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Welcome to List Self Storage Troy Alabama. We are a self-storage company located in the heart of the state, just minutes away from downtown Troy and close enough to reach your favorite shopping and dining spots in no time. Our facility offers secure space for all kinds of items that you need to store over short or long periods of time. Our staff can help you find the right size unit for your needs, provide guidance on how best to pack your belongings, and get them loaded securely into our units’ interior areas for maximum security and peace of mind. Whether it’s a household move or an extended stay somewhere else, we’re here to give you access to safe storage when you need it most. Come see us today at List Self Storage Troy Alabama – where convenience meets security!Troy, Alabama offers several options when it comes to self-storage for those needing temporary or permanent storage solutions. Located in the Wiregrass Region of Southeast Alabama, residents of Troy have access to a variety of secure facilities and professionally managed units. Small Town Storage is one such provider with comprehensive options for vehicle, RV and boat storage as well as personal items such as furniture or collectibles. Personal Mini Storage also offers climate controlled units that are perfect for temperature sensitive items year round. Finally, U-Stor Self Storage has convenient locations throughout Troy with both drive up and indoor units available at competitive prices. Regardless of the needs of those looking to store their belongings securely in the Troy area, many choices exist to fit nearly any budget and style requirement.

The Benefits of Having Self-Storage in Troy, Alabama

For those living and working in Troy, Alabama, self-storage services offer numerous benefits that can make life easier. Whether you’re a student looking for temporary storage during the summer months or a business that needs extra space to store inventory, finding a self-storage facility in town will help you keep your possessions safe and secure. Here are some of the key benefits that come with utilizing self-storage:

1) Convenience – Self-storage facilities provide renters with round-the-clock access to their property, which makes it especially convenient for those who often work late hours or have other commitments. These units also come equipped with climate control features to help protect valuable items from extreme temperatures and humidity.

2) Flexibility – When it comes to renting storage space, most facilities offer various lease terms depending on how long you need the unit. You can opt for short term contracts if you only want the unit for a few weeks/months or month by month contracts if you intendKeep the language same as above point:to use it longer term.

3) Security – Most modern self-storage facilities are equipped with cutting edge security measures such as 24 hour surveillance cameras and motion detectors to ensure your stored property is safe at all times. Additionally, many units have locks supplied by companies such as Master Lock to further protect tenants’ items.

Overall, having an available self-storage option nearby can be very beneficial for both residential and commercial customers alike. Whether its peace of mind when leaving home on vacation or just being able to quickly find extra space when needed — there’s always something great about having convenient storage solutions in Troy!

Where to Find the Best Self-Storage in Troy, Alabama

When it comes to finding a reliable and secure self-storage facility in Troy, Alabama, there are many options available. The city of Troy has multiple storage facilities that offer different sizes and features to meet all your needs. Whether you need short or long-term storage, you can be sure that each facility provides a safe environment with state-of-the art security measures to protect your belongings.

American Storage Solutions is one of the most popular self-storage facilities in Troy, offering climate controlled units ranging from 5X5 up to 10X20. They provide onsite surveillance as well as an advanced digital entry system which allows for easy access round the clock. American Storage Solutions also offers 24 hour video surveillance for maximum protection of your items.

AAA All Secured Self–Storage is another great choice located near Highway 231 South offering small to large size climate controlled units at competitive prices for both residential and commercial customers alike. Online payment options are availabe as they have an automated gate system that requires a personal code for entry.

EZ Access Self–Storage is another leading facility located right off US Highway 29 providing 24/7 access with pest control management built into their contracts for maximum customer satisfaction. With convenient office hours plus their online rental process with secure gate access codes during all other hours this makes EZ Access one of the best value choices in town.

For those seeking an outdoor unit capable of storing vehicle parking Possum Trot Storage offers various sizes at affordable rates perfect for storing vehicles boats and RVs alike thanks to its hardtop covered area easy accessibility along with either monthly or yearly contract plans making this a great option if you’re looking for wider space without breaking budget too much.

No matter what kind of storage needs you may have, these facilities are some of the best places to find self-storage services in top conditions within Troy city limits and surrounding townships alike giving customers quality assurance suitable enough no matter size or budget restrictions stranded towards such service acquiring situations..

Various Self Storage Options Available in Troy, Alabama

Troy, Alabama offers a variety of self-storage options to meet any storage need. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to store some extra items or if you’re relocating and need a storage solution during the transition period, there is an option available for everyone. Here are some of the different types of self-storage options available in Troy:

Climate-Controlled Storage Units – Items that require protection from fluctuations in temperature and humidity will benefit from climate-controlled storage units. This type of unit helps protect sensitive items such as electronics, photographs, antiques and other valuables. They also help reduce dust buildup and mold growth that can occur in non-climate controlled units.

Drive Up Units – These outdoor self-storage units are perfect for those who want easy access to their belongings without having to climb stairs or take an elevator. Drive up units allow customers to drive up directly next to their unit so they can load/unload quickly.

Parking Spaces – Need somewhere secure and covered to park your RV or boat? Troy’s self storage facilities offer gated parking spaces with 24/7 access; making them perfect for short term solutions for parking vehicles.
RV Storage / Trailer Parking – RV enthusiasts know their house on wheels requires special care when it comes time being stored away during long trips or even over winter periods. Most storage facilities have designated areas specifically designed for RVs with larger door sizes accommodating larger vehicles.

Mini Storage Facilities – For those who don’t require large amounts of space but still need convenient access near home or work future mini services provided by most facility providers is the answer. Customers are able to rent smaller sized lockers at often lower rates than regular size units.
Storage Lockers – Did you know Town offers individual locker rental rates at select facilities? If not then these might be just the thing you’re looking for ideal individuals who don’t need much space but yet desire more security than a typical mini facility can promise

Safety and Security Measures at Self-Storage Facilities in Troy, Alabama

Self-storage facilities are becoming increasingly popular places for both businesses and individual residences to store their possessions. As such, safety and security measures have become more important than ever. In Troy, Alabama, there are many self-storage facilities that offer a variety of security features to protect customers’ personal items. Most self-storage facilities in the area use surveillance cameras with night vision capabilities to monitor activity onthe premises 24/7. Additionally, some establishments use motion detectors that will alert staff immediately if any suspicious or unauthorized movement is detected.

Another common feature of many self-storage units in the Troy area is access control systems that restrict entry only to authorized personnel who have been issued a key card or key code for entering secured areas. Furthermore, all storage unit doors are made with heavy duty locks designed specifically for securing large objects such as furniture or vehicles. To further ensure secure storage of valuables, most Troy establishments also provide free cargo insurance coverage so clients don’t have to worry about any potential loss due to theft or other damages during their stay.

The staff members working at these self-storage facilities make sure to follow strict protocol when it comes to safeguarding customer property and they take extra precautions such as performing background checks prior to allowing someone on the premises for added protection. Some storage establishments even offer climate controlled units so customers can store delicate items without having risk them being damaged by extreme temperatures.

In summary, the various safety and security measures employed by self storage companies in Troy help ensure peace of mind knowing one’s valued possessions are safe while stored away from their own home or business space.

1. Plan Ahead and Make Sure You Have Everything Organized

Moving into a self-storage facility can be a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be! By taking the time to plan ahead and make sure you have everything organized, you can make the move easier for yourself. Start by gathering all of your packing supplies so that you can start organizing your items before they need to be moved. Make sure to label all boxes with their contents so that they stay organized throughout the entire process. Once everything is labeled, you should create an inventory list of all the items that will need to go into storage, as this will help you keep track of what’s going where.

2. Measure Your Unit

Before moving any items into your self-storage unit in Troy, Alabama, it’s important that you measure it first. This is especially important if there are any special or large items coming along with your move – like furniture or appliances – which may require larger storage space than expected. Knowing how much room is available will also help ensure there’s enough space for everything once it reaches its destination.

3. Choose Appropriate Storage Containers

Not every item needs to go in traditional boxes when being stored in a self-storage unit – choosing appropriate containers for different types of belongings ensures more efficient use of space while protecting each item during transport or storage in Troy, Alabama. Heavy tools and bulky equipment should always go in wheeled carts or strong plastic bins (as opposed to cardboard boxes). Also choose appropriate containers for documents and books by using plastic file crates or bankers’ boxes.

4 Consider Climate Control Features

Self-Storage facilities come equipped with varying levels of climate control features depending on your specific needs – these can include temperature controlled units or humidity controls which protect vulnerable electronics from over heating due to extreme temperatures. Ask an expert at the facility about what type of climate control options are available before making your selection, as this could save money down the line on repairs due faulty electronic equipment being exposed too long periods outside optimal conditions.


Pros of Renting a Self Storage Unit in Troy, Alabama

Renting a self-storage unit in Troy, Alabama has several benefits. It can provide extra space for items that you no longer use but cannot bear to part with. Whether you’re moving house or dealing with an influx of seasonal goods, renting a self-storage unit is often more economical than using an entire garage or spare room. Utilizing storage makes it easier to move around without having to take all your belongings along with you and free up some much needed living space inside the home. Additionally, the climate controlled and securely fenced storage facilities provide security for your valuables in case of theft or damage from natural elements such as water or fire. Lastly, renting a storage unit can give peace of mind knowing that your possessions are safe and secure while freeing up room inside your home.

Cons of Renting a Self Storage Unit in Troy, Alabama

Unfortunately, there can be some drawbacks associated with renting a self-storage unit in Troy, Alabama including monthly rental fees depending on the size and features of the unit chosen. Additionally, officially registering for taxes might be required under certaincircumstances if using it for business purposes so you should consider consulting with legal experts about local ordinances regarding this type action if necessary. Furthermore the contents are uninsured unless one wishes pay extra premiums which could potentially add additional costs onto already existent prices associated with maintaining such premises.

All things considered though it is often necessary to utilize available resources such as self-storage facilities when attempting life changes like transitioning between residences or keeping excess stock nearby just incase demand arises again unexpectedly later down the line making them largely beneficial tools providing safety against future uncertainly while relieving pressure off existing domestic quarters allowing individuals to worry less about possible overall loss due catastrophic events anchoring their minds into more feasiblefuture prospects instead

Additional Services Offered At Self Storage Facilities In Troy, Alabama

Self storage facilities in Troy, Alabama offer a variety of additional services to make your renting experience easier and more efficient. These services are designed to simplify the process for customers, save time and make storage more convenient. Some of the most popular services offered include 24-hour monitoring, online bill payment and keyless entry systems.

24-hour monitoring provides customers with peace of mind that their items are safe inside their self storage unit at all times. The facility is monitored through a CCTV system or other means to ensure no unauthorized activities occur onsite. This service often results in substantial discounts on monthly rental fees as well.

Online bill payment is another great service offered by many self storage facilities in Troy, Alabama. Customers can conveniently pay their monthly rent through secure online portals maintained by the business or by phone with a credit card or debit card. This eliminates the need for mail in payments or traveling to an office in person to drop off checks.

Finally, many facilities have installed keyless entry systems that allow customers to access their units without relying on keys that can be easily lost or misplaced. Through these systems, renters can enter assigned codes into keypads installed near each unit to gain access at any time day or night without having a physical set of keys available.

Self storage rentals provide value investments for homeowners and businesses alike as they deliver an efficient solution for storing valuable items during transitions between locations or seasonal changes. All of these additional services help make rentals even more convenient and comfortable for those who rely on them throughout different stages of life.


List Self Storage in Troy, Alabama is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a self storage option. Its climate controlled units keep all items stored there safe and secure throughout the year, while its flexibility with size options and a location that is accessible 24/7 makes it an ideal choice for those who require convenience. The team of staff members are also knowledgeable and friendly, ready to help make the entire experience hassle-free. With all of these advantages taken into consideration, List Self Storage truly is a great asset when storing anything from personal items to business-related materials.

All things considered, List Self Storage in Troy Alabama stands out as among the best self storage services available in the area. Whether you’re looking for short or long term storage solution, they will be able to accommodate all your needs in a safe and reliable environment.

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