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Welcome to List Self Storage Redstone Arsenal Alabama! Located in North Alabama, Redstone Arsenal is a United States Army post mostly dedicated to the research and development of warfare materials. It is also where you’ll find our esteemed List Self Storage facility, sitting on the edge of this particular pocket of security and innovation. Established in 2019, our facility was founded with one mission in mind: provide secure self-storage solutions for dozens and dozens of households all around Redstone Arsenal. We believe that extra room comes at a high cost, so we strive to make sure that safety doesn’t have to be compromised when it comes time to store your important items. Our much-talked-about Rental Protection Program (RPP) provides an additional layer of security which takes the worry out of renting from us– as a customer you can rest easy knowing your valuables are safe with us. Our industry leading 9-point unlimited access locking system provides total peace-of-mind day or night while inside climate control keeps precious belongings from becoming damaged by heat or humidity. Whether its short term storage for those frequent moves or long term storage for seasonal items – List Self Storage at Redstone Arsenal has got you covered! Contact us today schedule a tour and let us show you why List Self Storage has earned its place as North Alabama’s premier self storage solution!When choosing a self storage facility in Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, there are several essential considerations to be taken into account. Firstly, make sure the facility is properly secured with cameras and locks; this will ensure your belongings remain safe when stored on the premises. Additionally, check to see if the unit has climate-controlled options for rent; this can protect any sensitive items that may need protection from extreme temperatures. Thirdly, inquire about insurance coverage for any potential property damage or theft; most facilities offer policies for an extra fee. Lastly, find out what payment methods are accepted and determine if extended hours of access are available; this is often helpful when trying to store items at irregular times.


When looking for an affordable self storage unit in Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, price is an important factor to take into consideration. It’s important to compare rates between different facilities and find the one that offers the best value for your budget. You should also check if there are any discounts or promotional offers available at the facility you’re interested in, as this can help give you more bang for your buck.


The location of the self storage facility is another key factor when looking for a low-cost option. Choose a place that is close to where you live or work so that it’s easier and less expensive to access it whenever you need something stored or retrieved from your unit. It’s also advantageous to look for other nearby amenities such as shopping centers and entertainment venues which may save you money on transportation costs.

Security Features

When comparing different options, make sure you don’t sacrifice security features of certain storage units just because they cost less than others. The length of time and distance from your home should be assessed and ensure that the facility has adequate security measures such as surveillance cameras, locks, user authentication mechanisms and alarm systems in place. Additionally, check whether there’s some form of insurance offered by the company so that your items will be safe no matter what might happen.

Size Availability

Schedule When selecting a low-cost self storage unit i n Redstone Arsenal , Alabama , it ’ s essential t o consider th e size availability . If possible , try t o match up th e size requirement o f th e space yo u need wit h wha t ‘ s offered b y th e particular provider . This way , yo u can maximize th e amount o f stuff tha t ca n b e kept withou t overpaying fo r sp ace yo u don’ t nee d additional ly . Yo u shoul d als o chec k wha t kind s o f scheduling opt ions ar e available ; choose on l y those tha t properly suit y our timeframe an d frequency even if it means paying a slightl y higher fee .

Modern Self-Storage Facility

Redstone Arsenal, AL is a great location to invest in a modern self-storage facility. Not only does this area boast an active rental market, but it also benefits from its proximity to nearby military facilities and bases. With the increasing demand for storage space among members of the armed forces and civilian communities, investing in a self-storage facility can be a great way to capitalize on both of these markets. A modern self-storage facility offers many benefits to investors in Redstone Arsenal, including increased security and amenities for customers.

Added Security

A modern self-storage facility ensures the safety of your customers’ belongings by providing added security measures such as surveillance cameras and keypad entry points. With these features in place, you can rest assured that your clients’ items remain safe while being stored at your facility. Additionally, having professional staff available during regular business hours will help instill confidence that their possessions are well taken care of while they are away.

More Amenities

Another benefit to investing in a modern self-storage unit is the additional amenities offered for customers’ convenience and comfort when coming to pick up or drop off items. Many storage units offer climate control which helps protect valuables from extreme temperatures or humidity levels outside throughout the year. Other units provide round-the-clock customer service so renters never have to worry about finding someone available after regular office hours if they need access to their goods late at night or early morning.

Increased Demand

Investing in storage space near military bases provides steady demand because serving personnel often find themselves needing assistance with relocation due to assignments abroad or newly transferred personnel seeking short term housing solutions until permanent housing becomes available . This increase in demand means more potential revenue for those who operate their own business from an existing self storage buildings making it an ideal investment opportunity within Redstone Arsenal’s dynamic economy.

Different Types of Self Storage Units Available in Redstone Arsenal, Alabama

Redstone Arsenal, Alabama offers a wide array of self storage units for its residents and visitors. The types of self-storage units available vary depending on the needs of the customer. Whether it’s a short-term solution or a long-term commitment, there are plenty of storage options to choose from in Redstone Arsenal.

One popular type of self-storage unit is the climate controlled units. These storage units allow customers to keep some temperature sensitive items safe from temperatures that may fluctuate widely over time. Items like antiques, books and documents can all be kept safely in these types of facilities without fear of damage due to extreme heat or cold.

Another great option for storing valuable items is the vehicle parking space. Many people need additional storage space for recreational vehicles like boats, campers and trailers during certain times throughout the year when they don’t use them as often. There are also various secure parking spaces available where one can store cars and trucks too if regular driveway space isn’t enough.

Some individuals may not need permanent solutions so they can opt for short time rentals instead which are designed with flexibility in mind since you only pay what you need as you go with no long term commitments required if that fits needs better than more standard arrangements do..

Finally if groups or businesses require larger amounts of space than regular individual clients then commercial sized lots are something perfect choice should have plenty room an entire companies stock on hand at any given moment all the while under lock and key from security standpoint..

Size and Location

When assessing a self-storage unit, the size and location are two of the most important criteria to consider. Storage units come in a range of sizes, from small lockers suitable for a few boxes up to larger units capable of storing an entire house or office worth of belongings. If you need multiple units, it’s also important to make sure they are adjacent or close together as this can help keep transportation costs down. In terms of location, it’s critical that the facility is convenient to access without too much travel time necessary for drop offs or pickups. The proximity should also be considered in relation to frequent visits such as monthly payments and inventory checks. Restone Arsenal,AL offers plenty of options when it comes to finding storage solutions near home or business locations.


Two other essential criteria when considering which self-storage unit is right for your needs include what amenities are included and what security measures have been put into place. All facilities should offer proper lighting both inside and outside building areas making access times easy with provided driveways suited for large vehicles like moving trucks. Climate control features will be important if storing items that could easily be damaged by high temperatures such as artwork or furniture collections; many facilities provide climate controlled atmospheres so customers can rest assured their possessions are safe no matter the season changes at Restone Arsenal,AL.


Additionally, modern self-storage buildings have advanced electronic security systems featuring locks monitored by security patrols combined with video surveillance equipped with motion detectors monitored twenty four hours pre day offering peace of mind against theft stops at Resdtone Arsenal .AL The Size HomePage advertises must powered accessible garages served with online reservations easier enabling customers rent giving certainty accessibility process optimizing time spends rental operations improving overall experience searching storage needs..

The Advantages of Utilizing Digital Platforms for Finding the Best Self-Storage Options in Redstone Arsenal, AL

Finding the best self-storage options in Redstone Arsenal, AL can be a daunting task for anyone. Luckily, there are many digital platforms available that make it easier. With these platforms, users can quickly search and compare different storage solutions to determine which ones work best for their individual needs. Here are some of the advantages of relying on digital platforms when searching for the right self-storage facility:

Convenience: One of the major benefits of employing a digital platform is convenience. Instead of traveling around town to visit physical storage facilities, users can browse through various locations and identify what they need directly from their computer or smartphone – no matter where they are located. Furthermore, several online storage facilities have customer service representatives available to provide additional assistance with any inquiries that may arise during the process. As such, users enjoy improved convenience when looking for self-storage options near Redstone Arsenal, AL using this method.

Cost Savings: Another advantage is cost savings potential with electronic options as opposed to traditional choices.. Several websites offer special offers and discounts exclusive to online customers interested in storing items in multiple locations at once or even on a long-term basis – thus making them more affordable than going directly through local businesses. Furthermore, many online companies also give incentives such as free pickup and delivery services as well as free insurance coverage – saving customers both time and money when selecting a reliable facility over others found elsewhere.

Evaluate Your Items

The first step when determining how much storage space you need from a self storage facility near Redstone Arsenal is to take an inventory of all the items that you plan on storing. Start by evaluating the size and shape of each item so you can have a better understanding of what type and how much storage space will be required. You’ll want to ensure that everything fits securely while maximizing your budgeted space.

Consider Your Storage Options

Once you’ve determined what objects need to be stored, it’s time to consider your storage options. Common formats include indoor units, outdoor parking spaces and vehicle/RV spaces. Depending on what type of items are needing stored, some solutions may prove more cost-efficient than others. Additionally, many facilities offer climate-controlled options if necessary for sensitive items.

Calculate Your Storage Needs

Finally, once all factors such as cost and protection are considered accounted for it’s time to calculate the amount of space needed in terms of depth, width and height. The best way to do this is with exact measurements or visual estimates if measuring tools are not available. To ensure accuracy make sure that both margins around furniture pieces or boxes are accounted for during calculations.


Identifying Your Needs

When it comes to choosing the right size and style storage unit in or around Resdtone Arseal, the first step is to identify your needs. Consider what types of items you want to store, and how much space you’ll need for them. If you have large items that need extra room, be sure to look for a larger unit with enough vertical clearance so your items can fit comfortably. On the other hand, if you only have small household goods and clothing then a smaller locker might suffice. Take into account any potential future needs as well — if you think your storage needs may change in the future then pick a slightly bigger unit that can give you some flexibility.

Evaluating Your Budget

It’s important to factor in cost when selecting a storage unit. Depending on size and features available, prices can range from quite cheap all the way up into the premium category. Generally speaking, though, it’s always best to opt for something that fits within your budget rather than overreaching financially just because it looks nice. Consider features such as temperature control which may be worth paying extra for if they are applicable to your particular circumstances.

Location Matters

When looking at different options for storing at Resdtone Arseal consider keeping location in mind – certain areas may offer more convenience than others depending on where exactly you live or work compared with where these facilities are located geographically speaking.

Security Features

Security should also be an important factor when making any decisions about what option is best for you – does this facility-offer security cameras? 24/7 monitoring? Keypad vs swipe access? These are all things worth considering before committing.


List Self Storage Redstone Arsenal Alabama is a great storage solution for military personnel, due to its proximity to the base and great amenities. It offers a wide variety of services, such as climate-controlled storage units, options for higher access control levels than other rental companies typically offer, easy transportation to and from their facility in their shuttle bus service and more. Their secure locks also provide an extra level of security that your items will stay safe in the hands of List Self Storage. With convenient hours and ample parking space, List Self Storage provides an ideal place for members of the armed forces stationed at or near Redstone Arsenal to store their belongings while they are away from home.

List Self Storage is highly recommended for those seeking a reliable self-storage rental option near Redstone Arsenal Alabama. With convenient hours and reasonable prices, there really isn’t a better deal available when it comes to storing your possessions securely at this location. Check them out today when you are looking for an affordable storage solution!

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