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Thomasville Alabama is home to List Self Storage, a top-notch self storage facility offering secure storage solutions at competitive rates. With their wide range of options, from outdoor drive-up units to indoor climate-controlled units, it’s easy to customise your storage experience to suit your needs. All the units offer 24/7 security monitoring and access control system with keyed locks for extra safety. There are also onsite managers available for all queries and assistance needed during your stay at List Self Storage. These friendly staff are knowledgeable in finding the perfect solution for you no matter what your specific requirement may be. For those looking for convenience, there is also an online move-in process which allows individuals to view unit availability and rent a moveable unit without having to go through any paperwork or contact customer service directly! This makes life just that bit easier when it comes time to relocate or store away items securely! Don’t hesitate – head over now and take advantage of Thomasville’s premier self storage facility: List Self Storage!1. All Star Mini Storage: Located at 15322 US Highway 43, Thomasville, Alabama 36784, All Star Mini Storage offers multiple self storage options including enclosed storage units and outdoor drive-up units.
2. US Highway 31 Self Storage: At 13789 US Highway 31 in Thomasville, this location offers climate controlled interior units ranging from 5×5 to 10×15 feet for residential and commercial customers alike.
3. Lowry Road Self Storage: This facility is located just west of the city limits on Lowry Road and provides 24-hour access to standard motorized drive up storage units as well as secured indoor RV parking spots with power hookups for recreational vehicles.
4. Baxley Lane Mini-Storage: They feature a vast array of sizes for both traditional drive up and climatized interior storage housed on ground level at 1501 Baxley Lane in Thomasville with a wide range of valuable amenities such as month-to-month agreements and monthly pest control sprays by licensed professionals regularly applied to the grounds each season.
5. Maxine Avenue RV & Boat Parking: Located at 17212 Maxine Avenue, this secure lot near the county reservoir is open from 8am until 6pm every day and provides ample parking stalls for both boats & RV’s along with regulated access hours monitored with state of the art video surveillance throughout the premises

The Benefits of Storing Items with Self Storage in Thomasville, Alabama

Living in Thomasville, Alabama can present unique challenges when it comes to finding a place to store items. Whether you need to store seasonal décor or valuable business materials and documents, finding secure storage options can be difficult. Using self-storage solutions can provide the ideal solution for any of these scenarios. The benefits of storing items with self-storage in Thomasville make it the perfect solution for many people looking for extra space and security.

For those who have limited space in their homes but still want to be able to access items on a regular basis, self-storage locations offer easy access and secure solutions. Clients have 24/7 access should they need to visit their unit at any point during the day or night, eliminating the worry about driving around town searching for an open facility at odd hours. Many facilities also provide interior climate control units that offer additional security features without exposing expensive electronics or delicate material goods such as antiques and art work.

For businesses that are expanding into new markets but don’t want all their products taking up valuable office space while still needing them close by at all times, utilizing commercial storage solutions can keep everything easily accessible yet safely tucked away from curious eyes. Additionally, many storage facilities use high levels of security systems which makes theft virtually impossible so business owners know that if anything is stolen from their inventory, insurance will cover the losses.

Self-storage has come a long way since its early days offering bulky steel cages with minimal protection from moisture and vermin infestation; today’s units come equipped with firewalls isolating smoke buildups between units ensuring property won’t become damaged due to negligence or accident occurring somewhere else within the facility.

Overall, storing items with self-storage offers residents and businesses living in Thomasville security peace of mind knowing your possessions will remain safe no matter where you are located across town or out of state – making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking temporary storage services near them.


When it comes to selecting the right self-storage facility in Thomasville, Alabama, one factor to consider is its location. You should find a facility that’s conveniently located near your home or office so it’s easy for you to access your items as needed. It’s also important to select a facility close to major highways for ease of access.


Security should be another priority when choosing a self-storage facility in Thomasville, Alabama. Look for facilities with round-the-clock CCTV surveillance and robust onsite security features such as gated entry, passcode locks, and motion detectors. Selecting a storage unit at an organization with high security standards can give you peace of mind knowing that your possessions are safe and secure.

Unit Size

Choosing the right unit size is essential when selecting the right self-storage facility in Thomasville, Alabama. Consider how much space you need before deciding which type of unit will work best for you. If too small or too large a unit is chosen, it could result in wasted money or stored belongings being crushed due to not enough room respectively.


The cost of renting storage space varies from facility to facility Great deals are available if you do some research first and look around at different storage facilities in the area compare prices and fees before selecting the best option for your storage needs.
<br1. Security:

When selecting a self storage location in Thomasville, security should be a primary consideration. Look for a facility that offers 24-hour video surveillance, well-lit areas, and secure access gates with keypad entry or a key fob system to ensure the protection of your belongings. There should also be an onsite manager available during business hours if you have any questions about safety or security measures.

2. Accessibility:

Having easy access to your storage unit is important when selecting a self storage facility in Thomasville. Look for one that has convenient hours of operation and offers online bill pay options, as well as delivery acceptance services so you don’t have to make multiple trips. Additionally, some facilities offer drive-up units for easy rental and loading/unloading options.

3. Cleanliness:

Keeping your stored items protected from dust and dirt is essential when selecting a self storage facility in Thomasville. Inspect the area beforehand to verify that it’s clean and well maintained before signing the rental agreement so you can rest assured knowing your belongings will remain safe from dust and other particles while they’re being stored away. If possible, ask the management about their cleaning policy as well as pest control measures taken at the property annually to ensure optimal conditions are kept year round.<

Most Popular Ways Customers Use Their Self Storage Unit in Thomasville

Self storage units are a great resource for storing items that don’t fit comfortably within your home or office. Whether you have an overflowing garage, cluttered dorm room, need extra space for inventory and equipment for your business – or something else entirely – self storage can help. One of the most popular ways customers use their self storage unit in Thomasville is to store seasonal items like snowmobiles or jet skis. By leasing one of our units on a monthly basis, these individuals can enjoy their recreational activities without worrying about where they’ll put it during off-seasons when there isn’t enough space at home to accommodate them.

Another popular way to use a self-storage unit in Thomasville is to expand the living space by using it as additional storage for furniture, appliances and other large items too big for the current residence. This allows tenants with limited living spaces the opportunity to maximize their current accommodations without having move into larger homes or apartments.

A third popular use we often see is companies/individuals who open eCommerce stores renting multiple units as instant warehouses and cargo shipping points for orders placed online. Many entrepreneurs recognize how much more efficient merchandise handling would be if they had immediate access instead of always relying on courier services that may not deliver packages until days after purchase.

Regardless of how you plan on using your rental unit facility here in Thomasville – we offer safe and secure spaces at competitive prices so you can get all the advantages possible from such an arrangement while minimizing costs over time!

Common Mistakes People Make with Their Self Storage Rental Contract

Choosing the wrong self storage rental contract can result in hassles and complications down the road, so it’s important to take the time to shop around and determine which one is best for you. Some common mistakes people make when selecting a self storage rental contract include not reading all of the terms, not understanding all of the fees included in the rental, signing contracts without fully understanding them, and not getting references or checking out customer reviews.

Not reading all of the terms of a self storage rental contract before signing is one mistake that can cost you money in unexpected fees or other costs. Everything included in a contract should be read carefully, from start to finish. It’s important to understand exactly what kind of service or access that you will be receiving for your money each month. Reading any fine print on discount offers or promotions may also help avoid surprises later on.

Not understanding all of the fees associated with a particular self storage facility is another typical mistake made by renters. Many companies will list their prices differently as it relates to size and services provided, so comparing multiple facilities may help save money as well as provide insight into exactly what services you’ll get for those prices listed.

Signing contracts without completely understanding them is another common mistake people make when renting self storage units. Even if something appears too good to pass up at first glance – such as discounted move-in specials – taking an extra few moments to ask questions about hidden clauses or additional requirements may save yourself from unpleasant future obligations.

Finally, getting referrals from past tenants or researching online reviews are two important points many overlook when choosing a provider. By talking directly with current tenants about their experiences with certain facilities (such as security measures taken) can give valuable piece of mind when selecting an appropriate place where your items will be stored securely and safely over time.

Renting a Facility from a Thomasville-Based Provider

When considering renting a facility from a Thomasville-based provider, there are several factors to consider before making the decision. The most important factor is the location. You want to make sure that the space you are renting will be in an area that is convenient for your intended use. It should also be close enough to any needed amenities such as hotels or transportation centers, if applicable. Additionally, look into any local rules or regulations regarding noise levels and other restrictions that may affect your business operations.

Another factor to consider when choosing a provider in Thomasville is cost. Carefully evaluate the potential savings versus the commitments required for use of space at each potential office space. Make sure all fees, associated costs, and payment plans are clear and agreed upon before signing any contracts or agreements with vendors.

Finally, you should research potential providers carefully by looking into their services and reputation within the community. Speak with current customers about their experiences using this service or read online reviews of businesses similar to yours who have used them before taking on any contractual agreements set forth by those providers available in Thomasville.. This allows you to get an idea of what kind of customer support they may provide as well as how reliable their service may be while working within specified guidelines and timelines.

By considering these key factors before making a decision on where to rent office space from in Thomasville, businesses can ensure they select the best fit for their needs and budget constraints while operating efficiently within local laws & regulations.self-storage facility inThomasville

Variety of Security Contacts at a Self-Storage Facility In Thomasville

At a self storage facility in Thomasville, there is a variety of security contacts that regularly monitor and ensure the safety of the premises. These contacts include professional monitoring services such as alarm systems or two-way intercom systems that constantly track movement within the property, as well as dedicated personnel who act as security guards during certain times. Additionally, the majority of facilities are fitted with closed circuit cameras which offer real-time surveillance of the premises and provide recordings for review if they are ever needed. The physical gates are also kept shut to all but those with preauthorized authorization to enter without anyone having to remain on site 24/7. As an extra measure, many companies opt for biometric scanning methods or passcodes that must be inputted alongside access cards before entry is granted.

Furthermore, each self storage facility will have onsite management staff who patrol the grounds regularly and can assist tenants in safely storing their belongings while they are away from visiting family or when relocating. These staff members typically have more extended hours than other security measures and thus generally have better visibility throughout different parts of the day. They may also take key roles in actions to deter or investigate any crimes occurring within this property including distributing notices about potential threats like theft or arson.



List Self Storage Thomasville Alabama is an excellent choice for anyone looking to store their items in the area. Their customer service team is knowledgeable, friendly, and always available to answer questions. Their facility features 24/7 security surveillance and a well-maintained premise with clean storage units of all sizes. They also offer competitive prices with no long-term contract required. List Self Storage provides convenient access hours and plenty of parking space for easy entry and exit from the premises.

The experience with List Self Storage has been great so far and we anticipate it will continue to be this way throughout our rental period at the facility. We highly recommend them if you are looking for quality storage solutions in Thomasville, Alabama!

Thank you for reading our review of List Self Storage Thomasville Alabama – we hope it has provided you with useful information about their services.

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