels if having conversations at entrance/exit gates. Access hours available depend on what type of facility you rent from but generally range between 7am-9pm during weekdays and 8am-6pm on weekends, these times might differ depending upon external conditions such as weather etc.

In addition to these general rules it’s important to make sure payment terms have been agreed upon between both parties before signing off any particular contract with a storage company. Typically most companies require payments up until 1 month inadvanced (unless renting long term). These payments will need to then always arrive promptly every month thereafter otherwise late fees may start accumulating starting day 6 post due date

Finally all amenities provided within your private leased space will remain as they were when first entered into your contract agreement – meaning owners cannot modify their space without prior consent from facility personnel – should matters arise that need attending such as repairs/maintenance please feel free to contact security kit desk for assistance & further guidance.

Overall abiding by these Safe Storage Regulations helps ensure safety among customers & staff alike – it should help create a pleasant living environment where tenants feel secure knowing they’re looked after throughout their stay at our facilities here in Our Town Alabama


When selecting a self-storage facility in Our Town, AL it is important to consider the location. Depending on where you are looking for storage from, it may be beneficial to find a storage facility which is close to your current residence or place of business. This can help reduce the amount of traveling needed as well as save on time and money while transporting stored items when they need to be accessed. It can also make organizing and planning more efficient with less distance involved.

Space Availability

Another factor to consider when selecting a self-storage facility in Our Town, AL is space availability. Before making any commitments it is important to assess how much space you will need – being sure not to overestimate or underestimate. If the unit available from the facility does not fit all your intended belongings, this could prove challenging both during move-in and later if more storage becomes necessary down the line.


In addition to considering location and availability of space, pricing should also be looked at when selecting a self-storage facility in Our Town, AL Prices can vary greatly between different facilities depending on factors such as date/time rented out for and type/size of unit chosen so it’s important to get multiple quotes before deciding upon one company.

        Security           Safety               Services
        One last factor that requires consideration when choosing among possible self-storage facilities in Our Town, AL is security measures taken by each respective provider – such as locked premises with monitored security systems – ensuring that stored property stays safe at all times no matter what kind of environment exists outside its boundaries. Additionally some attributing safety features exist too such as structures compliant with fire safety regulations flanked by smoke detectors etc.. The final component relevant here would be services offered – these could include such things like delivery/pickup services along with packing materials being made available.

The Cost of Storing Items at A Self-Storage Facility In Our Town, AL

Storing your items in a self-storage facility in Our Town, AL can be an affordable and convenient way to free up space on your property. The cost of renting a self-storage unit can vary depending on the type of unit you need and the length of your rental agreement. Size, location, and any additional services requested will also affect the overall cost. Furthermore, there are discounts available for longer term agreements that may help lower expenses.

For basic self-storage units, prices start at around $50 per month for a small 5×5 foot unit with higher end rates reaching up to $300/month or more for larger 10×30 foot units with advanced features such as climate control and 24/7 security monitoring. It’s always best practice to shop around before making a final decision in order to ensure you get the best rates and amenities that suit your needs.

Tips on Keeping Costs Low

To keep costs down when renting from a local storage facility it helps to understand what fees might be associated with it upfront or periodically throughout use either through an admin fee or set up charges upon signing papers– understanding these costs deeply is necessary if ultimately aiming to save capital due long term commitments.

When searching for storage make sure there is availability near where you live so travel expenses are minimized; monthly payment options coupled with discounts are found typically when signing longer periods which allows extra savings over time; look out for “move-in specials” too – they can provide one month free rentals periodically throughout the year by storage providers Ahastorage included.

Finally all good tenants returning know how valuable it is belonging somewhere you feel secure enrolled in online payments taking advantage of periodic coupons offered as well as feeling slightly secured knowing insurance coverage against loss of goods propensity comes highly advised when life simply gets full then placing safe dependable hands temporarily over possessions makes sense cheaply swiftly while doing KEY takeaways correctly related necessarily especially cohesively while choosing reputable solutions suitable selectively accordingly falls notably into scope!

Security and Services Provided at Different Level of Self-Storage Services In Our Town, AL

Self-storage services in Our Town, AL provide customers with a secure, reliable way to store their belongings. With the right amount of security and service, customers can have peace of mind knowing their items are stored safely. Depending on the level of service and security provided by each self-storage facility in Our Town, AL will determine what is offered to customers.

At all levels of service offered at facilities in Our Town, AL customers will be provided with trained staff members that are available 24/7 as well as video surveillance cameras throughout the facility. This provides an added layer of security when storing your belongings. As technology advances so does the level or safety that self storage facilities offer. Each location offers state-of-the art motion alarms for even more peace of mind.

The next level up would include CCTV systems that monitor activity within the storage units; these systems may also include access control mechanisms such as keypad entry or swipe card technology for increased control over who has access to which unit within a facility.

The highest levels offered at self storage locations around Our Town, AL would include a combination of all three mentioned above levels; including motion detectors inside each unit itself to detect any motion going on inside them – this way you can make sure no one is trying to break into your belongings without your knowledge! Additional features may also be included depending on the particular rental package being chosen; these could range from climate controlled units for specific goods (such as artwork & antiques), additional lighting inside units if requested or customized padlocking devices installed so that only those granted access have it available.

Customers need not worry about unsafe conditions when storing their possessions at any self-storage location in our town – they can rest assured knowing they are safe and secure with all layers of protection mentioned here utilized!


List Self Storage Our Town Alabama provides convenient storage services to all its customers. The priority for the company has been the convenience and satisfaction of its customers, which is why it continues to offer efficient, secure and competitively priced self-storage solutions. The security features installed in each unit are unbeatable, thus providing complete peace of mind for personal belongings stored away for whatever length of time required. Additionally, the customer service team at List Self Storage Our Town Alabama is friendly and knowledgeable; always happy to answer any queries or provide assistance when necessary. All in all, List Self Storage Our Town Alabama has proved itself as a world-class provider for reliable and convenient storage options.

With easy access plus well maintained facilities at unbeatable competitive rates, there’s no reason why individuals should not choose List Self Storage Our Town Alabama as their self-storage solution. Providing premium services with outstanding customer care and consistent affordability makes us a great option than ever before. Visit us now!

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