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List Self Storage Sylvan Springs Alabama


Welcome to List Self Storage Sylvan Springs Alabama! Whether you’re looking for a secure and convenient location to store your belongings or need an extra space for residential or commercial use, List Self Storage is here to help. With 24/7 access, advanced security equipment and a friendly staff of professionals ready to assist you whenever needed, we have all the amenities that make storing easier. Our facility offers various sizes of climate controlled indoor storage units, drive-in units with vehicle access, outdoor parking spaces and much more in our facility located in Sylvan Springs. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service experience possible so that your self-storage journey with us will enjoyable. Put simply—we make self-storage simple!Below is a complete list of all self storage facilities located in Sylvan Springs, Alabama:

1. Above All Storage – 6476 Old Birmingham Hwy, Bessemer, AL 35022
2. SecurCare Self Storage – 3079 Allgood Rd, Birmingham, AL 35242
3. U-Haul Moving & Storage of Hueytown – 1221 Bagnal Blvd NW Hueytown, AL 35023
4. 5 Star Mini Storage – 3252 Allison Bonnett Memorial Drive Suite 101 Hueytown, AL 35023
5. Major Discount Mini Self Storage Brasher Road Bessemer Al – 100 Brasher Rd Bessemer , AL 35020


When choosing a self storage facility in Sylvan Springs, one of the most important considerations is location. You want to choose a facility that’s convenient for you and where your items can be stored safely and securely. Look for facilities near shopping districts, parks, or other areas where you may eventually need to access them. Also consider whether the facility has good security measures such as cameras, alarm systems, or motion sensors. If possible, try to visit multiple facilities and compare their locations and features.

Size & Price

When selecting a self storage facility in Sylvan Springs make sure that the size you get fits your needs both now and potentially in the future. Consider what type of items you may need to store and how much space they will require. Additionally find out about any discount plans or specials that are currently available; this can help reduce overall costs considerably. Don’t forget to ask about insurance coverage; many facilities offer inexpensive policies for added peace of mind.


Different amenities may also influence which self storage facility you decide on in Sylvan Springs. For example some facilities offer climate-controlled units while others provide drive-up access or packing supplies onsite which could save time when packing up before moving into your new home or office space And finally don’t forget to check online reviews posted by past customers – this can give invaluable insight into how well maintained each respective facility is.

Overall selecting a self storage facility entails considering several factors including location size price amenities as well as reviews from past customers All of these combined together should help find the perfect fit for storing our belongings securely so we know exactly where they are whenever we need them!

Tips for Safely Storing Valuables at Self Storage Units in Sylvan Springs

When it comes to safely storing your valuable possessions, self storage units can be a great solution. If you’re in the market for a self storage rental in Sylvan Springs, there are a few tips to bear in mind before signing the lease.

First of all, make sure you choose an appropriate facility with secure features. Whether you opt for an indoor or outdoor unit, look for locks that keep your goods safe and deter any intruders. Additionally, ensure that the facility has sufficient security measures installed such as CCTV cameras and alarm systems to provide extra protection against burglaries and theft-related incidents.

Inspect your chosen unit carefully before signing the agreement. Make sure it is clean and dry inside, free from any visible mold or mildew which could lead to damage over time. While you’re there, double-check that everything is clearly labeled on arrival so nothing gets misplaced when removing from boxes or wrapping items up securely for storage.

Finally, take precautions while packing items away inside the rental space by using bubble wrap or packing paper as needed before moving them into boxes with strong lids secured tightly shut with tape.

By following these simple steps while renting a self storage unit in Sylvan Springs – you can stay assured that your valuables will remain safe until retrieval!

Self Storage Units in Sylvans Springs

Self storage units in Sylvans Springs provide an array of safe and secure options for storing possessions. It is important to consider the pros and cons of the different types of self storage facilities before choosing one. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages which can make it ideal for some but not so suitable for others. The different types include indoor self-storage, drive up rental units, outdoor self-storage, climate controlled units, mobile container rentals, and warehousing solutions.

Indoor Self Storage Units

Indoor self-storage provides maximum protection against external elements such as inclement weather or pests. Indoor facilities maintain a consistent temperature inside the unit year round while also offering security features like alarms or video surveillance systems. Plus, these facilities often have multiple customer service staff available around the clock who are trained to assist with any questions or concerns customers might have about their stored items. However, indoor storage units tend to be more expensive than other types of storage due to additional security measures.

Drive Up Rental Units

Drive up rental units offer convenience as well as minimal maintenance costs for those looking for short term solutions when it comes to storing their belongings. Customers can simply pull into a parking space just outside their unit’s door where they can immediately access their belongings without needing assistance from service personnel at all times – something important during difficult times like Covid-19 pandemic that would require less contact between individuals. While drive up tickets are usually cheaper compare than indoor self storages, they may not always be weatherproofed or offer long term security solutions if needed.

Outdoor Self Storage Units

Outdoor self-storage facilities offer more budget friendly options with lower weekly rates compared to indoor alternatives but provide fewer amenities and adequate protection against theft or weather related damages – particularly if located near major highways that increase traffic noise levels . Furthermore, moisture often seeps through walls making it necessary these spaces must only be used to store non fragile materials such as utility equipment and machinery rather than delicate valuables.

Climate Controlled Self Storage Facilities

Climate controlled units are largely similar in appearance,. like most other conventional rectangular containers found on various types of properties indoors except that they have been designed specifically for keeping stored object at predetermined stable temperatures One advantage here is that you don’t need worry about humidity damaging your foods because climate controlled rooms come built with humidity control systems already bombarded giving you additional water proofing benefits too.. The downside here lies on cost since renting out a climate controlled unit could mean 13% more than traditional storage structures total pricing.?


When utilizing self storage services, security should be the top priority. Be sure to ask the storage facility what kind of security features they have such as digital locks, 24/7 surveillance, and access control systems. Also make sure that there are ample staff members present in the facility at all times.

Unit Size and Accessibility

The size of your unit is an important factor when selecting a self-storage facility in Sylvan Springs. Decide on what items you will be storing so you can determine which size unit would best accommodate them and select one with good accessibility so that it’s easy to move your items in or out as needed.

Climate Control

The climate within a storage unit can play an important role in preserving any delicate items being stored inside it. Look for units equipped with temperature controls so that your items remain secure even during extreme weather changes or spikes in humidity levels within the area.


Finally, make sure to consider cost when selecting self-storage services too! Different companies may offer slightly different costs for their services, so be sure to compare before deciding on which option would best fit your needs and budget for storing your belongings!

The Fees Associated with Using A Self Storage Unit In Sylvan Springs

Using a self storage unit in Sylvan Springs might come with certain fees that may need to be taken into consideration. The cost of the unit itself depends upon size, additional features, and its location. Some units may include utilities such as electricity or water, while other more economical units may not offer these features. Climate control is another factor that can affect the price; some facilities will offer air-conditioned or heated spaces for an additional fee.
Sliding scale rates for longer term stays are typical and may be beneficial if you plan on storing goods for a period longer than two months. Longer leases are often discounted and there is usually a move-in special deal offered at the onset of your stay. Any taxes due on rental payments should also be factored in when considering available options at these storage facilities; speak with your advisor for any assistance regarding this matter.

Moreover, remember to ask about any extra fees associated with using the facility; possible fees may include a key deposit, late payment penalty charges, administrative costs due at time of signing contracts, insurance required by owners and other hidden costs that can add up surprisingly quickly. Inquire further regarding locks and security measures so you can determine what locks would best suit your needs without exceeding the budget limit specified by you prior to signing lease agreements in case spending too much money becomes an issue during usage of these services provided by Sylvan Springs self storage facilities.

Understanding all applicable terms prior to committing yourself financially is essential so make sure to read all paperwork carefully before making any financial decisions related thereto. Additionally, ask questions whenever necessary so that everything remains crystal clear throughout each term vested thereinwhile availing services from these specialized self storages located in Sylvan Springs nearby your residence or workspace area!

Accessibility of the Self-Storage Facility Locations

The self-storage facility locations in Sylavan Spring, AL are accessible to residents as they are located in major parts of the city. The city has a good variety of storage facilities which can meet the needs of various individuals and businesses. Many people prefer self-storage units due to their convenience and security. The different types of units available include climate controlled, full service, standard or drive up, mini storage and more. The availability of these units makes it easy for customers to make their selection according to their specific requirements. Customers can also find available payment options at these locations such as cash, check or credit card so that they can conveniently pay for their services.

Security of the Self-Storage Facility Locations

The Self-Storage Facilities located in Sylavan Spring offer high levels of security so that customers can store valuables with 100% peace of mind. They have surveillance cameras installed both inside and outside the premises for safety monitoring purposes. Security personnel are deployed on regular basis so that no suspicious activity is overlooked. A wide range of locks including padlocks, combination locks and lock boxes are provided by them to further increase their customer’s protection against any kind theft or vandalism related incidents.

Best Rated Local Cryogenic & Portable Home Or Business Mini-Storage Options Near Sylavan Spring

Finding the right cryogenic or portable mini-storage solution for your home or business in Sylvan Springs can be a challenge. With so many different types and sizes of storage containers available, it can be difficult to determine which type is best for your needs. Fortunately, there are several highly rated and reliable local companies offering a variety of cryogenic and portable mini-storage solutions that meet both residential and commercial requirements. Whether you’re looking to store sensitive documents or medical supplies at home, keep perishables cool while on the go, or store sensitive items at your business premises – these companies have you covered.

One popular option is Refrigerated Solutions Inc., which provides quality outdoor equipment specifically designed to help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature in warm climates. Their convenient cryogenic microcosms feature lightweight composites that are capable of providing top level cooling performance at an affordable price point. Each unit includes an adjustable thermostat with digital output readings and adjustable fan speed settings to further customize temperature levels according to specific customer preferences. Additionally, Refrigerated Solutions offers a range of 20 cubic foot freezers and refrigerators equipped with self-contained technology for rapid response cooling efficiency.

For larger scale storage requirements such as industrial warehouses or other large commercial spaces, GMI Container Services Ltd has products that cater specifically towards meeting those needs. Their portfolio includes large shipping containers that can accommodate heavy freight transport needs with their safe reinforced walls and superior dual door access feature; securely transportable insulated markers selected by size after being inspected via fast metered scan; Secure Cargo Units designed for strong intermodal security from ISO Standards; along with much more advanced rental container solutions.$

With these professional services available near Sylanvain Springs, opting for locally sourced mini-storage solutions will guarantee you high quality products coupled with exceptional customer service satisfaction tailored towards meeting all of your individual demands from start to finish!


List Self Storage in Sylvan Springs, Alabama is an excellent choice for all of your self-storage needs. They offer an incredibly wide selection of unit sizes, flexibility in terms of contracts and rental periods, top notch customer service to help answer any questions you have, and a secure facility with maximum security protocols implemented. Prices are competitive too – making sure that they keep ahead of the competition and satisfy potential customers.

Whether you’re looking for storage for business items or personal property, List Self Storage is an outstanding option if you’re based in or around Sylvan Springs, Alabama area – or indeed anywhere throughout this great state.

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