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Welcome to List Self Storage located in Taylor, Alabama! We provide top of the line storage solutions tailored to fit all of your unique needs. Whether you need short-term or long-term storage for business or personal use, our facility is here for you. With easy access and secure features like individual security codes and 24/7 video surveillance, you can have peace of mind that your items are safe with us. Our staff is available for assistance seven days a week during extended hours to help with any questions or needs. Additionally, we offer boxes and packing supplies available on site so that you can ensure your belongings will stay organized and safe during their time in List Self Storage. Visit us today at Taylor Alabama to see why List Self Storage is the right choice for you!Self Storage in Taylor, Alabama is a secure storage facility that provides short or long-term storage units for rent. The premises are gated and monitored 24/7 by both onsite staff and CCTV surveillance cameras. Customers can choose between indoor climate controlled spaces and outdoor drive up storage units of varying sizes. Tenants have access to their storage unit 7 days a week, during business hours with no additional charges or deposits required at move in.

The Benefits of Self Storage

Self storage has become a popular choice for those looking to declutter, store seasonal items or simply oversee secure space for their belongings. With self-storage you can keep your possessions safe and secure as an alternative to small sized living spaces or expensive real estate. Not only are self-storage facilities convenient but they also provide the perfect solution for organizing items in a short amount of time. Here we explore the benefits of using a self-storage unit:

One of the main advantages in utilizing a self-storage facility is that it gives you the freedom to access your stored items whenever you need them. This is especially useful for entrepreneurs who may be running multiple businesses, allowing them storage anytime they require without having to take up additional home office space.

Another great advantage which comes with using a self-storage option is that all units offer excellent security measures meaning all household contents are kept safely away from burglars and other potential threats such as fire or vandalism damage. Many companies now offer 24 hour monitoring with infrared cameras placed around the entire complex to ensure extra safety.

With many sites located conveniently close to public transport, shopping centres and airports makes them ideal locations if you decide move abroad or frequently travel abroad long distance over extended periods this means they’re easily accessible on arrival back into town and quickly accessible when moving overseas.

By opting for such solutions not only will you save money via discount rates but your belongings will remain securely sealed away from dust, dirt, pests and other risks whilst keeping everything safe under lock and key.

Types of Facilities Available in Taylor, Alabama

Taylor, Alabama offers a variety of facilities to its residents and visitors. The city has an array of parks that provide recreational activities from picnics and barbeques to sports such as football, basketball, tennis and more. The parks also have areas for walking trails and playgrounds for kids to enjoy. For those looking for a more cultural experience, Taylor is home to several museums that focus on different periods or specialties such as art or natural history.

In addition, there are recreation centers scattered throughout the city offering public swimming pools as well as fitness centers with exercise equipment and classes. There are also many public libraries that offer educational programs such as book clubs and storytimes for children as well as sessions on topics like genealogy research or computer training classes.

For health care services availability in the area includes community health centers providing primary care services which may include check-ups vaccinations mental health therapy laboratory tests imaging screening tests treatments for illnesses and more specialized medical services at times when referred by primary care physicians

Those looking for entertainment options will find plenty of movie theaters cinemas arcades bowling alleys ice rinks amusement parks go kart tracks concerts festivals carnivals plays musicals operas ballets symphony orchestras community theater equestrian competitions rodeos livestock exhibitions county fairs bike paths challenging hiking destinations outdoor camping adventures adventure races theatre productions summer music concert series farmers markets flea markets garage sales all delivering something special to accentuate leisure time experiences Taylor has so much offer its citizens residents travelers make sure when visiting they take full advantage what this great town put together them long lasting fond memories ahead!


When looking for a facility in Taylor, Alabama, it is important to consider the location. Make sure the facility is easily accessible and within reasonable distance from home or work. Look for facilities that are close to public transportation, grocery stores, parks, and other popular amenities. Also make sure that there is ample parking available near the facility and that it has adequate security measures in place to ensure safety of all visitors.


The personnel at any particular facility matters a lot when it comes to assessing its effectiveness. The staff should be professional and knowledgeable about their particular area of expertise. They should be friendly and able to handle any question or inquiries you may have regarding your medical care or treatment plan. Ask about their certifications and licensures as well as how long they have been working in the field.


When selecting a facility in Taylor, Alabama, it is important to review what services they offer before committing. Research different procedures offered by the practice you’re considering prior to deciding on one specific option so that you can rest assured knowing you will receive quality care with up-to-date techniques and procedures used. Also consider if they accept walk-ins or offer extended hours for patients who have difficulty making regular appointments.


Finally, cost should also play an important role when choosing which facility best meets your needs in Taylor, Alabama. Find out what types of insurance plans each participating provider accepts prior to deciding where you’d like receive care as well as any additional fees associated with treatment protocols offered by various providers before committing financially long term

Self Storage Units in Taylor, AL

Finding the right storage solution for your needs can often be difficult. Self-Storage facilities in Taylor, AL are here to provide safe and secure solutions tailored to meet your unique requirements. With services and amenities such as 24-hour access, secured entry systems, climate control, loading/unloading areas and even organized shelving units for document storage – your items will remain safe from theft or weather damage. Have peace of mind knowing that your possessions are well taken care of with reliable security systems continuously monitoring the facility throughout the day and night. Moving in or out is made easier with drive up access to each individual unit as well as dollies provided free of charge for convenient transport of items into and out of storage.

Aside from exclusive use on each unit, customers can count on extended service hours so they have ample time to retrieve their belongings when necessary. In addition, management staff is available at all times should any assistance is needed during operating hours including requested rental extensions if required.

The goal at Self-Storage facilities in Taylor, AL is simple – make their customer’s life easier while providing a secure solution and convenience whenever possible. From packing supplies to an easy reservation process online or over phone – you can rest assured that whatever you need taken care off will be done quickly and efficiently by a team who genuinely cares about helping you out. So don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve when it comes to storing your extra valuables – give self-storage facilities in Taylor a chance today!

Payment Options Available for Self Storage Units in Taylor, AL

Self storage units in Taylor, AL provide the flexibility to store your belongings when necessary. The most important factor to consider when renting such a unit is payment options. Fortunately, there are several different ways available to pay for your self storage unit rental in Taylor, AL.

For starters, many facilities offer traditional credit and debit card payments as an option. This allows you to charge your rent directly to one of these types of cards allowing you the ability to track payments accurately. In addition, some facilities offer automated bill paying where they will generate an invoice each month and deduct the amount from either an automatic payment bank account or credit card account that has been set up previously.

Most facilities also accept cash payments as well which typically must be done on location at their office directly or through mail-in envelopes placed inside of drop boxes on site. Many customers that use this form of payment prefer it over other methods because it provides a safe way for them to send money without having access online.

Lastly, there are often third party financing companies available who can provide budget friendly terms based upon credit score and current income levels. These companies may require paperwork such as proof of identity and/or age so that they can determine eligibility before granting financing for the self storage unit rental transactions conducted with them. Although this is only offered in certain circumstances by select providers within this field of business operations but it is definitely worth exploring if all other payment options have been exhausted or simply do not fit into your situation currently.

No matter what method you choose for paying your self storage unit costs in Taylor, AL make sure that it works best with your financial situation so that you remain able to keep up with its associated obligations without defaulting on any commitments made when signing the lease agreement originally.(Edited)

Common Security Features at Self Storage Facilities Nearby Profile

Self storage facilities nearby ensure that all your items are secure and safely stored. The self-storage industry has made leaps in technological advances that offer a variety of features to protect your belongings from unwanted intruders. These features include top notch security systems, access control, digital surveillance cameras and alarm systems for added safety.

Security systems are designed to keep criminals out while also logging who is coming in and out of the facility at any given time. Access control requires a code or key card to use the facility’s doors, which helps customers feel more secure when they come in or leave the facility. Digital surveillance cameras carefully monitor activity inside and outside of the facility, giving managers of these sites peace of mind that their customers’ items are being closely monitored around-the-clock without needing their presence on site. Lastly, most self-storage facilities have an alarm system set up that sends an alert if any movement is detected after hours within the premises like suspicious vehicle traffic or strange sounds near storage units.

In addition to these common security features available at many self storage facilities nearby, each site offers additional amenities such as lighting and fencing around the perimeter along with onsite security personnel patrolling regularly for added protection against intruder threats .These wealth precautions help give peace of mind for anyone looking to store their belongings packing assurance that everything stored will remain safe from theft or vandalism while it is within its walls .

Providing Affordable Prices for Self Storages

When it comes to finding a self storage facility, affordability is often top of the list of priorities. Many people are on a budget and looking for a cost-effective solution that can meet all their needs. That’s why there are so many companies out there offering competitive rates, but not all will provide you with the same level of quality or service. The good news is that by taking time to compare providers and look around at what’s available, you can find an excellent rate on a self storage unit that meets your budget and expectations.

Some larger companies will provide discounts when customers book in bulk or sign up to longer-term contracts, although these tend to have more stringent cancellation policies attached. There may even be exclusive deals available to those who take advantage of seasonal offers or loyalty programs – so it pays off (literally) to be proactive and shop around for the best prices.

You can also save money by using dedicated comparison sites which allow easy comparison between different providers in your area. Most offer detailed information on facilities and services along with any additional fees charged – giving you peace of mind when making financial decisions about your storage solution.

It’s important to remember that lower costs don’t mean poor quality though – as most companies will try their best to offer good value while still maintaining basic standards such as site security, climate control systems and customer service levels.

The bottom line is that if you take time o research the market thoroughly you should be able to find an affordable option suitable for your needs at any budget level. Don’t hesitate – make sure first consider all possible options before committing!


At List Self Storage Taylor Alabama, clients are provided with the highest level of service and convenience for all their storage needs. Their facilities are safe, secure and affordable. They offer friendly customer service and a wide variety of unit sizes to fit any budget or need. Clients also benefit from competitive pricing and special discounts available through their loyalty program. Whether you need more room for home items or business files, List Self Storage Taylor Alabama has the storage solution to meet your needs professionally and efficiently.

With quality products, premier security programs, ease of access, attentive customer service and competitive rates at List Self Storage Taylor Alabama make it the perfect place to store your possessions safely while ensuring long-term savings. Get started today by selecting the size that best suits your needs from one of their many convenient locations across America!

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